Race IS Real

RACE is not some "bad" four-lettered word. Race is not a "social construct", or just some figment of our imaginations.

Race is much deeper than skin color or outward appearance.

Race is about mental, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual differences, and even differences in destinies.

"There is good and bad in every Race"

is a common saying among those who try to dismiss the Natural Reality of Race. Yet those same people (usually Whites full of MultiCULTural brainwashing) will go on and on about how wonderful the "Diversity" of Non-Whites cultures is. (Oh the hypocrisy, the double-mindedness, of the brainwashed White Sheeple!)

What must be understood, and not ignored, is that when thinking or speaking of Race it is always in generalities.

So yes, there are bad White people, but the White Race in general, as a whole, is a Race apart, and has many positive and GOOD aspects, far above and beyond any other Race (yes, the White Race IS Superior and the SUPREME Race). It is a solid historical FACT that if the White Race had never existed the planet would still be in the dark in many ways. Conversely, if the Negro Race had never existed they wouldn't be missed. It wasn't the Asian Race that brought about the technologies and culture that changed the world for the good, the Asians are copiers, imitators, but not the creators and inventors the White Race has been and is. Get the point? Of course you do.

If Race were only about physical appearances then there would be no need for special privileges and legal protections, such as "Civil Rights", "hate speech" and "hate crime" legalities. 

If Race weren't real then the Non-White Races, Jews, the racially mixed, and White "anti-racist" activists would not be constantly bringing Racial topics up, nor would they condemn Whites for speaking of preserving their own Race & Culture (because they wouldn't feel threatened by what they claim is a moot issue, being as, according to them, Race supposedly don't exist.

The ONLY people who actually think that Race isn't real are WHITES full of White Guilt. Guilt hammered into them by Non-Whites, (and Anti-White Establishment) all the while bragging about their own (Non-White) Race's "wonderful" attributes, "contributions" to society, and racial uniqueness.

NO Non-White actually believes Race don't exist beyond outward pyshical appearances. They KNOW Race IS very Real, biologically, mentally and otherwise.

Yes, Race IS very real.

Race is a genetic, mental, psychological, social and spiritual reality!

Anti Semantics


"Semite" has NO racial meaning at all, it is a term relating to language, not Race.


RACIST -origin of the term

If YOU have any thoughts, beliefs, convictions or stances concerning the topic of RACE then YOU sir, or ma’am, are a RACIST. If you believe “Race” is only a “social construct” and at most an outward appearance thing, such as only skin color, you are Racist If you believe Race is much deeper, and speaks to psychological traits genetically inherent –such as behavior, creativity and intelligence- within Racial groups, you are Racist This article is not about the topic of Race in itself, or if Race is real or just a figment of our imaginations.What this article is about is the very term "RACIST" and what it means, according to it's origins and it’s true technical definition.

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