This section of the website deals with assorted piles (topics) of Bullshit that comes from the mouths, or writings, or actions of Bullshit Artists and Professional Bullshitters. 

Sometimes BULLSHIT! just has to be called on Bullshit, and the Bullshiters that tell it.

BULLSHIT is BULLSHIT, and it needs to be called nothing else but that, whether it be Bullshit from:

the Mass (Hysteria ....or Hysterical) Media

Punked-out Politicians 

Bureaucratic Bitches

Cowardly Cops

Loony Lefties and/or Retarded Righties

Mercenary Merchants

Capitalistic Corporatists

Communist Multiculturalists

Pussified Preachers and Pastors

Fear Porn Peddlers


or just some skankass whore internet troll, like Queeny the Cunt Cameron. 

America is NOT the greatest country

"America is NOT the 'greatest country in the world'!"


You're Full of Shit

Johnny Bill of AMERICAN LESION does an acoustic cover

Johnny Bill acustic cover June 2015.mp4 — Downloaded 467 times

White Guilt -Psychological Illness

Years ago, while watching an episode of the Doctor Phil Show, I heard the "good" Dr. McGraw, shew forth all of his psychological learning and wisdom by stating that racism was a mental illness, a psychological disorder. Of course the all wise and knowing doc would only say White folks can suffer from such an affliction.

The ZI in Nazi

The  ZI  in Nazi

The ZI in Nazi.mp4 — Downloaded 707 times

The IST in Racist

The   IST   in Racist

The IST in Racist.mp4 — Downloaded 775 times

Youtube -Cracking Down

"Google has given roughly 200 people and organizations, including a British police unit, the ability to “flag” up to 20 YouTube videos at once to be reviewed for violating the site’s guidelines." Excerpt from:


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