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"Health and good state of body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth." 
Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 30:15

God blesses us with the bodies and minds we have. It is up to us to take care of our physical, and mental, health as best as we know how. 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' is an old saying, yet Christ said (Matthew 15:20) that eating with unwashed (dirty) hands is not a sin, or ungodly. Being physicaly dirty, or being unhealthy in your body, is NOT going to defile you spiritually. But there are indeed physical consequences to not being clean or not taking care of your health.

Apostle Paul told Timothy in one of his letters to him (1st Timothy 4:8) that physical bodily exercise has benifit, in this life, but that it don't give us eternal life. Many, if not most Christians today use Paul's statement to justify why they don't take care of their health. I have been to many mainstream churches in my life, off and on, and always the congregations are praying for some sick person or about someone's dependence on modern "medicines", so-called. Yet many times the illness was preventable with proper eating, and regular meaningful and progressive physical exercise. I could not help but notice that in most of the churches I have been in the vast majority of the people in the congregations (no matter how large or small) were overweight, very over weight, (by 50 or more pounds).

Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Cancer and many other chronic, and sometimes deadly diseases, could, and should, be prevented -or at least minimize the symptoms, or slown down the progression- by simply making the right choices, daily, in what goes in the body and how much the body is exercised.

So many of my fellow White Christians want prayer for medical conditions they could of avoided, or could correct, simply with diet changes, physical excertion, and proper mindset. By 'mindset' I am not referring to "positive thinking", I am simply speaking of focus and personal RESTRAINT & DISCIPLINE! Restraint and Discipline Christians should have, or be practicing, in ALL areas of their lives on a daily basis!

Christians regularly pray that God "guide hands of the surgeon" when someone they are praying for is having an operation, or that God help the doctor of someone they are praying for to "make the right decisions" or perscribe the correct medicines. Yet seldom do they ever seem to discern that God has already BLESSED our modern society with so much useful, practical and easy to understand and follow PREVENTIVE and curative

I am no 'Health Professional' nor do I have any desire to be. I am not a 'Fitness Expert, and again, I have no desire to be. I am just fascinated with the Creator's artistry in His most wonderful creation: the Human Body (and Mind). I enjoy learning about the body, how it works and how to repair and maintain it via healthy, natural and homeopathic means. As with any topic I am passionate about I love to share what I have learned with others.

I simply want to maintain as healthy as a body, and life, I can for the rest of my duration in this life.
As I have said for a few years now:

"I want to feel good, look good and be good [healthy inside]".

I want to look as good, feel as good, and be as healthy as I can. Many Christians will say we should not be "vain" and not care how our bodies look. What they are speaking of is FAT, excess body fat. In essence what they are saying is it is "vanity" to care about how FAT you look. First off excess body fat, a too high of a fat percentage, is unhealthy and carries many potential health risks. That medical fact alone should show that excess body fat is NOT a good thing, and should be shed from the body. Excess body fat stimulates the body to produce more of certain hormones that in excess, or in shortage, are NOT good for the body's health. The body's production of the amounts of (too high or too low) bio-chemicals (hormones) such as Estrogen, Insulin, Testosterone and Cortisol are directly related to the amount of fat on the body, and in what areas of the body the fat is stored.

There is a reason why we all instinctually find people with little body fat, and lean muscle, attractive. I am not speaking of the excessively skinny person who has not only very little body fat, but very little muscle as well. Nor am I saying people should seek to get their bodies down to single digit body fat percentages. But keep in mind that if your body is 25% body fat that means one quarter of your body is FAT tissue!

Of course not all people suffering from illnesses, aliments and chronic diseases are carrying around excessive body fat. There certainly are many unhealthy folks who are of a fat percentage that isn't excessive at all. The point being is fat loss and the continual maintaince of a healthy body fat percentage is one main area that all White Christian Americans can focus on to help reduce the needless medical problems that they so readily pray about healing for.

There certainly are other areas of health to explore besides healthy body fat percentages, such as nutrition, herbal and natural remedies and less invasive (and true) medicines in the quest to re-gain and or maintain reasonably healthy bodies and minds.

It is my strong conviction that if White American Christians spent more of their free time engaged in regular and meaningful physical extertion (exercise) and on paying attention to their eating habits and overall health, they would not only be healthier -and FREE from bad health and the clutches of the Medical INDU$TRY- but that they would have less time, and less desire, to be engaged in meaningless and even sinful activities, thoughts and behaviors.






Naturally Non-Roided

My current Facebook profile photo has sure seemed to cause some people to think, falsely, that I take steroids. Personally I take that as a COMPLIMENT, whereas most Natural (non-roid using) Bodybuilders would take great offence.

Unhealthy Christianity

Many White Christians (both mainstream Judeos and Identity Christians) shun and even mock those who excercise regularly and eat healthy diets as being "vain" and "carnal minded" and yet when their unhealthy lifestyles (which consist of lack of regular meainingful exercise and healthy eating) lead to preventable health problems they

My Workout (2-B)

Workout #2-B

(VIDEO below was filmed July 2015 -it is unedited to show the full time of rests periods and exercises ~outdoor temperature was in the 90's with a triple digit heat index and high humidity)

My Workout (2-A)

Workout #2-A 

(VIDEO below was filmed July 2015 -it is unedited to show the full time of rests periods and exercises ~outdoor temperature was in the 90's with a triple digit heat index and high humidity)

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