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If YOU have any thoughts, beliefs, convictions or stances concerning the topic of RACE then YOU sir, or ma’am, are a RACIST.

Even if you believe “Race” is only a “social construct” and at most an outward appearance thing, such as only skin color, you are Racist (keep reading, any of you self-professed "Anti-Racists", I will explain)

If you believe Race is much deeper, and speaks to psychological traits genetically inherent –such as behavior, creativity and intelligence- within Racial groups, you are Racist.

This article is not about the topic of Race in itself, or if Race is real or just a figment of our imaginations. What this article is about is the very term "RACIST" and what it means, according to it's etymological origin and it’s true, technical, definition.

racist origin of word bullshit

 There is an internet rumor going around -among White Nationalists and Conservative types- that the Communist Leon Trotsky "invented" the term "racist". This rumor is being spread among Whites who believe Race is more than mere skin color (such as White Nationalists) and Whites who don't believe in Race and that call themselves "Conservatives". Both types of statist Whites are terrified of being called "RACIST!!" by their fellow statists of the leftist political persuasion.

The Left-Wingers of the statist political paradigm take great joy in beating their fellow statists of the Right-Wing over the head with the baseball bat called “Racist”. They, the Lefties, know that the Right is superstitious about being branded with the label of “Racist!”

This superstition and childish fear of being called a "Racist!"  among statist Whites, who insist on playing politics with their Freedom and Culture, existed long before the age of the internet and cyber social sites. But, with the digital "power" to mesmerize and hypnotize, the internet has become a propaganda tool like no other electronic means before it, such as the radio and television. Today anyone can make memes, with cleverly chosen images and short, emotionally charged, statements and then unleash them upon the cyber-world of the internet. If you don't yet know "meme" is cyber slang for: an image that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another. These digitally created images coupled with sayings are the "bumper stickers" of the word-wide web. Two such memes are presented here, above and below.

racist trotsky

The historical and etymological FACTS concerning the true origin and meaning of the word “Racist” prove the internet rumor, and the above memes, to be bullshit.

I am going to deal with the bullshit rumor that the Russian Commie Jew, Leon Trotsky, was first to use the term "racist", and thus giving the word a stigma. But first, let me deal with some other bullshit. From time to time I have tried to reason with individuals on internet social sites who insist on not referring to themselves, or allowing anyone else to refer to them, as "Racist". These people I tried to reason with were indeed believers in Race and have strong convictions surrounding Race.  I also have had many face-to-face conversations with people who believe in Race that shy from the label of "Racist". Such people will say such lame things as "I am not a Racist, I am a Racialist" ....or.... "I don’t believe in Racism, I am just a Racial Separatist ….or…. “A Racist is someone who hates other Races, I don’t hate, I just love my own Race” ….or….I am not a White Racist, I am a White Nationalist".......and finally the biggest disclaimer of them all….. Racist is a Communist term, we can’t let the enemy define us!

The fact of the matter is you can't let your enemy change the very meanings of words or pervert the very basic and traditional foundational structure of language! In this case specifically the English language and the use of prefixes and suffixes of a word in the English language. 

Statists, of all spectrums, use words and phrases as emotional brainwashing political propaganda. They play "word war games" using terms and phrases as psychological warfare weapons to generate mental imagery and  emotional knee-jerk responses.

To the Statist of the Right, Left and "Moderate" middle, the use of emotional manipulation, to recruit or get to sympathy, through words is more important than sharing solid facts or being honest and truthful.

Statism is a CULT -albeit of many sects and denominations- and thus an emotionally based belief system in the first place, so such emotionalism in their communications and use of phrases and terms is to be expected.  

The term in question here is, of course, "racist". All one has to do is spend just a few minutes looking up the origin of the term. The very first thing one will find is that...  

Trotsky did NOT invent the word "Racist"!  

I have asked some White Nationalists -who actually pride themselves on avoiding the term- if the word “racist” was a Russian word being as Trotsky was a Russian Jew. I still have yet to receive a straight answer, and I believe I know why I never will. It is because my question shakes them out of their “I’m not a racist ” stupor and startles them with the reality of language.

This is one answer (actual quote) I got from one White Nationalist statist:

"Communist jews coined the word, it was never a part of Russian language before."

....Uh huh..... Hold on to your ushanka I'm fixing to get Red Dawn on that Red October of a LIE and blow it out of the water.....


This is the word “racist” written in Russian: расист

...and it is literally pronounced “reɪsɪst”. 


Don't believe me? Click HERE and listen to the Russian pronunciation of раси́ст for yourself.


That’s right, say it out loud, try it on for size, or sound! It sounds very much like the English word “resist”!

In Russian it [расистliterally means “racialist”! Starting to get the picture yet?!

  In reality there has NEVER been a difference in meaning between the terms “racIAList” and "racist". Not in the Russian or English.



Another dose of reality is this: it doesn’t matter to the Anti-Racists, or to the general public, if you put a “IAL” in your racist beliefs or not. Calling yourself a RacIAList and referring to your beliefs concering race as RacIALism is NOT going to make you look any less a "hater" (to the "Anti-Racist" crowd) .....or any less a RacIST who believes in RacISM.

Your beliefs are still based on RACE and thus you aren’t fooling anyone but yourself with silly disclaimers! Stop being foolish!

It doesn't matter how you spell or pronounce what you call yourself, if you have politically-incorrect beliefs about RACE you're not going to be anymore acceptable among those who don't share your particular racial convictions simply because you try to "soften" a term.

The historical FACT is: Trotsky used the term "racist" in reference to ANTI-Communist Slavs . So in that historical context "RACIST" can be slang for "Anti-Communist". I certainly am AGAINST Communism and Marxism in any form, so for a present-day Commie or Lefty to call ME a "RACIST!" is a compliment. They are correctly identifying me as their opposition and enemy.


russian rev trotsky book

{For another article, written by a different author, exposing the Trotsky-"Racist" MYTH go HERE}


Trotsky's use of the term "racist" in his 1930 published 3 volume book titled History of the Russian Revolution is still not the TRUE origin of the term "Racist". Trotsky stated in his autobiography (My Life) that he was never perfectly fluent in any language but Russian and Ukrainian, but he did speak French quite well.

Leon Trotsky, was a Jew born in 1879 Yanovka, Russian and his birth name was  Lev Davidovich Bronshtein.

There is NO proof, written or otherwise, that Trotsky used the term "racist" in reference to the Anti-Communist Slavs in any other context than simply descriptive. The Slavs he was speaking of, or against, simply wanted to preserve their Slavic identity. We know that Marxist-Socialism, a.k.a. Communism, opposes any form of racial, ethnic, gender or religious identity. 

Marxist-Communism is opposed to sovereignty and separatism ....but so is Capitalism.  

The fact of the matter is Trotsky did not invent or create a new word when he used the term "racist" in 1930.

The words racialism and racialist were both used in the early 1900’s according to existing written documents and English dictionaries of that era. The word racialism has been traced back as far as 1871 and the word racialist to 1910.

So did the word "Racist" actually originate from the phonetic pronunciation of the Russian term for Racialist, which is pronounced "re-is-ist"? Is it not obvious?? The word "racist" is simply another form of the word "racialist". So when I hear people who have beliefs about Race say sheepishly that they are "racialists, but not racist” I have to chuckle. The ANTI-Racists (which in reality are Racists themselves) and the general public are laughing too. THEY all know better, and so should YOU!

If you’re like myself and have strong beliefs about Race, Genetics and Racial Separatism then you know the uphill struggle we have in today’s downward heading sick society. You know what it is like to be aware of some facts you would like to share to only have the screaming voices of misinformation drowning you out. You grumble and mumble saying “If only the people would WAKE UP! and see the truth!”  But the reality is the Truth about Race (and all other topics affecting society) is right there in front of people’s faces.


And, the Truth about the word “racist” is also right there in front of everybody, including YOU!  

The dictionaries all have the same basic definition for the word "racist" and it goes like this: "person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others".

The dictionaries also say about the same thing in defining "racism"  which is:  "the belief that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement".

Dictionaries will also add terms like "prejudice", "discrimination", "superior", "hatred", "intolerance" to their definitions of both racist and racism.

The I-wanna-be-accepted-in-the statist-political-playground White Nationalist rejects the title of “racist”. He rejects the label based on the dictionary definition and/or the alleged “Communist origin” myth. But, hey, we all wanna be loved, right? 

I have already dealt with the myth that "some Communist Russian speaking Jew made up the word around 1930". Now I will deal with the dictionary publishers, but first let me deal with the White Nationalists and their attempt at political-correctness. The White Nationalist tries to out-do the dictionary publishers by simply making up his/her own arbitrary definition for the word “racist”. The W.N. definition is something like this: "racist: someone who hates other Races”.  Then the W.N. will say smugly "But I am not a racist, I am a racialist, a racialist believes in Race but don't hate anyone" ….excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from rolling on it laughing…. The above, lame, silly -and I admit, embarrassing- pseudo definition for the word “racist” that White Nationalists give to seek social acceptance in the political realm has not, and never will, gain them a political foothold.  This is for 2 reasons.

Firstly, Racial facts are just never going to be popular in a multi-racial society.

Secondly all they are doing when they issue that silly definition is validating the silliness of the "Anti-Racist" crowd!

I have given you the dictionary’s “official” definition for the word “racist”. All dictionaries  define "racialism” as to be mean something like "a theory or belief that race determines traits and capacities". Then they will say ...."see racism". So thar ya go boys and girls, don't matter how you spell, pronounce, or define it, a RACIALIST is a RACIST. My Racist tat close up

I proudly call myself a Racist and boldly proclaim my strong Racist beliefs and convictions.

It's just a fact that whether you consider yourself a Pro-White Racialist, or Anti-Racist Multiculturalist YOU are a RACIST just the same. You are a Racist because you have a belief about Race, even if it is that there is "only one Race the Human Race".

It matters not what your belief on Race is, if YOU are concerned with, or hold principles about, Race then YOU ARE A RACIST!! 

BEHOLD, the mighty SUFFIX: ist and it's definition: 

A suffix of nouns, often corresponding to verbs ending in -ize  or nouns ending in -ism,  that denote a person who practices or is concerned with something, or holds certain principles, doctrines, etc.: apologist; dramatist; machinist; novelist; realist; socialist.

The PREFIX in the word Racist is, of course, "race", so with the Suffix of "ist" the term Racist literally, simply, and innocently, means someone who has practices, is concerned with, and/or holds principles and beliefs, concerning RACE.



It is entirely disingenuous, dishonest, and deceptive to LIE and say you are not a Racist if you have any beliefs about Race!! .....and everybody does hold some sort of beliefs about Race, thus EVERYONE is Race(prefix)....Ist (suffix).

Watch my video presentation on this topic, titled:

The IST in Racist -linked--> HERE.


Also see my article Anti Semantics (yes, that is a play on words) dealing with another term ("Anti Semite") the Enemy uses to beat us over the head with that makes no etymological sense for them to use as a weapon on us, and absolutely NO logical sense for us to be afraid of being called.  



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