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This was a open-lines podcast episode of Christogenea internet radio with host William Finck -Bro. Ryan called in and converses with Bro. Bill (for about the last half hour) about the diverse ways all racially awake Christian Whites can help spread the Good News of the Kingdom of Yahweh God.

Walking The Walk -Part 4

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Bible? or Bureaucracy?

Bro. Ryan and William Finck of Christogenea discuss the importance of the Christian Israelite (White) living his/her faith and acting upon it in their daily lives.

Walking The Walk -Part 2

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A continuation of the discussion between Bro. Ryan and William Finck of Christogenea on practical application of Biblical principles in our daily Christian walk.

Walking The Walk -Part 1


Bro. Ryan joins William Finck of Christogenea to discuss some of the issues, and questions, raised in a Christogenea Forum thread entitled Christian Order, such as what should Christian Whites be doing to further the Kingdom of God.

On Brotherly Love, with Brother Ryan and William Finck

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In the opening chapters of the Revelation of Yahshua Christ there are messages to seven Christian assemblies. Most of the messages contain certain criticisms, and they all contain some encouragement. Yet there is an important message in the very names of those assemblies which most readers have not grasped. We will not go through all seven of these messages, but we will state that two of the assemblies were not criticized. These are the assemblies of Smyrna and Philadelphia...

Doctrines, Dogmas and Agendas



Brother Ryan joins William Finck of Christogenea.org in a discussion of the importance of having a clear message concerning race in Christian Identity.

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Israel in the Book of Revelation, Gathering the Tares

Papers cited from WESLEY SWIFT:

Seed Of The Dragon, Gathering Of The Tares, Children of the Stranger, Men Or Beasts, Mission Of God, God's Prophecy Against Magog

Christian Governance, Brother Ryan with William Finck


Christogenea Internet Radio, July 5th, 2014