Racial Socialism = Christianity

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NOTE: This article by yours truly, Bro. Ryan, was originally written upon the 2008 request of a co-publisher of a Christian Identity newsletter called Der Weltanschauung. He had requested that I write a guest article explaining, from my perspective, how national (racial) socialism is a Biblically, and Naturally, sound principle. Due to some publishing setbacks the article did not get actually published until 2010, in another publication he publised called Sacred Nation Newsletter. At the time (2008) of my writting this article I was also publishing my own monthly newsletter, it was in it's 3rd year of publication, the




It needs to be stated that though I have always been a Non-Statist, or “Anarchist”, I have also always sympathized with different aspects from all three spectrums of statist political theory. Admittedly I have always “leaned” “more to the right”, on most (but not all) social topics, in my sympathizes. Those of the White Nationalist, National Socialist, Christian “Right”, “Conservative”, “limited Government”, Libertarian, and “Bill of Rights supporter” ilk have always had my sympathizes the most. The Left leaning aspects of my Non-Statism are best manifested in my belief that we are to be “our brother’s keeper” and that organic socialism is best for any society.

The Right Wing of the political statist spectrum purports to emphasize individual freedom and rugged independence, whereas Leftist statism demands that there be some sort of “economic equality”. Each side accusing each other of the same thing; the Leftist says the Rightist won’t take care of the needy and poor and the Rightist says the Leftist wants to make us all poor and needy.

The Truth is they both want (the well-meaning ones, that is) to take care of the poor and they both want to make us all poor and needy. In-other-words… most average, everyday statists (the suckers that naively volunteer to help politicians’ campaigns and are known as “the voters”) are indeed well-meaning, and want to help those in need and make their society a better place. Their error is in seeking to force their idea of a “better world” onto their fellow countrymen/countrywomen via a STATE in enFORCEment “System”.

What this article was an attempt to do was to point out that there are in fact good, wholesome, and yes Biblical, principles to the Statist philosophy of National Socialism. There are good points to most all Statist philosophies. But, there is NO good point to Statism itself, no matter the well-meaning philosophies that a particular statist political philosophy espouses.

Back in 2008 I, Bro. Ryan, was a Non-Statist (Anarchist), who hated the current State System –a System that still thrives today.

I have always been Anarchistic in my “political views” but assumed, back then, that most people would not accept the idea of a country without a State. In previous years I would confide in close friends (some were fellow activists) that deep down I had NO faith in ANY FORM of State.

Not only no faith in a State to protect  or preserve what I hold dear, such as Culture and Freedom, but NO DESIRE to force others to believe in the things I did via the guns of State enFORCEment.

Believing in TRUE Freedom of Conscience for the individual and believing in the use of Force & Violence only in self defense or recompense (punishment) I could never fully accept the idea of Statism.

Many of my long-time personal friends can attest to the fact that I have always said to them that I was an “Anarchist at heartBelieving in Non-Statism, or Anarchism, automatically means one believes in the individual Right of each individual to volunteer to do or not do. Anarchism is also known by the term Voluntaryism. This NOTE is not about what Anarchism is or isn’t but I will state here that:

Anarchism is NOT an economic philosophy, nor is it a racial or religious one in itself.

Anarchism is simply the belief that no one, or group, has the arbitrary “right” to claim “authority” over a whole land or people.

So, why did I write the following article extolling the virtues of a statist philosophy (National Socialism)? Back then I still believed that people would always believe in “limited Government” and Statism in general. So, I compromised, and tried to find the “positive” in different forms Statist ideologies.

Due to me compromising what my heart and conscience told me I was a Minarchist, I admit it; I confess I entertained the myth of a "very small and limited State". 

But, the truth is, I never, not once, ever believed that any sort of "good" State System would succeed in coming to power. I knew that even if such a "good" Statist System did arise I knew it would not last long in the original intended form the propaganda sold it to the people as.

I knew this deep down, because in my core I always understood the very nature of State. A nature that it is a corporation founded in and maintained by business. Even Mr. Hitler’s National Socialist State was a business corporation that could not exist except it be “Legally” married to commerce.

Hitler’s State, though in the beginning inspired many to cultural and racial pride, it also would grow into a civll micromanaging bureaucracy, not-to-mention an obessessive war machine reaching way beyond it's capabilities, assuming for itself a destiny that wasn't it's to claim. 

......sound familiar? I digress.....

Some of Uncle Adolf's own high ranking Military officers wanted to kill him because he was acting more like a mad monarch instead of letting them make the battle decisions. The Germans “Citizens” under Hitler did indeed enjoy trains that ran on time, better and safer infrastructure and a strong economy. Crime was down, and so was unemployment. These facts cannot be denied, nor should they be ignored by the honest student of history. But, there was in fact the bad side of things. Man's Statist Systems always turn into mindless corporate, heartless bureaucratic, monstracities, it's their nature to. 

The following article was not meant to be a critique of National Socialism as a Statist philosophy in itself. Instead, the article was simply meant to show the positive and Biblical aspects of generic, organic, socialism.

In this article I coined the term Folkish Anarchy (second to last paragraph).

You will note that it is also said in the same paragraph that anarchy:

Wouldn’t work today due mainly to the segmentation, or specialization of the labor force”.  

This statement shows my thinking at that time (2008): that due to modern Industrialized society Anarchy “wouldn’t work”. This misconception along with the cynical mindset that (as stated above) “people would always believe in ‘limited Government’ and Statism in general” led me to compromise with what I thought might be the most "tolerable" of forms of Statism.

It was a couple years (2010) later that I, Brother Ryan, begin to seriously re-consider the direction I was going with my ministry. A year before that (2009) I began to feel extremely unfulfilled, feeling convicted to speak my true and complete thoughts, on how I honestly believe the White Race was to socially order itself and live -which is by:

Yahweh God's Moral & Natural Law, exclusively!

No longer did I wish to entertain the "boxed-in" feeling I felt by the “Limited Governmentists” and statist White Nationalists I regularly dealt with. It wasn’t my well-meaning Statist friends’ and aquaintances' faults that I was holding back, it was my fault.

Today, as is obvious, I no longer compromise with Statism, though I will always sympathize with the good points expressed by the well-meaning Statists, be they White Nationalists, Constitutionalists or National Socialists. You can say I have "repented" of my faulty Minarchism and am no longer a Minarchist. 

I also wish to make it very clear that I still am nationalistic and socialist in the organic and pure meanings of the terms, but not in the statist meaning and application of them. I am indeed a "national socialist", just not a "National Socialist" in the uppercase or capitalized "N" and "S" terms, but in the lowercase sense, if you will.

Put another way, I won't waste my time, or yours, trying to imagine, or promote, the idea of a State with Statist politicians enacting and enforcing man-made-up legislation that purports to promote racially and socially responsible ideals.

With this understanding of the background and context behind why this article was written the way it was it is my hope that you read the article for the positive spiritual message it is and don’t take it as Statist political piece.

Thank you, Brother Ryan.




Racial Socialism = Christianity

by Bro. Ryan –C.P.T.M.

Hosea/Osee reads: “My people are like as if they had no knowledge” (Greek SEPTUAGINT version of the Old Testament).

The “knowledge” this verse is speaking of is Godly knowledge. Now the Almighty doesn’t expect us mere mortal, sinful, humans to have His Knowledge, but He does expect us to have Scriptural knowledge. it is with that Biblical knowledge along with the wisdom of life we all have and gain, such as “common sense” as well as what we gain through life-experience that gives us pure understanding.

Knowledge, Godly knowledge, coupled with other knowledge and facts, work with both understanding and wisdom to give us a mental “triad” of spiritual insight. The above cited verse comes from the 4th chapter and 6th verse.

In the book of Isaiah (“Esaias” in Greek) Chapter 5, Verse 13, it says, “Therefore my people have been taken captive, because they know not the Lord” (also from the Greek Old Testament). Proverbs (KJV) says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” For the most part, for Christianity’s first 1900 years or so, after the passing first wave of Believers, including the Apostles, the racial doctrines and teachings have been neglected. Sure, there were instinctual statements made and recorded in history.

The Scottish Declaration written in 1320 A.D. speaks of “the people of Israel” coming through Scythia and the “Pillars of Hercules” and passing through Spain to settle Scotland being one great exception along with a tiny few more. It is obvious that the writers of that historical Scottish document knew who they were descended from! Calling themselves descendents of “the people of Israel” kind of screws up the modern theory in the Non-Christian Identity and Anti-Identity circles that “Identity came out of the cult of British Israelism.” The anti-Germanic and anti-Germany FALSE DOCTRINE came along much later than 1320. British Israel is not the same as Christian Identity.  

It always irritates me to hear a fellow White Racialist almost self-righteously make the statement that they are “White Nationalist” but “…not National Socialist.” I sometimes find myself tempted to agree with the anti-racist idiots when they label Racialists as “ignorant,” for I think many of my fellow Racially Awake kinsmen are in fact “ignorant,” just not in the same way the multi-culturalist crowd mean the term. Ignorant simply means “lacking knowledge,” literally.

If one lacks knowledge in a subject or a particular area of a subject they are “ignorant.” I am, for the most part, “ignorant” about how to work on cars or how to run electrical wiring in a house under construction. Some people know just enough automotive knowledge to do most of their own car repairs or have enough electrical knowledge to put in a new outlet in a room of their home. Same with ideologies.

I have found that most have just a basic “working knowledge” of their own belief system. They could read more and research more, but can’t, due to daily life loads, or won’t because they aren’t interested in the mental labor and time involved in doing serious investigation. I don’t try to learn more about cars and their workings because I not only don’t have the time, but it’s not that important to me. People approach their Life Philosophies the same way. So it doesn’t surprise me that people within the Racialist Movement in general and the Christian Identity community specifically, make dumb comments against the political philosophy known as National Socialism.

I heard “Skinheads” say they weren’t National Socialist; I have heard Klansmen say they weren’t and I have heard Christian Identists claim such as well. Whatever. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. I, and my fellow true National Socialist, know better.

Then again, we have all heard the ignorant say “I’m not a ‘racist’ I’m a ‘racialist’” or “I am not a White ‘Supremacist,’ I am a White ‘Separatist’.” Hogwash! Sounds like a bunch of Aryans trying to be kosher! I don’t follow the Talmudistic word games. I am what I am. I am racist and racialistic. I am both a “separatist” and “supremacist,” and damn proud to be all four! You also are all 4 if you think about it! Don’t just “Racially Wake-up” “Racially GROW UP!”.

When an Aryan is around non-whites, anywhere, he is supreme to them, period. It is up to that individual White Man or Woman to recognize that fact of Nature! The Bible, a book written by, for and to the White, Adamic, Israelite Race, clearly proclaims a “Mandate of Dominion” in Genesis 1:28. Negros and all non-whites are included in the “…have dominion over…every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” (KJV) And history PROVES “White Supremacy,” regardless of what anyone says! I am also a racial “separatist” in that I want the homelands of my people, my Race, which are the Western European lands, Russia, South Africa, North America (minus Mexico) and Australia, to be free of ALL non-white immigrants or descendents of said non-white immigrants.

A TRUE Racialist doesn’t give a hoot if a non-white is “legal” or not; they are RACIAL ALIENS regardless of “proper paperwork” and cannot be permanent citizens of our lands, societies or governments. No exceptions. The Australian Aborigine and the American “Indian” would be allowed to stay in their respective continents as long as they stayed within the bounds of their reservations. We Whites respect all life. Being a “supremacist” doesn’t mean one wishes to oppress another race. Well okay, there is one “race” we would like to suppress!  

It seems the word “Socialist” is the common stumbling block that White Nationalists can’t stop tripping over. Adolf Hitler as well as George Lincoln Rockwell were well aware of such confusion and hesitation surrounding the term. Most in the White Racialist Movement are aware of the word “NATION” and its true meaning. The late great Pastor Richard Butler of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian and founder of Aryan Nations, was well aware of the word’s definition. Nation means “a people, race, or tribe; those having the same language and history.” This according to the World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary, 50th Edition. One can speak of the White Nation as a whole or the different White Nations as in the different divisions. Nation originally did not mean country, land or government. As is said commonly in White Racists circles “Our Race Is Our Nation.” This means we are loyal to our Race over governmental, geographical or cultural ties! We are “Pan-Aryanist” and care more about our fellow Whites in, say Ireland or South Africa, than we do about our “country,” “government” or “culture” here. If only this attitude was in ALL the hearts of ALL Whites all over the earth throughout history, there would have never been a fratricidal war declared or fought! No more Whites killing Whites.

Human nature being what it is, we will never have a perfect Aryan Utopia, not until the Aryan Christ returns to set up His Perfect Kingdom. In the meantime, we must work to find what best works to “govern” our existence.   Us modern National Socialists, also referred to as “Nazis” or “Neo-Nazis” have a general “call sign.” It is “88,” eight being the number of the letter “H” in the English alphabet. The letters “HH” simply is short for “Heil Hitler.” That phrase, used commonly in the 1930s and 40s “Nazi” Germany, was a patriotic expression. Those German National Socialists didn’t “worship” Hitler and neither do we contemporary Nazis. Hitler was, and still is, a positive representative of the political philosophy and thought termed, not only “Nationalist” but “Socialist.”

Hitler spoke of discovering the “two ideals – the Socialist and the Nationalist ideals” and how he was “resolved to take these two ideals and fuse them into a single whole.” Hitler, a true enemy of Communism, knew the difference between MARXIST-Socialism and NATIONAL Socialism! Too bad modern White Nationalists can’t find the difference with both hands!!  

Perhaps people are ignorant of the definition of the word “Socialism.” A dictionary simply defines it as a theory or system of social organization wherein the means of production and distribution are owned, managed OR controlled by the government. The Capitalists within our Nationalist ranks get uptight with the very mention of “Socialism.” We National Socialists get uptight with the favorable mention of Capitalism.

Before I go on, let me quote Mr. Hitler out of his book, the “bible” of National Socialist political thought, Mein Kampf:   “Thus, the highest purpose of a folkish state is concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and create the beauty and dignity of a higher mankind.” (page 394 – Manheim translation)  

Simply put, to Hitler and all National Socialists government exists, or should only exist, to preserve the Racial Purity of the Race that founded the society involved and seek to make sure everything is done to insure the environment is preserved and protected so that its founding Race may continue and grow! The “environment” meaning the social environment, but true National Socialists also seek to be good stewards of the earth and natural surroundings as well, as that too benefits the Race.   To Capitalists, Racially Awake or not, the government only exists to “preserve and protect the ‘Free Market’.”

Hitler had enough sense to know that if the Race of a populace is preserved and protected, the economy, and culture as well, will preserve themselves, i.e. preserve the Racial gene pool and the Confederate Battle Flag or the environment to start one’s own business will be preserved, or at least the fertile ground is there. Want to “salt the fields” where the economy can be manipulated or destroyed unnaturally? Water the ground with the “poisoned waters” of Racial mixing. Socially and/or sexually.  

I cannot possibly write in this article all the good attributes of National Socialism, or “Nazism.” It doesn’t really matter if you ever call yourself a National SOCIALIST or not. If you are a true Racial Nationalist, then you ARE not only a “supremacist” and “racist” but a “socialist” as well. If you want a Racial State, that is a government based as Hitler said, on the premise of “preserving” the Race, then you are by default a Socialist. Embrace it.   Now for my fellow Christian Racists, that is Identity Christians, who have a problem accepting National Socialism, I have some points to make for you to seriously consider.

I am a Christian Nazi and feel I would be a hypocrite to claim the Israel Racial Identity doctrine and yet reject the ideology of National Socialism. The two, Biblical Identity and Socialism based on Racial nationalism, go hand in hand.   The Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments teach not only Racism and Racial nationalism, but “Socialism.” First off, we ARE our “Brother’s Keeper!” ALL citizens have a Biblically Mandated responsibility toward their kinsman neighbor. “Bear ye one anothers’ burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ” is a quote from the New Testament, Galatians 6:2. No greater love is shown than to lay your life down for another, according to a quote of Jesus Christ Himself. I could go on and on and on. The point is there is no room for selfishness in TRUE Christianity or National Socialism.  

Rockwell, an American Patriot and founder of the American Nazi Party, wrote in his book, WHITE POWER, that he wrote back in 1967 the following excerpt found on Page 307:   “And the need for social organization and individual sacrifice is the beginning of what we now call ‘Justice’ or ‘idealism’ – the sacrifice of immediate, selfish wants for the good of the group, this surrender of a little personal freedom for social order and justice.   It is precisely in these two areas that the Nordic excels; in the areas of objective, abstract, ‘creative’ inventive resourceful thinking; and in the realm of justice – the higher social ‘rules’ which make it possible for men to live in a neat balance of order and freedom.”  

Hitler wrote, “The right of personal freedom recedes before the duty to preserve the race.” (Mein Kampf, Page 255 – Manheim translation). Do any of you Identity Christians disagree with that statement? On page 297 he wrote the following:   “The self-sacrificing will to give one’s personal labor and if necessary one’s own life for others is most strongly developed in the Aryan. [As a Bible-Believer, a Christian knows that nothing was “developed” or evolved, but placed within the Adamic gene pool by the Creator.] The Aryan is not greatest in his mental qualities as such, but in the extent of his willingness to put all his abilities in the service of the community. In him the instinct of self-preservation has reached the noblest form, since he willingly subordinates his own ego to the life of the community and, if the hour demands, even sacrifices it.”   Yeah, not all of us Aryans are super geniuses, but we all have (or most of us have…) that “instinct,” that drive to serve our people by helping out, working to be productive and even giving our very lives, if need be, for each other.  

The “Fallen, Sin Nature” within us pulls us against our otherwise gentle nature we also inherited from Adam, and Eve. This explains the totally Unnatural urges like homosexuality, lust for non-white females or material greed! The Old and New Testaments teach to share your wealth! Yet, so many Christians, both Identity and judeo, cringe at the very mention of monetary sharing. The Bible is supportive of private property ownership, Communistic Socialism isn’t. National Socialism IS. Private property was powerfully protected, despite the propaganda lies of the Zionist Occupational Governments of England and America, by Hitler and the Nazi Reich. The Bible commands we not even “move our neighbor’s land mark” (See Deut. 19:14) which outlines property boundaries. Yet Jesus also told the rich fellow to “sell all he had and give all the proceeds to the poor” then go and follow Him. That is NOT to say that the wealthy can’t be Christian. On the contrary, what that story tells us is that we must put God first and our neighbor, or people, second. If one can’t do that, then he’s useless as a Racial Activist and Christian witness!

There’s a reason why the Two Great Commandments, you know: “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and being” and “Love your neighbor as yourself,” are the two Great Commandments. Put God first and your people second and you, being third, will only prosper. If anything, spiritually.

Think about it: all those brave and honorable Nazi soldiers gave their lives, not just for Germany, but for you and me! They gained nothing. We should have. But that’s another story. We lost, our Race lost, but not due to the lack of SELFLESS SACRIFICE on behalf of those who fought for the Holy Truth of Racial Socialism! A Truth that the Bible teaches!  

Greed is an EVIL that is only allowed to grow like a disgusting mold if the Light of Truth is not shone upon it! Aryan greed, not “Jewish greed,” has ultimately been the greatest bane of my People, My Folk, My RACE! Think about it. Not only would the damned-of-God (goddamned) anti-Christ Jewish “seed” (It’s not a “Race” as the great C.I. writer Brother Allen Truitt has so aptly explained it; they are a blood-line, but NOT a true Race or specie created by the Creator God Yahweh) not have the monetary control on the world, they wouldn’t even be an issue if the wealthy Whites put the good of their own kind, the White Race, FIRST!

So many non-racist students of the One World Order conspiracies love to point out all the non-jewish Whites involved in the all too real diabolical plan, almost reality, for a “New World Order” and say “See, it’s not Jewish!”   Bill Clinton and the Bushes aren’t jews but they did their parts, knowingly, to further the Internationalist agenda. They did this simply out of “career obligations.” Just like when ALL cops enforce gun laws, local, state or federal. They ALL are in violation of the 2nd Amendment, but they do it to keep the paychecks coming in. “Sacrifice” has NO REAL MEANING to them!

Greed will lead a man to betray his people even if it’s for a little more than minimum wage sometimes. It doesn’t take hundreds of thousands in a yearly salary like the president makes to satisfy the “greed factor.” Most of our once-proud Race will sacrifice more for niggers in some shit-hole in Africa than for the preservation of their own here at home. The reason being their natural instinct to serve and sacrifice for their own Kind (RACE) as Hitler wrote of has been re-directed. Either for their own selfish materialist lusts and wants or for some racial alien that has no loyalty to them and lives thousands of miles away.  

For hundreds and hundreds of years, the more well-off of our White Race, the “Lords” and “Kings” and “Dukes” would take advantage of the Serfs, the poor and the working class of our Folk. Read about the oppression of old Western Europe! We hear the nigs bitch and moan about “Negro slavery” but what about all the thousands of White Slaves that were in Europe worked to death!! It wasn’t goddamned Jews, boys and girls!! It was White men who sold them and bought them and MURDERED them!! In the early American colonies young White boys were used as chimney sweeps; they died by the hundreds every year! It wasn’t hooked-nosed kikes that worked little kids, boys and girls, TO DEATH in factories in the northeast during the early 1900s! It was rich White men over corporations that didn’t give a shit!

I live literally within walking distance of an old cotton mill.Years ago, before I was born, families lived in the houses owned by the rich men that ran and owned the mill. They worked for pauper wages and could only feed their families beans and potatoes. This caused a serious “outbreak” of disease. Disease brought on by poor diet. Fellow Nationalists, it affected little White kids!! The mill bosses didn’t give a shit, and none of them had funny last names with Berg, Stein or Cohen.

I have heard “Capitalists” on so-called “Conservative Talk Radio” bemoan the minimum wage laws or the safety regulations or the unemployment safety net. I guess they would like for little girls to work in factories again and get their pretty long hair caught in the machinery and let it rip their scalp out. Or perhaps a little boy work 7 days a week 19 hours a day. Or have it where a company can dismiss a 12 year old if he looses his hand in a machine, or where a boss can rape a 13 year old girl at will. Those pesky little Child-Labor Laws are impeding Capitalism in their eyes, I guess. They already hate the mere fact that there is (some) opposition to the spics creeping over the border like cockroaches on the kitchen counter in the dark of night. They “need that cheap labor” after all. It’s the Capitalist way, you know.

People, supervisors and company owners alike, bitch about Government Safety Regulations. Now I agree the Federal government has NO business in such matters, but the State and local governments do. (O.S.H.A. needs to go!) In the Bible, Deuteronomy 22:8, says:   “If thou shouldest build a new house, then shalt thou make a parapet to thy house; so thou shalt not bring blood-guiltness upon thy house, if one should in any wise fall from it” (Septuagint O.T.). A “parapet” is a wall or railing like on a balcony or bridge. Therefore, you are “your brother’s keeper.” You ARE responsible for your neighbor’s safety. Within reason of course, and he is yours as well.

Exodus, Ch. 21, also gives a good example of responsibility toward your fellow man’s safety. Capitalism, by its very nature, doesn’t give a shit about humans. I am not speaking of the Freedom to start your own business when I speak of Capitalism. I am speaking of the Monetary Capital Based Investment System here. The ability to gain wealth and use it to gain more and more wealth and “capitalize” or rather “use” and “abuse” the labor of your people for personal gain. The “evil” Nazis set, not gold or silver as a monetary base standard, but LABOR! A German mark was not based on some weight of a metal but on the “worth” of the German people, their ability to produce, to work. This pissed off the international Jews and White race-traitors. They couldn’t have a financially sound and independent country. Certainly not racially awake National Socialist Germany! The first country and State to come out of the world-wide economic Depression! The two forces of CAPITALISM & COMMUNISM = England/America & Russia had to go make war with National Socialism or else Racial Socialism would spread to every White country!

Today, war has been declared NOT on Militant Islam or the fiction called “Al Quaida,” which DOES NOT exist, but on the interest-free banking of religious Muslim and Arab countries! The Old Testament forbids “usury,” which is interest charges. See Deuteronomy 23 for this law. Muslims believe in this law, as do Identity Christians. The “evil” Nazis didn’t allow interest charges in the German banks to its citizens either. But then again, the Nazi Government didn’t allow a lot of things like race-mixed marriages, homosexual civil “unions,” gay pride parades, or non-whites to be citizens. Go figure.

The German government, under Hitler, did NOT outlaw gun ownership! Yes, it did have gun laws. What do you expect? They weren’t Americans. The British have never had gun ownership freedom!! Hitler loosened the old previous corrupt government’s gun laws. Hitler encouraged German men to be men. The Nazi government even sold military rifles to civilians. The “freedom-loving” Brits have never had that privilege, yet American G.I.s didn’t storm the beaches of Britain. Uhmmmm. Here in America, the sweet and benevolent Federal U.S. Government was passing Federal Gun Laws in the 1930s to “combat organized crime violence.” Thank goodness. In the 1990s those very same Federal Gun Laws were the justification for sniping a mother holding her infant in her arms and for shooting a 14-year-old boy in the back. They were also used in the same time frame to gas little children and burn others to death. Even a little kitten’s head got smashed by an enforcer of American gun laws. Yet, I have to hear crap about Hitler’s minor gun laws!  

Let me make it perfectly clear. The Bible does not teach “Class Warfare” nor “Class Envy.” The Marxist Socialists do, but not the Bible or Mein Kampf. True racists realize and embrace that within the White Race there is all levels of people. Some have natural talents and abilities that profit them. Some are smarter or just more cunning. Others more disciplined than others. Therefore, one’s ability to accumulate wealth is an individual thing. There were rich godly men in the Bible: Abraham to Cornelius. Christ said “The poor you have with you always.”

Mein Kampf (Page 601, Manheim translation) says: 

     “The National Socialist worker must know that the prosperity of the national economy means his own material happiness. The National Socialist employer must know that the happiness and contentment of his workers is the premise for the existence and development of his own economic greatness.”  

The Holy Bible (Ephesians 6:5): “The slaves: obey your masters according to flesh with fear and trembling, in purity of your heart, as to the Anointed [Christ], not by way of eye-service as men-pleasers, but as bond-servants of the Anointed, doing the will of God…”   and verse 9:   “And masters: The same things do toward them, refraining from threatening, knowing that the Master of you and them is in heaven…” (Anointed Standard Translation)  

Don’t let the “master” and “slave” thing confuse you. That was the culture of the Roman and Greek societies. It wasn’t as bad as the “indentured servant” mess that the English practiced later in European history, of which I’ve already mentioned.   So we can see that the “work ethic” of Nazi Germany and the Holy Bible actually complement and mirror each other.   There are many more examples of parallels between National Socialism and Biblical teaching, both Old and New Testaments.

You will notice I didn’t try to “prove” Hitler was a Christian. There are plenty of quotes to argue either side. Not all the Founding Fathers of the American Republic were Christian. Yet, plenty of Christians, both Identity and Judeo, will cite this and that Biblical verse and this and that Founding Father quote to “prove” America was set up as a Christian country. It doesn’t matter in the end. Principles of a Republic can be found in the Bible. So can there be found for a National SOCIALIST state and society.

An Aryan Nationalist Republic, complete with “States Rights” is not only what we need, but is also Biblical in principle. So is Anarchy. No, not the hedonistic “anarchy” teenage brats fantasize about, but real organic Folkish Anarchy as was in place for 300 years during the “Judges period” written about in the book of Judges in the Old Testament. Wouldn’t work today due mainly to the segmentation, or specialization of the labor force. Yet it is Biblical.   In a modern industrial and technological White country, we would need a National SOCIALIST State (Government), and that is most certainly a Christian thing to say! Hail Christ and Heil Hitler! National Socialism is Christianity in government!