The THIRD REVOLUTION -book review

This is a novel review of politically-incorrect novels in general (that I have read) and of one such fiction work in particular.

COVER of Third Revolution by Gregory Kay part 1

I hope after YOU have read this it sparks your curiosity enough to purchase copies of any, or all, of the books mentioned herein for yourself, but specifically one in particular -for in so doing you will be helping to $upport a fellow Freedom lover and activist.

I must make a confession before I continue:

I, Brother Ryan, am personally not much of a fiction reader, I prefer to read non-fiction books and writings. I have read many-a-book in my 45+ years, and well over 98% were non-fiction books on diverse topics, such as history, science, philosophy, self-defense, survival, self-reliance, health and fitness, theology, sociology, psychology, as well as various political ideologies.

As for non-fictional entertainment I prefer the "lazy" way: watching it acted out on stage or screen. I have read a handful of fiction novels in my life, but never for the entertainment value. Allow me to explain.

I have read the first, or pilot, book of the Out of the Ashes novel series by William Johnston.

I have read Patriots Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles. The novel was originally titled The Gray Nineties and when I read it, under that title, it was an internet book only. I had a printed-out paper copy that I put in a 3 ring binder. Later it was titled Triple Ought, and it has undergone a couple more title changes since then. I read the "Gray Nineties" version in the late 1990's, after I had read the Out of the Ashes book.


yours truly (years ago) during some Survivalist training/practice sessions


I have to be honest, I only read both of those books under the strong encouragement to read them from fellow Survivalists I was, at the time, networked with (who were into the "Tri States" political philosophy). I enjoyed the exchange of survival preparedness ideas and the political philosophy discussions. The Out of the Ashes book(s) were a big part of the philosophical discussions and so I felt compelled to actually read, at least, the first book of the series so I could understand my compatriots' points of view better. This was in my 20's and I already was Anarchistic (in my political philosophy), and what they proposed was a very "limited" (but still Statist) Government, so I went by the moniker "Radical Ryan" back then. I continued my toleration of, and sympathies with, "limited Statists", who are really just fellow Americans that want to be Free, when I got involved in the White Pride sub-culture and White Nationalist political circles. I am a NON-Statist, I am Anti Corporate Government, I am an ANARCHIST, so I sympathize with anyone that wants to be Free of State Rule -in spite of the fact that they may still think there is some form of State, "limited" or otherwise, that would be ideal.

I finally got around to getting a copy of the professionally published version Patriots and I did read the novel, again, in it's formal book published version.

Before reading "Ashes" ,and then shortly later the "Nineties", I have never bothered to read a fiction novel cover to cover in my life. I have been a Survivalist at heart, and American patriot, all of my life, since a young boy. Yet the closest I ever came, in my childhood, to reading any work of fiction to deal with "surviving" was when I would thumb through an old paperback copy of the classic novel Robinson Crusoe that had been given to me.

As a young pre-teen and as a teenager I read, a lot, but it was always non-fiction books and magazine articles (as well as the Bible). I did read some religious "comic" books but only for the theology, I never read a whole mainstream comic book during my childhood or teenage years, and still haven't. I would admire the comic artwork, but I had no interest in actually reading comics "just for fun". Back then I only read for the information, not for entertainment, it's still the same for me today.

In middle school and high school I NEVER read the fiction novels assigned to us by teachers to read, like Old Yeller, Where The Red Fern Grows and To Kill a Mockingbird. Yes, I remember the titles, but I never read them, and yes, my grades suffered (further) because of my disinterest in non-fiction. Ironically, I did take home my class text books, such as on science or history, and read them on my own for my own pleasure. I still sucked as a student though, I barely did my school work and I also barely, if even, passed tests.

To me, reading is a skill you use to gain information, or insight, but not just for pleasure, even though learning information about a topic I am interested in is a great pleasure to me. I read the above fiction books and others not for the "escape" but to learn about the author himself, to learn about those around me that do like those books, I guess I read the fiction novels I have read for the sociological insight you could say.

I have read The Turner Diaries, the so-called "blueprint" for "domestic terrorism", so says the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and such biased organizations as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the A.D.L. I originally set out to read the Diaries just to see what all of the hype was about, and so I could say I did, and thus, in my own way, flip my middle finger to those who want to blame a novel for such events as the 1993 Oklahamo Federal Murrah Building Bombing. I have never been into negro rap music but years ago when I heard that a song by Ice-T, titled "Cop Killer" was being blamed for encouraging young "urban youths" to shoot police officers I had to hear the song for myself. Being a "Metal Head", and growing up in the 80's, I know how music gets blamed for leading people to do things. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the song was not a rap song at all, but actually a (Speed) Metal song. Of course there are Non-White Heavy Metal bands, but I did not know (at the time) that Ice-T's band, Body Count, was. Certain statist control freaks wanted to "outlaw" the song, just like they wanted to outlaw the Turner Diaries novel.

Anyway, as a patriot I figured I needed to, do my homework, bite the bullet, and read the fiction book. I can honestly say I not only enjoyed it, I have read it twice cover to cover, so far, and I may read it a few more times before my life is through. Matter-a-fact I like it so much that I have a tattoo in tribute to the novel, see my tat below. It's not that I found the Diaries to be an entertaining read -remember, I said I never read for fun- I found the novel to INSPIRATIONAL. The main character, Earl Turner, is presented to be an idealistic patriot warrior, not a macho, ladies man, super hero.


The Turner Diaries is not some great literary work, and it never has been accused of being so. I enjoyed the book for what it is: a book about White Americans doing some thing about Federal Tyranny, mandatory State Identifications and firearm restrictions, instead of bitching about it all, or bragging about what they wish they had the guts to do.

I also enjoyed the Diaries because unlike the "survivalist" novels, Ashes and Patriots, there are no multicultural groups of "patriots", no token Non-White heroes, no interracial lust stories, no White Guilt dribble and no apologetic sub-messages about how America is an all inclusive toilet bowl of a "melting pot".

A book that has been described as an "updated version" of the Turner Diaries is PATRIOT ACT -A Novel of Resistance by D.A. Hanks. I have not only read this fiction novel I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking in person with the author on a couple of occasions. Matter-a-fact, he and I have given speeches from the same podiums to fellow patriots at a couple of events in the past.

published in 2004 this novel is considered an update version of The Turner Diaries (it is still possible to purchase a new or used copy off the internet, but as of this writing -2013- it is currently out of print)

DA Hanks and me

D.A. Hanks and Bro. Ryan (circa 2005)


also by D.A. Hanks is the very NON-fiction book on how to build your own AR-15 from scratch (click image above for link)

As I said, I am generally not one to read fiction to just "pass the time" or for entertainment purposes. I read for a much more practical, or pragmatic, purpose. I don't read fiction novels to gain "how-to" technical information -though all of the above mentioned novels take the time to share technical details on how certain, shall we say, politically-incorrect items are made, or how certain "less-than-legal" actions are done. I do read fiction, or fantasy novels, that are based on survivalism and/or patriotic resistance (to tyranny) for the philosophical aspect, and the ideological perspective. NOT for indoctrination mind you -so you Government cyber-snoops reading this don't need to worry, I HATE you for the Tyranny you protect already without some "right-wing" writ "propagandizing" me to do so. No, I have hated you family-destroying freedom-hating bureaucrat-bullies long before I ever read my first work of "anti-government" pulp fiction.

I read such "non-mainstream" works of fiction not to just see inside of the mind of the authors, but to see inside the minds of people who read such politically-incorrect novels. When someone tells me they have read, and like, a novel such as The Turner Diaries or Out of The Ashes it tells me something about that person. Though such books like Ashes and Patriots are, like I said, tainted with a bit of feel good political-correctness and some multicultural propaganda they still are not mainstream fiction works. All of the novels I mention here are very much loaded with messages of pro-gun ownership, individual rights, as well as responsibilities, ruggedness, honor, a sense of duty to help others, and idealism over materialism.


my copies of Patriots and Patriot Act

The one common theme throughout all of the books in this article, that is key, is they all are centered around a distrust of, and distaste for, Government. It is this general agreement among all of the novels that keeps them from being mainstream novels.

To be fair, and clear, Out the Ashes and Patriots Surviving the Coming Collapse are indeed much more known, and thus read, than the other novels in this article because they aren't "racist". Turner Diaries, Patriot Act and The Third Revolution are in fact racist writings, and unapologetically so. Take it from me, a RACIST, a White Supremacist and Racial Separatist, I know a fellow Whiter Racist when I see one and I know a racist writing when I read one. The three racist novels I enjoyed most, not because they speak of racial differences and race wars, but because they weren't full of the obligatory multiCULT dogma. All 3 were written by White authors for White readers and there is no shame, or White Guilt, in that.


The feature novel of this review is:


by Gregory Kay


Gregory Kay has become somewhat of a cyber-friend to me over the period of time he and I have interacted on the internet. I have yet to have the privilege of meeting the gentleman in person, like I have had with the patriot author Mr. Hanks.


I would be glad to finally meet him and shake his hand, or give him a fist bump, or a high-five, or a kiss on the check, or a one-armed "half-hug" ....It's an inside joke. Mr. Kay has not only a great mind for fiction, and a very focused mind for writing sobering and very serious articles, he has a great sense of humor (as the pictures below can attest). Humor is a very useful thing, when writing about serious subjects, actually.


I, personally, am a fan mostly of his NON fiction works and I have mirrored (How To Start a Revolution - Education By Indoctrination) and linked (The Reagan Sacred Cow - We are at war) some of his such work on this website. Below is a couple of photos of hardcopies of older issues of the "alternative" news and commentary tabloid The FIRST FREEDOM that I own featuring articles by Gregory Kay.

First Freedom paper and computer5334_1101472974399_1636590_n

above is a issue of the First Freedom I have printed up from off the internet site with an article by Kay and below is a newspaper-like issue I have of First Freedom also featuring an article by him.

my copy of 1st Freedom249592_1873312989917_8351369_n-200x300

As a side note, one thing I, being from the South AND a proud Anarchist, really appreciate is The First Freedoms's unabashed use of the

First Freedom hardcopy circle A

the publication The First Freedom ( is a Southern Nationalist publication in it's base, but any Freedom loving, Truth seeking, White American would appreciate it's articles.

First Freedom computer print circle A

I received my copy of The THIRD REVOLUTION, FREE, thanks to the author. He had made a one-time offer, for a one day period, to anyone that requested to receive a PDF version of the novel. He has since extended the offer indefinitely and -with his permission- I have posted the PDF of the Third Revolution on this website HERE for all to enjoy!

He had made his original Free offer known on Facebook. Below I show the post from him so that you may read for yourself the generosity expressed by this good man.

GK book 1

as can be seen, the author was honest about his reasons for offering the first novel in a series that he has written. One, as a way to "rebel" against the whole "Black Friday" merchant holy day, and two as an investment in advertising his works in general. In turn, I am returning his favor of giving me a free copy of one of his novels, by writing a review of it. Hopefully my efforts will help this fellow compatriot, racial kinsman, fellow Southerner, fellow Freedom loving American, and Christian brother to advertise his works. I do believe word-of-mouth publicity is the BEST form of advertisement -simply because it's not paid-for bullshit talk, it is truthful talk from people who have already enjoyed the product/service.

GK book 2

What you will be reading (below) will be my own version of "Cliff Notes", or my "Reader's Digest" version of the first in his THIRD REVOLUTION novel series.

I will give a very brief, and I mean very brief, synopsis of the book chapter by chapter. Don't worry I won't spoil it for you and I leave many things out on purpose. My short outlines of the chapters will not include everything, or "the whole story" (no pun intended).

Read through my brief chapter descriptions, and if I have done my job right, you will become interested enough to actually purchase a copy of the book for yourself (and be $upporting a patriot activist and author) .

After the brief chapter-by-chapter synopses is my personal thoughts and opinion of this novel.

And by the way, the "book report" I have done here is a first for me as far as fiction books go. Like I said earlier, I never read any of the fiction novels assigned to be read by teachers while I was a student in middle school and high school. So, obviously, I also never did any of the book reports on those fiction works that I was supposed to do.

GK book 3GK book 4

yours truly reading the Gregory Kay novel The THIRD REVOLUTION in pdf format

GK book 5



A race riot breaks out on the grounds of the South Carolina State House in the city of Columbia when the Governor is set to officially take down the Confederate Battle flag flying at the Confederate Memorial. Pro-Confederate flag activists and anti-Confederate flag protesters are both present at the memorial that sits on State House house grounds. Tensions, and passions are high. Deaths and injuries occur to Whites, Blacks and Cops present.One injured White is a police officer named FRANK GORE. He is the main character, and hero of the novel.

[The main character in Patriot Act, though not a actual cop, also is presented as having a background with cops. I find this character theme interesting because it is COPS that do the actual enFORCING of tyrannical policies -perhaps it is wishful thinking on the part of the authors. The main character in Patriot Act is Doug "Snark" Hauser, in Turner Diaries it is Earl Turner, in Out of the Ashes it is Ben Raines and in Patriots Surviving it is Todd Gray]

The Government and Media quickly blame Confederate flag waving "wild eyed anarchists" for starting the violence....and Frank Gore for the shooting death of another cop, a Black one, during the melee.The negro officer was shooting unarmed Whites in a coldblooded fashion during the midst of the racial fighting between Blacks and Whites.



[This chapter makes it clear that the novel is written from a Christian/pro-Bible perspective]

FRANK GORE (a 32 year old who has been a cop for 10 years and divorced for 3) is laid up in a hospital bed following the violent riot with busted ribs and other injuries. He is mulling over the fact that he "killed a brother officer", even though he shot that fellow cop to stop him from continuing his shooting spree of Whites.

[Patriot Act presents the reader with a tyrannical U.S. President with the last name of Rosenbaum, and Turner Diaries features a Federal Law that outlaws private ownership of firearms that is called the Cohen Act]



A "immigrant from New York" named Jacob Cohen (pg 34) with a "nasal accent" and a "long nose", the Police Department's psychologist, decides Frank has a mental issue, possibly brought on by a head injury suffered during the riot along with his other injuries . Cohen insists that Frank's recollection of events of that day, including the shootings, are products of P.T.S.D. and not what really happened.



A Yiddish speaking television news station manager Phillip Silverstein goes to the headquarters of the National Association of Black Persons (N.A.B.P.)

A "fuel shortage" and "growing legion of unemployed" are mentioned on page 43 to help further set the climate, in not just South Carolina, or the South, but all of America.



Television news station manager Silverstein says "The truth is subordinate to the greater good!" [page 49]

A one-sided martial arts fight scene occurs when the now mobile, but still injured, Frank comes to the rescue of a beautiful damsel in distress. The damsel is Samantha Norris, tv news reportress; her assailant is none other than her station manger, Phillip Silverstein himself. Frank comes flying, quite literally, with kicks, to stop Silverstein's beating of Samantha. The station manger was enraged because the lady reporter would not report about what had happened at the State House in any manner but a truthful one. Silverstein calls her a "stupid goy shiksa", a "blonde haired Nazi bitch", and accuses her of advancing a "filthy racist cause". All because she was researching,and reporting, the facts behind the violence at the State House riot.


On page 70 the Southern Nationalist Movement is first mentioned.

Samantha, after being rescued from the beating at the hands and feet of her station manager, beings to sense a purposeful cover-up, not by the media only, but by the Government. She is considered to be the "most popular news anchor in South Carolina" [page 73]and a "hard-nosed reporter".


The F.B.I and Mainstream Media concoct and spread a story that the riot and violence in Columbia, South Carolina was initiated by White racists and Neo-Confederates -with at least one White in "black face make up".

The Feds and Media also claim "several semi-automatic assault weapons with high capacity magazines were found in the vicinity" of the State House in Columbia. Some of which were "illegally modified to fire fully automatic" and loaded with ammunition designed to defeat bullet proof vests worn by police.

It is further claimed by the Government and it's mouthpiece, the Mass Media, that the "pro [Confederate Battle] flag mob" attacked a "gathering of civil rights supporters". [page 73]

It also claimed by the Feds, in the Media reports, that the B.A.T.F. "verified" that some of the firearms found were registered to some of the [White, pro-flag] people shot during the riot by police.

F.B.I. profilers are said to claim that many who support the Confederate Battle Flag are Klan, Skinheads, Neo-Confederates, Neo-Nazis, and "violent miltia groups" who want to "overthrow" the United States Government. [page 78]

Frank Gore and, his now side-kick and co-main character, Samantha Norris are named as possibly 2 of the "ring leaders" of the domestic terrorist movement that behind the plotting of the racist attacks at the State House.

Samantha's role, as media personality, was allegedly to edit video footage to make Frank look like a victim of the violence instead of a co-conspirator to attack the "civil rights supporters".


Frank and Samantha, now fugitives, don impromptu disguises as they use some basic streetwise wits to move about in the public undetected as the wanted criminals they are accused of being.



The 2 fugitives continue their escape and evasion, with some assistance and new disguises, all the while getting to know each other better.

The distinctive ethnicity of native Southerners is discussed.

Control of the Mass Mainline Media and "publishing houses" by "liberal or neo-conservatve Yankees and Jews in the North" and people on the "left coast" is discussed.

The righteousness of the cause of the Confederacy of the old South is also discussed.

A Fed catches a load of shotgun pellets with his face.


A hospital assassination -done by introducing a lethal amount of morphine- adds to the intrigue as the plot thickens.


Frank and Samantha continue their new lives a fugitives -disguised as spandex wearing bicyclists. At one point the attractive Sammie attracts the attention of two cruising cops, but they only ogle her from their cruiser as they pass each other.

The two fugitives meet up with some armed self-descried "rebels - revolutionaries" [page 128] who are prepared electronically are well as they are weapon wise. They scan every inch of Frank and Sam's bodies for what they call "Legionnaires". -small, grain of rice sized, electronic tracking devices that can be implanted subcutaneously [page 131]. They nicknamed the device after the demon cast out by Jesus in Mark the 5th chapter that called itself "Legion".It is even considered the "Mark of the Beast" of Revelation 13.

The two are smuggled to a remote safe house (pig farm) in the back of a truck hauling food scraps for pig slop hidden in a crude, yet very uniquely made, secret compartment.



Homemade silencer making is discussed.

A nerd in a wheel chair with thick glasses, but a muscular upper body, is visited in his secure lair that exists behind heavy steel doors.



The pair continue their journey, with their new comrades, with caution ....they hope they are comrades, having had their handguns and knives confiscated by their smugglers previously. Samantha, demonstrating some survival instinct, procures and hides some small crude, but still effective, improvised weaponry, "just in case".



The 2 fugitives arrive safely, and secretly, to the pig farm slash safe-house.


Frank's lifetime friend, a older negress named "Aunt Jenny" survives an assassination attempt by Federal agents, with the help of two men who happened to be at her house at the time the Fed hitmen showed up unexpectedly.


Frank receives some bad news.

Ruby Ridge and Waco, and those senseless deaths of women and children, are cited as examples of what the Government is willing to do, and how far it will go. The Confederate dead of the 1860's South are also cited as victims of the Federal Empire and it's murderous reign.

To sum it all up the following is said by one of the "rebel revolutionaries {page 165]:

"like in the Bible blood cries out from the ground"


Southern ethnicity as sovereignty is discussed.

Frank kneels, literally, before God in prayer, seeking direction and protection of Divine Providence .

Samantha is awakened to the gravity of the recent events in her, and her fellow Southern Americans' lives.


Racial, and not just regional, separation is discussed. Klansmen and Skinheads are mentioned as being part of the Southern Separatist and Session movement {page 176].

A coming full scale race war is discussed -from "Aunt Jenny's" (negro) perspective [page 184]. She says of the K.K.K. in her local county "They never killed no 17 year old for a pair of fancy tennis shoes, an' the wouldn't put up with nobody that did, no sir!" She is referring to her own son's senseless death at the hands of fellow negros, for his shoes.



The perverse cruelty of a Federal agency and prison guards is discussed [page 187].

Frank is accused, by cops, and the Media of murdering his own grandmother to prevent her from snitching on him. A "large cache of firearms, ammunition, explosives and illegal drugs" are allegedly found belonging to Frank. Also they claimed they found "a large quantity of racist hate literature and bomb making manuals" .

The Media continues to claim that Frank Gore is wanted for the death of a fellow police officer. It is further claimed that his fellow fugitive, Samantha Norris's personal secretary was also murdered. The secretary is alleged to of been connected to "extremist White supremacist groups" and "flew a Confederate flag" from her "front porch" [page 189].

Southern Session and Separatism is further discussed as well as the diverse division among Southern "Heritage" and Separatist factions. The I.RA. of Ireland is used as an example, and model for a Confederate Army, Provisional (C.A.P.). The idea of a resurrected Confederacy -a independent South- is a center piece of focus [page 194].



An altar similar to what would be seen in a Klan Klavern is set-up with a Confederate flag, Scottish dirk and an old worn King James Version Holy Bible (Bible, Blade, Banner).

A ritual is performed in which a confession of Christian faith, and "submission to the Lord Jesus Christ above all things" is done [page 198] -which is very similar to the oath taken in K-Uno Klan Kraft.

The oath also includes a pledge of allegiance to the Confederate cause. This is an induction ceremony to the "Provisional Army of the Confederate States of America" [page 199].


Frank Gore and Samantha Norris are "becoming folk heroes in South Carolina" (like the patriotic version of Bonnie and Clyde)and the couple are seen as "symbols" for the people to "rally around".

There is "sporadic armed resistance cropping up all across Dixe" with "guerrilla actions" taking place in Virginia, Texas, Alabama, and of course, South Carolina. Patriots, under the Confederate Battle Banner, are doing battle with Government agencies, Federal, State and local.

A pseudo "patriot" among the Neo-Confederates says the charter of the Southern Nationalist organization he joined opposes violence and that the organization was founded on the principle of changing things in the South only by "peaceful and honorable means" -as the written words of the charter state [page 203].He further says that "honorable means does not include racism, blowing up things and killing innocent police officers!" and adds "we can't afford to be seen as anti-government or racist!"

[I will leave the reader to interpret that character's words, and concerns, as he/she wishes. But I would like to include that the author of this novel was indeed, years ago a police officer himself -D.A. Hanks, who wrote the novel Patriot Act was also involved in law enforcement]

The "terrorist attacks" of 9-11-2001 are explained from a truly patriotic perspective on pages 203 and 204. A patriot with the nickname "Mountaineer" says to "Greyrider", the fake patriot,...

“Those terrorists weren’t a threat to shit! They were never anything more than a dangerous nuisance in the larger scheme of things. What were they going to do – invade us? Hell, man, that pack of savages couldn’t even cobble together a real weapon, let alone an army! Yes, they killed some people, but how many of our freedoms did they take away, huh? Did those bastards take down our flag? Did they take our guns and our homes and limit what we could say and what we could hear? Did they take money and food out of our children’s mouths to give it away to a bunch of foreign shit-heads to get them to support their overseas adventures? Did they teach our children to despise their own heritage and hate their own fathers, and then send them off to die in every hellhole around the world? No – that was the United States that did that, under that damned candystriped rag you’re so fond of.”

[The difference between militants and moderates is demonstrated in this chapter, more than once.]

The term (and thus the title of this novel) is clearly explained and defined in this chapter on pages 206 and 207. I provide the statement here:

“If it is war, then never let it be said that Southerners shirked their duty. Our Colonial ancestors fought the First American Revolution to abolish tyranny, and our Confederate ancestors fought the Second Revolution to protect themselves from the same species of oppression; therefore, it is the decision of this council that we in the South shall fight the Third Revolution, and take up arms against the forces of tyranny yet again."

Self-destruction device for a computer hard drive, made up of thermite and other components hooked to a remote switch is discussed on pages 207 and 208.


The Confederate Council is swept up in a raid, with the help of an infiltrator, a fake patriot. Not all Federal tactical troops survived.


Playing up the Blacks (Negroes) in an overt show of Political Correctness by (White) Southern Heritage types is discussed.One of the characters says "the movement was trying to appeal to the masses by being ‘politically correct’, the leadership played up the black Confederate angle real heavy and ended up blowing it all out of proportion. The whole thing was an exaggeration and a stupid idea from the start."

The statement "you can't separate the Cause from race" is made [and a TRUE statement it is].

Frank proposes marriage to Samantha.

blackmisliljonimages (1)


Frank and Samantha meet up with some more compatriots, including one resurrected from the dead.



Some patriotic women of the new revolution discuss the lack of men in the South not having "the guts to do their own fighting" [page 228]. The lady guerrilla fighters recognize the fact that they would not have to be directly involved in the dangerous aspects of militant activities if the modern South wasn't full of "shallow, selfish, cowardly, and sometimes downright effeminate" so-called men that are male in gender only.

Frank and Samantha get married in a patriotic wedding with compatriots are guests.

Gas is $7.50 a gallon [Note: high fuel prices is a common thread in most novels dealing with coming social collapse, civil strife and revolution in America, at least in all of the novels that I have read thus far in my life]

Tea Party Gadsden Confederate Flag


A official public statement to the Media is given by the self-professed "main stream faction of the Southern Movement" [239-240].The statement decries any violence and disavows any ideology of Session of Southern Separatism by violent means. They distance themselves from the Confederate Battle Flag because it is, according their words, "offensive" to "southerners, black and white alike". The Confederate militants (of the C.A.P. -see chptr 19) watching the speech on t.v.feel betrayal, and rage.




A random roadblock, a common occurrence, is encountered by a mouth breather with a vacant look in his eyes and a "you know" at the end of every sentence he says.

The chapter ends in a very explosive and fiery manner.



The home of a snitch burns to the ground.

In discussion of alliances and joining forces one patriot says “I don’t give a tinker’s damn if Osama Bin Laden comes rolling in here driving Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson in Joseph Stalin’s staff car; if they’re here to help, I’ll take it.

Gun shows are outlawed, but the records of the license plates of vehicles belonging to attendees of such shows in the past are used by the Government to profile potential terrorists. So is intelligence gathered by the non-governmental private organization known as the Defenders of the Jewish People (D.J.P.).

Of the D.J.P. [which is obviously a fictional version of the all-to-real and evil A.D.L.] one patriot says on page 257:

"They’re not a U.S. government agency but a quasi-private organization, so they’re not bound by the same rules that we have to at least give lip-service to, and they’re not subject to public and media investigation like we are. People are scared to say anything about them, because they’ll immediately brand them an anti-Semite, and the media, which is owned by their people, will back it up to the hilt. Even the politicians are scared of them –maybe especially the politicians, because you get accused of being a racist in today’s world and your career is over. That’s how they get by with being one of the biggest spy agencies in the country. Everything they get, they funnel to Israel and Mossad"


The newly weds, Samantha and Frank discuss the dangerous times the live in and Franks tells his reasonably concerned wife: "God is in control of all things. He has a plan, and everyone of us already has our time written down in it. Until that time comes, I’m as safe one place as another, and when it comes it won’t matter if I’m on the battlefield or in bed. You just have to trust Him, Sammie.

An economic crash has helped to create a boom in the amount of street prostitution, and underage prostitutes, in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. A local cop, hoping to use his badge to get some free underage sex is caught by a team of a FBI agents in the middle of a "interstate white slavery ring" -at least that is what he thinks he has been caught up in. The duped officer is told that if he would help that particular team of Feds in a terrorist investigation being conducted on his own police department -by being their "eyes and ears within the department"- they wouldn't bring him up on criminal charges for his actions.Also teased with the chance to actually become a F.B.I.agent himself the cop jumps at the chance to become a spy for, and relay information to, his new Federal friends.



Feds raid the pig farm safe house with Humvees and helicopters with mounted machine guns. A violent gun battle ensues as the patriots know better than to try surrender to such a murder squad.



Fleeing the overrun pig farm a wounded patriot is holed up, hiding, and waiting for the end.



A scene beginning with something reminiscent of what Daisy Duke from the old tv show Dukes of Hazard would of done ends with something akin to what Jason from Friday the 13th would of done.



After action emotions run high among the patriots.

cool black wavy confed flag


A captured Federal Tactical Trooper shares, very willingly, information with his patriot captors ...after given some very persuasive persuasion. The prisoner explains that after 9-11-2001 (then) President George W. Bush had singed an Executive Order making it "Legal" to assassinate any America considered a "terrorist".Such assassinations are carried out by Delta Force, Israeli Mossad operators and "private contractors" -basically U.S.Military soldiers, foreign agents and private mercenaries are paid by the US. Government to kill Americans on American soil. F.E.M.A. and the Department of Homeland Security are agencies in charge of such assassinations, the C.I.A. is considered too corrupted for security sensitive operations.

Reservoir Dogs Ear Cutting


Samantha is also a prisoner or war, to the other side of course. Tortured with sensory deprivation and an injection of something that makes her body revolt she prays finding mental comfort though her body is in misery.

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Frank Gore makes it clear he is going to find and rescue his wife, Samantha, and no one, not even fellow patriots will get in his way.

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Samantha goes through torture, at the hands of her Government captors, so cruel that it makes waterboarding seem like a sport, yet she gives them no information.

A homemade mortar attack occurs at the Columbia City Police Department.


A secret prison transport, headed by F.E.M.A., is coordinated.


An ambush of a prisoner transport is coordinated.



During a conversation between patriots discussing the reality of the issue of race, as it applies to the revolution, including white verses black and black verses black the following statement is made:

"We’ve never been able to separate race from the Southern Cause, and every time we’ve tried, the blacks themselves want to make it an issue. That’s a bad situation to be caught in."


Samantha (along with others) is rescued by Frank and a team of patriots that acted as professional as any military special unit or police tactical team. The operation is not without it's casualties on both sides ....and brutal realities of instinctual racial loyalties. The token Negro, Brian, among that patriots discovers his racial instincts in the midst of the gun play.



The newly rescued, along with Samantha, and the injured patriots are all in bad need of medical attention. Some serious "Ditch Medicine" is needed -good thing a Special Forces medic (the closest thing to a doctor) is on their team.

The Mass Media reports:

"Nine FBI agents and one civilian security guard were ambushed and killed during a massive terrorist attack inside the Charleston Naval Base in Charleston, South Carolina. The terrorists attacked the agents with high explosives and automatic weapons, then, according to the latest reports, executed the survivors. No one still alive seems to be able to say how they got on the base, committed this act, and then got out again without discovery. The slaying of the security guard was apparently part of a ruthless campaign to leave no witnesses. Although no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, authorities believe that one or more groups of Neo-Confederate extremists are responsible. Sources close to the FBI tell us that the raid freed six prisoners recently arrested in the Columbia riots and in federal, state, and local law enforcement raids on various white supremacy groups, who were being taken to the military base for detention under the Federal laws governing terrorist combatants."

Samantha Norris, the news lady, is called the "accomplice of the white supremacist renegade policeman alleged to have turned drug dealer, terrorist, and multiple murderer, Franklin Gore".



A two story house owned by an elderly couple who "were quiet but enthusiastic supporters of the Southern Nationalist Movement". The couple had "jumped at the chance to play an active part in the sheltering of the CAP guerrillas and their wounded".

The future of the "movement", and the Confederate Council structure, is discussed. The writing of a formal Declaration of War "against the Government of the United States", along with other formal agendas, are addressed. [page 366].



"We’ve got a story to tell that nobody wants to hear. If we put it out ourselves, it will be dismissed as propaganda. We need an aura of journalism to give it legitimacy in the public eye. We can’t go to the mainstream media because they’d twist it, assuming that the government even allowed them to put it out at all. You, on the other hand, are pure journalists; you haven’t had your ideals knocked out of you yet. You haven’t sold out. You may need us for your story, but we need you to tell our story.” -So are told 4 high school journalism class students who are invited to interview some patriotic guerrilla fighters.

[This is one of my favorite chapters of the book]



The high school newspaper reporters are taken to a clandestine location and to the two representatives of the Cause they are to interview, Frank Gore and Samantha Norris. The teenage reporters instantly recognize the two for the infamous people the professional, adult, Media has made them to be, but they soon become relaxed and get to work with the interview.

One of the interviewers asks Samantha how she was able to hold out during her physically and mentally painful ordeal at the hand of her captors and torturers. Samantha's reply [page 391] reaffirms my assertion, made in the note about Chapter 2, that this novel was written by a Christian and thus written from a Christian, as well as Southern American, perspective:

"I rediscovered my Christian faith I had wandered away from too many years ago. I had become so wrapped up in my career that I had forgotten God; thankfully, He had not forgotten me."

The four young reporters are given not only an exclusive interview with two patriotic so-called "terrorists" but as they go to leave they are given an envelope with more information and a stack of discs and videotapes.

They are told by a revolutionary concerning the release of their report:

"Just be sure it is simultaneously disseminated with its initial showing and not before, because I guarantee that the Feds will shut you down as soon as they get wind of it. You need to have all you can out there floating around when that happens, but beforehand no one, and I mean no one, can see it or even know you’re working on it. If they do, you’ve lost it all."

...and when they ask the revolutionaries what they are going to do with a copy of the report they are to be given prior to public release...

"We’ll make a large number of copies on our own equipment, then stash them at various places. Once we know the date and time of your premiere, and while you are in the process of showing it for the first time, we’ll be sending our copies out, along with the same additional information packs we gave you, through our own people. By the time you finish your presentation, your documentary will have been distributed quite literally world-wide, so do a good job.”



The 4 young reporters brainstorm on how to secure their report so that there are back-ups to back-ups because the understand that the Government will stop at nothing to censor the information they wish to share with the public.


The four high school newspaper reporters and members of their school's Journalism Club are featured guests of a special gathering at the local independent Baptist church. The 4 are introduced to the crowd by the pastor thusly:

"Now the purpose of journalism is to report the truth; unfortunately, all too often our media forgets that concept. These four young people, I’m proud to say, have not. “These young men and women have had the courage to seek the truth, even when it led them down paths that our paid professional journalists refuse to tread. They risked their lives to find the truth, and they are risking ostracism, physical violence, and perhaps even incarceration to bring it to you this evening.”

The special gathering was the premier of a video documentary done by the team of 4 journalists.

The documentary featured the up close and personal interview of 2 wanted fugitives, Gore and Norris and others -the adult audience is stunned as the film begins. There is even an attempt of one audience member to stop the video, but he is stopped instead.

The audience learns of the violent, and violating nature of, torture the Government engages in the name of fighting terrorism. Frank Gore is seen and heard saying in the video:

“We are called terrorists because we have fought against the armed forces who have sought to kill us, while those same forces slaughtered civilians who dared demand their rights, and murdered helpless old ladies, like my grandmother, Sarah Gore, and my friend, Mary Wheeler, for no other reason than that they knew too much. Those forces,” he snarled, “those forces beat my wife, tied her to a table, and forced electrical probes into her private parts until they very nearly killed her!

“Until then, like most of you, we had no cause; we fled to the Confederate Army Provisional simply in order to stay alive. It was only after we saw what the Federal Government and its shameless lackeys here in the local administration were capable of doing that we became true believers. Due to their un-Godly persecution, we became revolutionaries, not because we lack patriotism,but because we are patriots. No patriot will allow tyrants and despots to hold sway over their country, for any reason."

[From page 402 the author narrates the following:

"As the tape rolled at the Sword of the Word, there was a flurry of activity elsewhere. Copies of the video along with the information packs were mailed from several different cities in three states, destined for foreign news agencies throughout the world, many from countries at odds with U.S. policies. Still others were hand carried by a small team of volunteers in Washington, D.C. to embassies representing Asian, European, Middle Eastern, and Latin American nations. Audio, video and text files sped through cyberspace, and hardcopies were mailed through the post office. By the time the tape hit it's end in that South Carolina Church recreation hall, it was already hitting the foreign news wires with the force of a runaway freight train."]


Not only has the "domestic" (Mainstream) Media in America picked up on the brushfire of a story, the young reporters initially ignited with their documentary, but media outlets around the world, and the internet, are now ablaze.

The Department of Homeland Security scrambles to censor the documentary but it can't stop the world wide web and the sharing of audio files from the video, nor all of the patriot and conspiracy shortwave radio shows from talking about the information in the documentary.

A "TRAITOR" is hung.

The End.

My Personal "take", or opinion:

As a reader who generally prefers reading NON fiction books I may or may not have an objective perception but here are is my "two cents"....

Overall I enjoyed the novel. I would say I enjoyed it mostly because of it's subject matter in general. Just like I enjoyed Out of the Ashes, Patriots Surviving the Coming Collapse, The Turner Diaries and Patriot Act, for their "anti System" themes that glorify rugged individualist independence, and personal Honor, as well as a sense of Duty to community.

The novel was written by a man mostly for male readers, no doubt. Romance novels are for women, but Revolution themed novels generally target male readers. I appreciated the fact that Kay kept the action scenes, the violence, as realistic as possible, and not gratuitously fanciful nor frequent. I have not read The THIRD REVOLUTION parts 2 or 3 in the series yet so I hope I have not spoken too soon on this aspect. I myself certainly am not opposed to violence, no matter how violent, as long as it serves a greater, and moral, purpose. The depiction of violence in most Hollywood "action" movies insults the common sense of most mature, adult, males and I personally don't find violence for violence's sake entertaining. The author, an ex-cop himself, and a student of martial arts, portrays realistic depictions of violence without going too far into the fantasy realm. He also understands that there is nothing romantic about real world violence, whether it be empty handed fighting or gun fighting, and that can be seen in how he depicts the violence in this novel.

I am not a pacifist and I am also not a prude, but again like with depictions of violence, I am quickly bored with over-the-top "love" or sexual scenes in movies and tv shows. This novel had what I would say is realistic and tasteful depictions of physical affection between the two main characters. Having the two, Samantha and Frank, marry was a very nice touch, in my opinion and shows that the author truly appreciates the realistic, not the animalistic.

From an idealistic point of view I greatly appreciate that the core of the novel is one of true nationalistic patriotism, as opposed to the bullshit statist pseudo patriotism we see so much of today. Nationalism is basically another term for Racialism, for our Race Is Our Nation. There is of course what I call Regionalism also mixed into the core of the novel, and being an Anarchist I can appreciate this fact. Anarchism is simply a separatist ideology that recognizes the right of not only individuals but groups of individuals that voluntarily agree among themselves that they are a separate and distinct people, or collective. The separations of peoples is based on much more than simply where they live on a map, or live on the earth, but are based on common cultural traditions and local social norms. The Southern region of "America", the South, in fact does have it's own Southern ways, traditions, slang, culture, norms, and even foods. This novel is written from a Southerner perspective, but it can be enjoyed by the reader, whether he lives in the northern or western regions of America, Western or Eastern Europe, Australia or South Africa.

The RACIAL aspect of this novel's patriotism is made very clear when a character that is a non-White fellow Southern "patriot" is shown to feel his conflict within ....and finally expresses his racial loyalty without.

Some of you reading this are familiar with the (very non-fiction) book I offer for free on this website The BLACK DEATH -A Collection of Notes on Reconstruction I & II. If you aren't the link to the PDF file has been provided and I suggest you get familiar with it. The book was written by my mentor's mentor. It was originally published by the Southern Nationalist Party in the 1980's. I published a limited edition (of physical, hard, copies) under my ministry's (C.P.T.M.) name a few years back. Now I "cyber publish" it on this website. Both my mentor and his mentor were card-carrying members of the S.N.P. and I can assure you that the "Southern Nationalist Party" depicted in this novel is very much like the real S.N.P. was -some hardcore, militantly so, and some only Southern nationalist philosophically so. Mr. Kay, the novel's author, clearly shows a knowledge and understanding of this reality and he makes no apologies depicting the confliction of membership coming to a head in his book.

My favorite chapter was Chapter Forty Three. I have been a "fan" of sorts of men like Samuel Adams and Joseph Goebels for years. NOT because I am a statist, because I am the opposite of them -I believe in using the spreading of information to attack the ALL forms of Statist Systems, not to tear down one form to replace it with another. I am a fan of men who can appreciate, and have used successfully, the power of the written and/or spoken word to awaken people out of state induced stupors and to give them hope when they otherwise see none.

Propaganda is what novels like Kay's, and the novels by the other authors mentioned in this article, are. Propaganda has become a "bad word" but all propaganda is is the spreading of an idea or ideas. Propaganda can not make anyone do, or think, anything they don't already want to do, or believe. And although Kay includes a kind of "Disclaimer" in the back of his novel, there really is no need for it, one either already hates State sanctioned oppression or they support it, there is no middle ground, not now, and not in the future.



I would like to close by mentioning a kind of "dream" idea I have had for a while, a few years now. That dream began back when I read Turner Diaries and became stronger after reading Patriot Act, and it is only strong now after reading Third Revolution. I spoke with the author of Patriot Act, D.A. Hanks, around 5 or so years ago (as of this yer 2013) about my idea of a writer, or collaboration of writers, coming up with a screen play that is kind of "hybrid" of Diaries and Patriot Act. Hanks and I ended up talking about this idea during a series of phone calls over a few months period. About 3 years ago I brought the idea to Gregory Kay and he is on board with the idea as well. Hanks and Kay are both gifted fiction writers, and both understand writing scripts for plays and film as well, and both have some acting experience.

download (1)

I am not talking about a movie based on just one novel, but one based "around" pro-White, American, Christian, Survivalist and Patriot themed novels in general. It would not be a for-profit project, and it would require the sacrifice of time, materials, skills and resources of many different people, with a few being the actual production group. I am sure there are many patriots out there that would be willing to donate their time, or skills, or resources, to build sets, provide land for scenes, act, create special affects and costumes, or give technical assistance to make producing a "underground", and politically-incorrect, film. One that would generate no financial profit but would be priceless in it's propaganda value. Yes, there are many low-budget movies (and documentaries) made for the a mostly internet viewing audience. But almost all of them stay away from racial topics, unless they are parroting the State's multiculturalist propaganda.


If a core group of people, with the technical know-how, could get together and set aside their egos for such a project it is my conviction that once a film was finished and released on the internet (for free) that it would become viral in a short period of time -if anything because it's "controversial nature" being openly racist and having that "forbidden fruit" draw to it. I of course would also suggest the screen play and over all story also not be one of Constitution worship or about "re-instating" some already (in real life) failed statist System. I would like to see the concept of Statelessness portrayed from a racial, and separatist, and Christian, perspective in such a movie. That is just an idea I have, perhaps my idea has sparked ideas in your head....