Older Podcasts


#006) Southern Nationalism [12/23/13 - Topic: the so-called "Southern Nationalist" "movement" is discussed. [Also listen to program # 003 Southern Hostility]

#005) Blood In The Streets [12/19/13 - Topic: Violent Revolution; Holy War; Day of Vengeance; Day of the Rope; Fighting with faith in God, not man]

#004) Secular Spirituality [12/18/13 - Topic: Statism is Humanism is Satanism. The myth of "separation of church and state" is addressed. Satanic Humanism in the Non-Christian secular "White Nationalist" movement is identified.Christian Identists are called to separate from secular nationalists]

#003) W.W.J.D. Today? [12/18/2013 - Topic: Would Would Jesus Do in TODAY'S America? What should Christians be doing in America today?]

#002) Southern Hostility [12/18/13 - Topic: Southern nationalism, regionalism, separatism, sovereignty, self-determination are all talked about from the White Christian and Anarchist perspective]

#001) Introduction to C.P.T.M. [12/8/13 -Topic: Introduction to what CPTM is about and stands for; Christian Identity, Christian Anarchism/Voluntaryism/Non-Statism, White Christian Americanism]



BELOW are recordings of podcast shows I (Bro. Ryan) appeared on as a guest.

#1) I was the featured guest on The Realist Report with host John Friend on Monday, July 22, 2013 (click HERE to listen to the recording of that broadcast).

#2) I was one of the guests on this broadcast of the The Realist Report on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 (click HERE to listen to the recording) The other guest was Clement Pulaski of True Sons of Abraham and writer for the Daily Stormer.

#3) HERE is the Wednesday, October 23, 2013 broadcast of the The Realist Report (on Blogtalk) I was the guest on. I talked a bit more about Non-Statism and how I view Nationalism, Populism, White Nationalism and National Socialism, as well as Constitutionalism. I also spoke of what I felt was coming on America (mega natural, and social, disasters) and the coming of what can be termed an "Age of White American Christian Anarchism".

#4) I was not a guest, just a caller (first one, @ 31 minutes in), on the Sunday night December 8, 2013 episode (HERE) of The Realist Report. The episode topic was the controversy surrounding John Friend's (the host) interest in the "No Plane" theory and Mass Media fakery.