State of Man vs Government of God

"The Laws of God are totally superior to anything that we have"

Pastor Bertrand Comparet



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Below is a meme going around Facebook, made by Democratic-Commies in celebration of their latest Anti-White Anti-Christian victory in the MultiCultural War being waged against White Christendom.

Why I Voted FOR Obama

Back in 2008 I, a Non-Statist, did something I never thought I would do before, I registered to Vote. Not only did I register, I, a White Racist, Voted FOR Barack Hussein Obama for the Office of FEDERAL President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

America is DEAD -Intellectuals Killed It!

Today, as I write this, I turn 45. It's my birthday. Tomorrow, July 4th,  America has a birthday. It will be 237 years old -according to it's "official" birth as an independent country. As most of my readers already know the bumper sticker saying "I love my country but hate my Government", does apply to me, though it is NOT "my" Government.

Legitimate Rape

[NOTE: This article was originally written by me, Bro. Ryan, for the United Church of Kriost as a guest article and was publish on their website circa November 2012]  


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