Musical Monkies with Guns

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nigger with gun

In this wonderful music video celebrating American-African culture Urban 'Youths' rap and dance to Afro-Urban Jungle beats while clumsily slinging firearms around.

It is very hard to understand what the lyrics are, but it is something like "yea nigga oga booga, booga boo boga oga nigga pussies, bitches, muthafukah ogggaaa booogga bog ooga ah pop pow nigga".

nigger gun

No doubt the "Urban Youths" of America, would rather be in Africa toting guns and engaging in gang turf wars there, than in oppressive, racist White America.



The American-African 'Teens' in the video have some of the cutest looks on their faces as they jump and girate around in an Ameri-frican tribal dance ritual.



Their abilites to hold guns in some of the most creative ways possible is very impressive.


nigga with gun



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