Why I Voted FOR Obama

Back in 2008 I, a Non-Statist, did something I never thought I would do before, I registered to Vote. Not only did I register, I, a White Racist, Voted FOR Barack Hussein Obama for the Office of FEDERAL President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. No, this is not some sort of confession, I am bragging, boasting, that I have taken a tiny, and purely symbolic, part in the present-day destruction of American Statism.



Matter-a-fact, back in '09 after Obama won the "election" (the popular vote don't elect Presidents, the votes of the Electoral College do, but anyway...) I wrote an article to explain, and brag, why I voted FOR Obama (see photo below)


(below: photos of some of the old issues of my newsletter. it was a monthly publication that ran for 4+ years and totaling in 50 issues. over that 4 year span it had hundreds of subscribers, it was FREE, and a few thousand readers total, because subscribers shared their issues with others)


Not only did I write about my voting (and why) in my newsletter, I openly told people in conversation and speeches. In 2010 I established my first Youtube channel, the first one to be eventually deleted by the Youtube censors for not being kosher, or politically correct. In some of my videos I bragged that I had voted for Obama back in 2008.

Now, in late 2013 (November, Thanksgiving week), I am writing this article for this (my) website to brag some more and to explain, again, WHY I voted FOR Obama back in '08.

I do need to say that I have NOT voted in any elections since (and certainly never did before) 2008.

In 2011 someone asked me on Youtube if I regretted voting for Obama. I replied absolutely not, because he (Obama) is doing exactly what I had hoped he would do. You see my "Hope" in "Change" was, and is, totally different from what the Obama campaign and supporters meant it to be.

I had "hoped', no, I KNEW, Obama would bring "Change" and now -a matter of weeks from 2014, and well into his second term- he has fulfilled much of my "Hope" for real "Change" in this country. I know he still has some more "Change" to bring before the end of his second tour of duty, and I watch with delight as he continues his war on White Christian America.

Before I continue I need to explain why I would even registered to vote and why I bothered to show up at the polls to vote. Why, if I have always been an Anarchist -that admittedly has never had any faith in Statism or Statist politics- would I do such a seemingly Statist act as voting, you may ask.

I not only did something that seems very UN Anti-Statist (or NON Anarchistic) by registering with a State and participating in the greatly flawed concept of "Democracy" and the fraud of "secret ballot", I voted for a Non White, Half Breed, self confessed racial "Mutt" (In November of 2008 Obama said "a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me”).

Now, why would I, a known, very active, White Racialist vote for Obama who is in reality of no Race, but an admixture of (at least) two different Races? You could say I voted for a "Black" man, but you would only be "half right", if right at all because Obama is neither Black nor White, he is Raceless. Being a Raceless mongrel means a person has no Racial Identity and thus no Racial Loyalty. It is true, that in the majority of cases a "Bi-Racial" person will identify and lean more towards the darker racial aspect of their person. Barack Obama and Tiger Woods are two examples of racially mixed people with White genes that are drawn more towards their "Black side" in their behavior, likes and mentality. Anyone that has known, or knows, any racially mixed people know that their darker genes dominate in their behavior and mentality, and, that racially mixed people have a spirit, or "vibe" about them that makes them stick out and seem not quite settled.

Without getting into the issue of genetics and how Race is more than merely outward appearance the old saying "one drop of Black blood makes you Black" has a lot of merit to it. The proverbial "one drop" simply means that if there are any Negros anywhere in your ancestral family tree that lead directly to you D.N.A. then you are, NOT literally Black, but you are not White either. The genes of the Negro (Black) Race are very dominate and the Negro Race is known, rightfully so, for it's impulsiveness, immaturity, emotionalism, and lack of creativity as well as it's physical abilities to dance (gyrate convulsively), run (real fast) and jump (real high and far).

It certainly is true that there are indeed some very intelligent Negros, some with higher I.Q.s than myself, you or the majority of the White Race. But, having a high I.Q score or "lots of" intelligence does not necessarily mean one is creative or has much foresight. The Negro Race has been said to have smaller brains and that "science" can be questioned, and is by many who say such statements are archaic and based on old biased ("racist") opinions. The Negro Race has been found to have about the same mental capacity for memory that the White Race does -Blacks can memorize the same amount of information that Whites can. Contrary to the education philosophy of memorizing (like mathematical times tables and spelling) having a good memory does not mean the student has actually learned anything. I, having a Dyslexic mind, and having a (almost 80%) Right Lobe bias, was a horrible student in math and spelling classes in school.

In elementary school the school staff told my mother that I had some sort of "learning disability". Yet when I was tested by a certified tester I was found, in 4th grade, to be able to read at a college level with 100% comprehension rate, and, that I had a vocabulary literally off the charts -the graph showed me to have a vocabulary above that of most adults. The tester could not believe my abilities, and my mother and step-father (back then) were convinced that my school grades were low because I was "just lazy". My mother came to appreciate my problem when she noticed that no matter what I do I can not spell very well and that I (still to this day) struggle with spelling even some of the simplest of words and placement of "i" and "e". My wife has learned to be patient with me when asking me to give her numbers (such as a phone number), because even though I am staring right at the number I can tell her wrong, or in reverse their order.

In my adult years as a truck driver (for a living) and a writer (for my passion) I found ways around, or to deal with, my lack of being able to memorize or re-call information (such as street names of how to spell words) like the majority of people can. It's not what you don't have in life, it is what you do with what you got -and that is the key to understanding and appreciating creativity and cognitivity.

So, back to voting for the Obamination, what does Race have to do with my voting in the 2008 Presidential Election? Not what you think. Race DEFINITELY had a whole LOT to do with why most of his voters voted for him (in 2008 and 12), and it did have something to do with why I voted for him (in '08). I DID vote for him, because his is (half) Black. But unlike the others that voted for him because he is Black (albeit only half) I seen his Blackness as a negative and destructive thing ....and THAT is why I voted for him.

...but it is my pure hatred, not for Blacks (who I don't hate, I just hate being FORCED by the System to be around them), but for the American Statists Sy$tem that I participated in voting in the first place.


On a number of occasions in the past I have written guest articles for other White Racialist and Christian Identity publications and periodicals. One such publication was Billy Roper's White Revolution Newsletter, I believe I had a total of 3 articles appear in different issues of that particular periodical. In the November 2004 issue of White Revolution appeared an article by me that I had written on behalf of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian -Aryan Nations, of which I was member and officer of at the time. This particular article was about Voting and my thoughts concerning why it was a waste of time. The article, I titled "Why Vote?" was short and sweet, or should I say bitter?

Why vote article w Billy Roper pic

above, you can see how my article about voting, or rather not voting, appeared in the 2004 November issue of the White Revolution Newsletter. a photo of Billy Roper, the publisher, appeared on the preceding page. below, appears the full article, it was less than 2 full pages in length.

Why Vote article page 1 of  2Why Vote article page 2 of 2

Why Vote article close up of title

I, of course, feel the exact same way today I did when I wrote that article: voting is a waste of time, if you think it is going to do any good. In that article I said such things as....

"There is NOTHING to be gained for our Race at THEIR polls".


"The reality is NOTHING will be changed, improved, or bettered by THE ENEMY'S political system and it's approved politicians. It is over. Has been for a long time, Getting our FOLK to accept that fact is key to affecting REAL change"

Funny how I used the word "change" a few years before Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign started slinging that term around.

I also said in that article the following:

"If you have some uncontrollable impulse to go and vote, then, at least, vote like a true political dissident and revolutionary. This is 'monkey wrench voting. Vote like the future of our Race depends on the present political system not surviving."

When I wrote those words four years previous to the 2008 elections I had no intention of ever voting in any elections for any one, or against anyone, for any reason at any time. I had never voted and had no desire to, for any reason. In 2008 Ron Paul was also running for President and a couple of my co-workers, who also had never voted, or normally interested into politics, became interested in the Paul campaign rhetoric. Ron Paul's 2008 (and 2012) Presidential Campaign was very successful at sounding promising -but isn't that the Art of the Politics in the first place, to make shit sandwiches sound good, even if they smell horrible? My two co-workers, who both were normally cynical guys, said they were going to register to vote to vote for Ron Paul. They said that they were going to vote for Paul to, if anything, make themselves feel like they "did their part" and "tried" to get some freedoms back. I guess you could say that was their natural cynicism simply seeking to balance their cynical attitude towards politics in general.

I suspect a lot of people voted for Paul who had never voted before for the same reason. Voting for Paul (in '08 and/or '12), for many, was that last ditch desperate action to try to save the sinking ship, knowing deep down it is doomed and going down anyway. I can appreciate that way of thinking. Ron Paul was and is just another Statist and would do very little if anything for the Cause of Freedom, but it is understandable why so many people see a glimmer of hope if he became President. Even fellow Anarchists believed if he won it would at least be a "step in the right direction" towards "less State intrusion" in our lives. I admit, I was one of them, back in '08, but I had no allusion that he would actually win the election. But, I registered to vote, and voted in the Primary Election and SYMBOLICALLY voted for Ron Paul, just as I explained my fellow cynics and co-workers said they would do. One of my co-workers and I agreed that if Paul lost, which we knew he would, we would vote in the Main Election FOR Barack Obama so he would "finish bringing the System down".

Neither of my 2 co-workers followed through with their threats of, what I call, "Vindictive Voting", only one even actually registered to vote (yet never did). I voted SYMBOLICALLY for Ron Paul (in the Primary) and then SYMBOLICALLY for Barack Obama (in the Main).

I am the only one of the 3 of us that actually followed through on all 3 things because for me it was, as I explained in my article I wrote for my own newsletter (Issue #38 Vol IV) titled

Why I Voted FOR Obama for President of the U. S. Government:

"a symbolic gesture and a spiritual worship to the Lord. It was purely a personal thing. I know my vote don't matter..."

Why I Voted FOR Obama  article wide shot

I knew Ron Paul would not win and be in the final running for President (in '08) and I was hoping he wouldn't be. Yet, I did vote for him, to make a point, in a purely symbolic way. I was hoping I would get to vote for Obama in the final election, and I did. Why was I hoping Paul would loose? Because I want to help unplug the terminal patient call The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not the country, the corporate State, the Federal State, and it's 50 franchises called "States".

Why I Voted FOR Obama page 2 of 4

first of four pages of my Why I Voted FOR Obama article

I stated in my voted-for-Obama article that I would never encourage others to vote, I never have and I never will. You have to know me to understand that I do some things, totally out of the personal satisfaction I get, whether they have any real affect or not, or are seen or not, or understood by others or not. I have many tattoos that symbolize my beliefs and many of them are never seen by the majority of people because my everyday clothes cover them. It doesn't matter because the tattoos are for me, not others. The ones that are easily seen are many times misunderstood to mean something other than what they mean to me, such as the large SS bolts I have tattooed on my arm (I didn't get them because I believed in a State Police force, I didn't and don't, and that is not what they represent to me. They represent to me defending your Folk/People against oppressors).


Symbolism and symbolic gestures may not mean much to some, but they do to me. Ritualism and Symbolism have meaning, if only to those who use them.

Why I Voted FOR Obama page 3 of 4Why I Voted FOR Obama page 4 of 4

last 2 of the 4 pages of my article explaining why I voted FOR Obama in '08

Voting for Ron Paul had little symbolic meaning other than I can say I voted for him to those who think he didn't get elected because of non-voters. In reality, though I am sure Mr. Paul is a real nice guy, he is just another douchebag Statist politician full of empty promises. And many of his supporters in '08 and in 2012 were douches as well. Some of you that used to watch my old Youtube satire videos may remember I dressed up and acted like a fanatical Ron Paul 2012 supporter hollering into the camera "Ron Paul is GOD!!" to sarcastically mock many of his supporters. I must be a good actor because I actually had a couple of Paul supporters favorably comment under my video. Talk about not getting a joke.


I do freely admit that though I have been an Anarchist all of my adult life I did go through a stage in my life that can only be termed "my Minarchist stage". Minarchism is the belief that State is a "necessary evil", but that as long as it is "small" and it's powers "minimal" it would be okay. I didn't actually believe in Minarchism -I have always distrusted the very idea of a corporate group of elites telling me what to do- but I "tolerated" it because I assumed there was no way the majority of people would accept total Non-Statism, for a variety of reasons. I explain some of this personal evolution in the Introductory NOTE to my article Racial Socialism = Christianity (link here). Suffice to say in 2009 I began to crave, like never before, to express my Non-Statist Anarchism to more than just my family and close friends.

I had never "hid" my Anarchist leanings, I just never expressed them openly to anyone other than those close to me. The White Nationalist and Christian Identity communities are mostly full of Constitutionalists, Nationalists and National Socialists, politically speaking. Those are who I mostly focused and directed my writings and speeches to. I would talk about Race, Racial Issues and the Bible and doctrinal topics, but only alluded, mostly indirectly, to Anti-Statism. By 2009 I knew I had to make a change, the White Nationalist and Identity Christian communities (which overlap) were all over the place on the Obama topic. Yes, I had voted for the son-of-a-bitch, but I seen his election as fitting for the America we live in today, not as a bad thing, but a good one. Good because it means the speedier collapse of the System.

Yet the White Racialists began to bitch and moan and repeat the silly mantras of the "CON-servative" Tea Party about Obama -that he is a "Muslim" and that he is "going to help Al Qaeda attack 'Merica again" and "help set up Islamic Sharia Law in 'Merica".


I went to a few Tea Party's never to support but instead to spread the White Racial message, and some literature, among the crowds. I also went for the same reason I have gone on my own to Negro infested (but open-to-the-public) Martin Luther King celebrations, to observe and learn. You can not intelligently oppose something if you don't study it and understand it.


photos of me at Tea Parties. above, left, me holding a Confederate battle flag, above, right, me holding a sign (the only part of my you can only see is my tattooed arm, far left) below, I am holding the same sign at a different Tea Party. bottom photo: I was approached by a local newspaper reporter and interviewed.



Tea Baggers are a sadly immature group. The absolute bullshit I heard supposedly "intelligent" speakers,and somewhat famous personalities, say at those rallies was at times embarrassing if not just stupid. The Ronald Reagan worship was ridiculous, but what was worse is that none of them could answer why the Tea Parties never formed while George W. Bush was in office throwing money to private corporations to "bail" them out. Nor could they explain why there were no "Tea Parties" when Ronnie, their false god, gave "amnesty" to Mexican invaders, or when Bush (senior or junior) increased Federal spending and surveillance on the "citizens".

me with Bob McClain 2009

me w Russ Castle 2009

above: I even bothered with getting photos with some local Tea Party CONservative personalities, specifically CONservative radio talkshow hosts (Bob McLain, top, and Russ Cassell, bottom). I wanted to introduce myself so they could put a face -among other things- with the "Ryan" that would call into their shows at times and say politically incorrect things. I am wearing my ministry's (C.P.T.M.) t-shirt in the bottom photo.

Anarchism has been accused of being for chaos-creating "bomb throwers", White Racism is accused of being full of "potential" "Domestic Terrorists" (in 2005 I was put on a "Watch List" for simply being an outspoken White Christian Separatist) and Christian Identity is accused of creating "violent fanatics". All such false accusations are found to be the State propaganda they are when one simply spends a little time looking into the facts.

In proportion to their numbers about the same percentage of Baptists commit violent acts as Anarchists, or Racists, or Identists do, so should we say all Baptists aredangerous to the innocent?? And please don't try to say the Baptist doctrine don't involve violent rhetoric because I will point out to you that the Baptist denomination absolutely teaches and encourages violence -it supports Cops and the Military, so it definitely is not a pacifist ideology.

To be fair the Baptist Church, the denomination as a whole, teaches violence, yes, but only in the name of Self Defense. Yet, that is also the only type of violence Anarchism, Racism and Identity Christianity teaches. The question is what is "Self Defense"?

Anarchism is based on a foundational concept universally called The NON AGGRESSION PRINCIPLE. The N.A.P. simply holds that aggression, or violence, can only be used if aggression is initiated against you. In-other-words as long as what you do does not involve aggression towards another, or their personal belongings, then you should be Free to do whatever the fuck you want to.


I hold that principle very high. I have no desire to force myself, or my beliefs on to others. The very concept of trying to make people believe, or what I think they should, is repugnant and is very counterintuitive to me. I see the use of force to make people believe, or behave a certain way, as counterproductive and actually will have the opposite affect, in the long run.

I state all of this to segue into my next point, which is: it is entirely stupid to want a Government-State to enFORCE any one's principles, or values, onto another. That is why I do NOT believe in the use of violence, or violent Direct Action, to achieve the goals of a political or social agenda.

I believe people of all Races, Religions and Ideologies should be able to have their own living space, their own areas. Anarchism supports Separatism and group as well as individual Sovereignty. I have my own religious convictions and beliefs, no one made me have or hold them and I can not imagine forcing anyone, under threat of violence, to have any beliefs, including mine, under threat of punishment. To put it frankly, you either believe something or you don't, you can't be made to believe anything, you can only be convinced.

Once people are allowed to freely separate and self-segregate as they wish (into their own living spaces, areas, regions, lands) they will be able to enjoy the Natural Right to defend their communities, lands and people. This can not happen as long as Statism exists in the land, States can not tolerate Sovereignty of individuals or peoples. Self-Determination is a Natural Right of both the individual and the group and Statism is directly opposed to Self Determination.

NO State has ever allowed people on the land it claims Rule over to opt out of it's control over their lives and property and THAT is why ALL forms of State are fraudulent and criminal.

I include the above explanations about the use of violent force and aggression to explain why I believe State is so deserving of your hatred, disdain and desire for it's destruction. I also want you to understand why I wrote the following words in my old article about why I voted for Obama:

"White America so deserves this Obama-Nation! They the American Whites, have done everything they could to destroy themselves"

I wrote those words shortly after Obama took office in January of 2009 and I mean them today as much as I did back then. It is said the best teacher in life is experience and I definitely believe the best punishment is the kind we bring on ourselves by our own bad decisions, or lack of making decisions.

I have had Whites, some openly Racist and others who ride the fence as "respectable" CONservatives, confide in me that they are disgusted a "nigger" is President. I tell, them as I will say here, that I don't care about the office of President of the U.S. Government so it matters not to me who, or what, holds that political office. I also have repeatedly asked such people "why are you concerned with a nigger being President?? Niggers have been Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Mayors, Judges, Prosecutors, Cops, and Prison and Jail Guards, and School Teachers, for generations now!!"

Whenever I have said that I always get the same blank look and silent non-response. I always followed up with something like "You supported the multi-racial Government before, so why stop now, just because there is one more political office filled by a nigger?!"

You see it is one thing work "within the System" to undermine the System, to "sap the castle walls" if you will, but it is entirely something else to validate the System and to actually believe in the damn thing!

The "Common Law" activists that use Common Law lingo to battle in the Court System of the State, I can admire for their tenacity and dedication to Freedom. But when they actually believe their own Legalese bullshit they have deceived themselves into believing the State's Greatest Deception. That Great Deception is that the State has any Right over other people at all for any reason. You may think the State has Legal Right to deal with real crimes and criminals such as murder or rape for example, but the truth is the State has no more right to deal with real crime and criminals than you. The State is NOT superior to anyone ....except in the size of his armies of enforcers called Police. I don't give a damn what "constitution" was decreed, it doesn't give the corporation that constitution chartered Rightful Authority over anyone that did not willingly agree to be part to that Legalistic Document. That Truth is lost on the Common Law activists and they should really awaken to it.

I said in my article that....

"...no one had better pop [assassinate] Obama. I have low hopes for the Carmel Kid. Yeah, I could not find a cheap backpack nuke at Walmart so I just pushed the voting machine button beside his [Obama's] and Biden's names. I don't believe my fantasy bomb is a dud. I have total faith that that cursed mamzer [half-breed] will take this country down the final stretch towards Hell! God I hope so!!"

Obama, in his first term (2008 to 2012) sure has swirled the shit pot known as American Politics just like all of the Presidents and politicians before him did. But now in the middle of his second he is flushing it on down, and I love it!

Sept 11, 1991 George H. Bush spoke openly the term "New World Order" (more than once) and I felt vindicated for trying to warn people about such an Statist Internationalist Agenda, by that very name, since first learning about it (and hearing that very term) myself in the early 1980's as a teenager.

Sept 11, 2001, events take place that when looked into for more than 5 minutes, defy the official Government explanation, and common sense. Once again more people are awakened to a Statist Internationalist Agenda ....and people, such as myself, that were previously, (for years) accused of being "conspiracy nuts" for pointing out inconsistencies in many other official stories about historical events in American history are now being listened to.

White Americans, White CHRISTIAN Americans, refused to listen to men, and women, who from generations back to today have been warning them to that there was a wolf among them in sheep's clothing. "Old Fashioned!", "Intolerant!", "Ignorant!" those who tried to warn have been labeled. So now the "chickens have come home to roost" in the Obama Presidency.

Do not misunderstand me Obama is NOT to blame for the mess America is in. The economy was going down the drain before he ever started campaigning for his first term. The Federal Empire was increasing it's surveillance of, and tyranny over, Americans long before The Mutt ever sat his ass in chair of the Oval Office. No, Obama didn't fill the toilet bowl with the shit we have for an America today, he just is the one flushing it and America with it on down.


Obamacare is simply a step towards a Single Payer Medical Care which is simply Government Health Care, something that already exists in America in forms called "Medicare" and "Medicaid". Such programs are Socialized Medicine and are simply State Supervised Health Care paid for by tax revenue. Everyone, sooner or later gets sick enough, or injured badly enough, to need medical attention from skilled, experienced people we call doctors. What better way to monitor and thus control the State's Property ("Citizens") than through Health Care? The chronically homeless and others who don't have Driver's Licenses or State Issued I.D.'s and who don't pay State and Federal Income Taxes, and own no land, still have to get medical care from time to time. Second only to a totally Cashless Monetary System, that could monitor every Citizen and their activities, a Government run Health System is a great way to control each individual.

Of course Obama lied about certain aspects of the National Health Care Act, duh!, all politicians lie, it's in their job description. Of course the official HealthCare.gov website don't work right and has "some glitches to work out", what do you expect?, that is bureaucracy bumbling at it's best.

It's not the laws Obama has passed, or legislation that he has signed, it's not the Executive Orders or Acts that he has signed since he has been in Presidential Office, this term of his first term. It's not what new "laws" that dumbass is behind or backs, or don't back. It's not whether he was born on American soil or not, I don't care. No, what makes Obama fitting for America as it's "Commander & Chief" is theh Wrath of God he represents.

When ancient Israel decided they wanted a State Ruled society instead of a Non-State self-ruling society (that they had for hundreds of years previous) they were under the Commandment of their God NOT to allow anyone not of their Race and Religion over them.

Deuteronomy says (with my emphasis added):

"...one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee; thou mayest not put a foreigner over thee, who is not thy brother."

So, even if you are a Statist, who believes in the man-made Statist political system, if you are also a White Christian you can not accept Obama as your Ruler of State over you -not Biblically anyway.

Not only is Obama not White (and not Black either, but a mongrel, the product of Adultery) he is not a Christian (he is not a Muslim either, I wish people would stop saying that!) So White Christian why do you recognize a Ruler over you that is not of your Race and Religion?!

In June 28, 2006, before becoming President, then Senator Obama gave a speech in which he spoke of himself saying....

"I was finally able to walk down the aisle of Trinity United Church of Christ one day and affirm my Christian faith. It came about as a choice, and not an epiphany; the questions I had did not magically disappear. But kneeling beneath that cross on the South Side of Chicago, I felt I heard God’s spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth."

I strongly doubt he really gives a damn about the "Christian faith" for he next said the following words:

"The path I traveled has been shared by millions upon millions of Americans – evangelicals, Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims alike"

As a Christian I know that Jesus Christ said He was THE One and ONLY Way to Spiritual Enlightenment and Salvation. He said He is THE Door and that no man can get to the Father (GOD) except through Him. (John 14:6)

But obviously non-Whites, and thus Non-Israelites, that so many Whites exalt like Barack Obama and Opera Winfrey say differently. Winfrey boldly proclaims that "there can't possibly be only one way!"

Obama, though labeled "The Antichrist" by some, is but only a antichrist. His religion is NOT Christianity as he claimed in his speech because his speech later goes on to say....

"Moreover, given the increasing diversity of America’s population, the dangers of sectarianism have never been greater. Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers."

In actuality Obama made a "slip of the tongue" and did not actually say the words in the above paragraph as they were printed out on the paper of the prepared speech. Instead he actually said...

"Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation – at least, not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers."

So, a Non-White, Raceless Mongrel and Biblically defined "Bastard" (Deuteronomy 23:2, Mamzer) first admits America was a Christian country then declares it not one anymore and yet there are still many White Christians that have respect for the very Government that he represents and is "President" of??!!

Don't tell me about your precious "Constitution"! It's toilet paper to me! Don't try to bullshit me and say that "Obama don't represent the true values of the Constitutional Republic", it's that very same Corporation (U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) and it's Founding Corporate Charter ("U.S. CONSTITUTION") that made it possible for Anti-White, Anti-Christian, Anti-Freedom scum, like Obama, to rise to political power in the first place!

Don't tell me how the Founding Fathers didn't mean for Non-Whites or Non-Christians to get into Federal political office because it doesn't matter if they did or didn't. They were WARNED by Christian men of their day like Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams ("Anti Federalists") that the stupid Federal Constitution was going to set up one hell of a National State monstrosity, and has it not??!!

Not only did 18th century Americans warn against the Statist System the Constitution was establishing but the Holy Bible certainly warned against such Systems. See BIBLE LAW vs. U.S. CONSTITUTION (linked here) and BIBLE LAW OR THE U.S CONSTITUTION (linked here)

For the America Whites that proclaim Yahweh as their God and Christianity as their Faith, there is no other Way, or Law, than God's and no king, or president, but Jesus Christ.

In closing I would like to quote one more time from my old article about my voting for Obama in the '08 elections....

"Oh things are gonna 'CHANGE' alrighty Whitey! Wailing and nashing of teeth may now begin!"