Beast vs Beauty

"Beasts" = All Non-Whites, including Jews and Mongrels

 This section of the website contains articles and videos exposing the Non-White/Non-Adamic (not-of-Adam) for the natural Brute Beasts they are. Some postings are simply sarcastic and satirical, but the majority are of a serious nature, because in reality there is nothing funny about Niggers, Spics, Gooks, Kikes or Mongrels, they are all beastly beings to one degree or another.

The section is not just about Racial Comparison, of Non-Whites to Whites, it is also about the perpetual Racial Competition, a deadly competion, a Racial Holy Conflict (a WAR), that exists between the White (Adamic) Race and ALL other Races (the Non-Adamites). It has always existed (since Adam & Eve) and always will until the Creator of Heaven, Earth and Adamkind (White Race) takes His Victory in the Final War of the (maybe not-so-distant) future.

 "Beauty" = The White Race

There is NO comparison aesthetically, intellectually, creatively, socially, or spiritually, between the Non-Adamic (Non-White) Races and the Adamic/"Aryan" Race.

The White Race is SUPERIOR in ALL ways.

While brainwashed and superstitious Whites are full of White Guilt and Humanistic MultiCULTuralism Races like the Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, Jews and Racially Mixed-up Mongrels of all assortments act with absolutely NO Racial Guilt; Non-Whites have no shame in acting Racially for their Races and show total and absolute Racial Hostility (many openly, the rest subtly) towards the White Race. It's not their (the Non-Races) faults, they are only attempting to do what they were created by their father the Devil, to do: destroy the White Adamic Race.





King Noble

"King [Kong] Noble [Nobody]" says in a recent

calltorandomlymurderwhites.mp4 — Downloaded 2021 times

Twerking Black Beast Toddler

"Twerking" is some sort of very strange and primitive dance done by female Negros to attract sexual attention from male Negros.

Negros In the Black Beast community they, evidently, start teaching their young offspring Sexual Mating Ritiuals at a very early age.

nigglet twirking.mp4 — Downloaded 1616 times

Black Booty Burning Ritual

This strange fire dance must be some sort of Negro Sexual Purification Ritual ....I'm not really sure ....but, what do I know? I'm a White man and their just beastly sub-humans.


Musical Monkies with Guns

[5 images 1 video]

nigger with gun

youngNAPAganstarapsaboutkillin.mp4 — Downloaded 1758 times

Murderous Monkeys

[5 images]

Where is the outrage and righteous indignation of the liberal and left-wing activists?! Where are the media specials?! Why aren't these vicious acts of interracial violence considered racial hatred?! Where are the marches for justice?!

Police Protected Pavement Apes

[2 videos]

Pavement Apes are being allowed to run wild in the streets by the "authorities". Not only are they being allowed, by the Goverment to do what ever they want to do to White people and their property, they and their animalistic violence is protected by the Government.


Pavement Apes Preaching Hate, Rape and UFOs

Rape of White women and U.F.O.s .....that's the Black Power "gospel".
Golly gee whiz, I wonder where the mass media is, and why they aren't plastering stories about THIS racist hateful speech and racial intimidation all over their broadcasts, print pages and websites.



Flagging FAIL

[1 image and 1 video]

This groid is trying out for the

Nigger Flagin Track and Hurdle star.mp4 — Downloaded 1118 times

Monkeys Throwing Bottles

Uncivilizable Urban Apes throwing fits, and water bottles, at White people's automobiles.


Slave Descendants Defend Heritage

These proud descendants of African Slaves demonstrate their Racial Pride and Ancestrial Heritage by stealing and destroying. Their America-African ancestors would be so proud.

Niggers be niggers Confed Flag burn.mp4 — Downloaded 583 times

Sub-Human Spic Vandalizes

No doubt this hardworking "undocumented" worker, who will do jobs Americans won't do, is a proud member of the organization proudly titled La Raza ("the Race" in spicanese).


Neat trick, NIGGER

North American Pavement Ape monkeying around on the sidewalk demonstrates a neat trick to a White lady in appreciation for her use of the term "Nigger".


Criminalis Intent

Fuwk dat shet!

Predatorial Africanus Criminalis stalking it's prey.

fuck dat shet.mp4 — Downloaded 599 times

Flag Thieving Nigger

Look at that nigger jump! All that basketball practice paid off.

A North American Pavement Ape doing what they do best, jumping and stealing.

nigger steal Confed Flag off house.mp4 — Downloaded 575 times

Monkeying Around

North American Pavement Apes [AFRICANUS CRIMINALIS] proud of their thievery.



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