Pavement Apes Preaching Hate, Rape and UFOs

Rape of White women and U.F.O.s .....that's the Black Power "gospel".
Golly gee whiz, I wonder where the mass media is, and why they aren't plastering stories about THIS racist hateful speech and racial intimidation all over their broadcasts, print pages and websites.



Flagging while FAT

A FAT thieving brute beast (see

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Flagging FAIL

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This groid is trying out for the

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America is NOT the greatest country

"America is NOT the 'greatest country in the world'!"


Monkeys Throwing Bottles

Uncivilizable Urban Apes throwing fits, and water bottles, at White people's automobiles.


Slave Descendants Defend Heritage

These proud descendants of African Slaves demonstrate their Racial Pride and Ancestrial Heritage by stealing and destroying. Their America-African ancestors would be so proud.

Niggers be niggers Confed Flag burn.mp4 — Downloaded 583 times

Sub-Human Spic Vandalizes

No doubt this hardworking "undocumented" worker, who will do jobs Americans won't do, is a proud member of the organization proudly titled La Raza ("the Race" in spicanese).


Neat trick, NIGGER

North American Pavement Ape monkeying around on the sidewalk demonstrates a neat trick to a White lady in appreciation for her use of the term "Nigger".


Criminalis Intent

Fuwk dat shet!

Predatorial Africanus Criminalis stalking it's prey.

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Flag Thieving Nigger

Look at that nigger jump! All that basketball practice paid off.

A North American Pavement Ape doing what they do best, jumping and stealing.

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