Legitimate Rape

[NOTE: This article was originally written by me, Bro. Ryan, for the United Church of Kriost as a guest article and was publish on their website circa November 2012]  


  Recently a professional law-maker and official of the Corporate-State spoke a phrase that at first glance may seem like an oxymoron. In reality he was taken out of context by the Media and they spun it to make him sound moronic. That term is “legitimate rape”. He used the term in the context of women victims suffering  real (“legitimate”) rapes as opposed to those who had consensual intercourse (sex) and later claiming “rape”.


This article is about consensual  versus non-consensual intercourse of the contractual kind. Basically this is about whether or not you consent to being screwed and later cry “Rape!” when things don’t go your way. Years back, in 2004, I wrote a guest article for White Revolution’s publication titled “Why Vote?”. In it I laid out the logical reasons for not participating in the illogical insanity of elections and voting. Doing so in my trademark writing style, short, blunt and to the point. Re-reading my copy of that old article I see that I certainly could of added more to further stomp the reader -who might have been a Voter- thoroughly into the ground.  Yet, did I fully explain to the reader -who may be a Voter- why NOT voting does more to achieve their goals than voting?


Let me begin this article by asking you a question. Haven’t you ever noticed the emotion  a Voter will show when they express outrage and utter disgust at you when you explain to them why you don’t vote? Almost a fanatical response they give, is it not? Oh, they may try to hide their hate for Non-Voters in layers of snide pseudo-superior attitudes, but it is purely an emotional knee-jerk reaction, I assure you. Don’t hold it against them though, they are only defending out of another emotion, FEAR.  Fear does cause people to react in very illogical and extremely emotional ways. A little understanding on your part will go a long way to helping the Voter to see that you, a Non-Voter, are not a threat to society and certainly are NOT the problem with America today.


We that don’t Vote should never make it a Voter verses a Non-Voter issue. Getting bogged down in the whole “If you don’t Vote you don’t have a right to complain” argument that Voters give is actually no more productive than, well, Voting. It is a fact that if you do Vote than YOU DON’T have the right to complain. A Voter willfully participates in his/her own enslavement and hasn’t a logical leg to stand on condemning the Non-Voter for refusing to legitimize a System that has always  been a FRAUD. I laugh when I hear the topic of “Voter Fraud” brought up because Voting and the whole Corporate Government System is a FRAUD to begin with. Voting fraud is not the real issue, ELECTION Fraud is. But I don’t wish to digress, that is not the focus of this article. 

spooner on voting


Voting is based on the principle of democracy.  Democracy is defined as… de·moc·ra·cy [dih-mok-ruh-see] noun, plural de·moc·ra·cies. 1. government by the people; a form of government it which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system. 2. a State having such a form of government: The United States and Canada are democracies. 3. a state of society characterized by formal equality of rights and privileges. 4. political or social equality; democratic spirit. 5. the common people of community as distinguished from any privileged class; the common people with respect to their political power.


Now read those official definitions given above again. In reality a Democracy is rule of the majority. Like the old Black Sabbath song “Mob Rules” says in it’s lyrics, “If you listen to fools, the mob rules!”.  And the Bible verse in Exodus, verse 23:2, also comes to mind: “You shall not follow a multitude to do evil”. The old proverbial question “Just because everybody else is doing it does it make it’s right?” also flashes through the mind. The whole “We the People” concept can easily take you into a realm you never wanted to be drug into as one of those “People”. I rant and rave, even rage, against the System. I have been doing it for years, decades, in my personal life as well as public life. One-on-one with individuals, speaking to crowds, writing for hundreds of readers, and in the Media. I also have constantly explained that the Government, no matter what you call it “Republic” or “Democracy”, is still just a CORPORATION. All Governments, STATES, are Corporate Ruling Bodies. CORPORATE BUSINESSES in every sense of the term. Corporations by their very nature can NOT care about anything, or anyone that is not on their payroll, boards or committees. Or care about anything that is not affecting it’s Corporate business agenda . It just is not good business for a business organization (corporation)  to do anything that does not do either of two things: (1) Make it revenue (money)  and ( 2) increase it’s influence (POWER ). The making of money and power are symbiotic goals of corporations. One supports the other. Corporations cannot exist without revenue (financial income), and they cannot get it, keep it coming in, and increase it, without Power.


Power, when it comes to private business corporations comes from Power over your mind. They achieve that by convincing you that you need their product or services. Government corporations have an added advantage private corporations don’t. They can use Physical Power to bodily FORCE you to use their products as well to give them revenue (money). But, they would rather not have to enFORCE their will upon you. It is cheaper, easier, and much better “advertisement” (Publicity; Public Relations) for the Government-State Corporation to only use Psychic (mental) Power to convince you to Obey. There are two aspects of the Divine Laws of Nature that apply to social order. They are The Two Pillars of social structuring. Authority & Power. There are no other pillars of social order. There are many Foundations that societies build those two pillars upon that can be quite diverse, but there are no other kinds of Social Pillars. Though they are 2 different pillars, one cannot exist without the other. Authority simply means Rightful Rule. Power simply means Enforcing Strength. One without the other is an unbalance and Unnatural. Authority without enforcing Power to back it up is as useless as tits on a bull. Your place of employment can make you a “Supervisor” (Authority) yet not allow you to fire (the Power)  anyone under your Authority you deem needs to be terminated Thus your “Authority” would be a joke and your title and position meaningless. I once was offered a newly created Supervisory position at a place I was employed. I made sure that the position meant I could discipline or even terminate any employee I was to “supervise” before I accepted the position and the added responsibility. Yes, it would mean a raise in pay for me, but I refused to take a meaningless position if I could not defend my position by being able to enFORCE company policies I would be expected to supervise being followed. Otherwise I would of just been a “glorified” tattletale with a fancy title, with more responsibility, for a little more pay. Authority means nothing without the Power to back it up. On the flip side, Power is simply brute strength if it is without Authority. It may be strong enough to force it ‘s will, but without willing consent it is RAPE, plain and simple.


Voting is willing consent. It is willingly consenting to whatever the outcome of an election is. You are agreeing, mainly in a “spiritual” or principled way, to whoever wins being your Legal Authority. You are validating the whole voting circus as being the deciding factor as to who will have Authority over you, whether you voted for the winner or not. Given that fact of reality a Voter has no right to complain when their favorite politician doesn’t win. A Voter has no right to complain about their Government period. Never-the-less they do complain if their favorite political office applicant don’t get the job. And they do their complaining in the most childish of manners, laying blame mostly on the Non-Voter. Sure, they lay some blame on the Voters that out-voted (out-numbered) them that voted for the other candidate. But the emotional frustration at loosing is usually always aimed at the Non-Voter. If a Non-Voter dares to say something in opposition to the Government the Voter will have a typical reactionary emotional response telling the Non-Voter they “should of voted!”. The Voter must be shown a better way to affect real change. But first the Voter must be reminded of the old proverbial definition of Insanity. Which is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results every time”. The Voter must have the nakedness of the Emperor pointed out to him/her. The curtain has to be pulled back for them so they can see that Wizard of Oz is just another human being like them, and not anyone special. Certainly not a natural leader, but more of a natural salesman, a con-man even. And perhaps (as in some politicians’ cases) a narcissistic psychopath. The Voter is usually a well-meaning person who is idealistic and thinks they are being pragmatic by playing the Voting Game. There will always be people who go to carnivals and pay to play the rigged games for the cheap stuffed animals and plastic prizes. It’s the excitement, the very thought of winning. Much like the adrenaline rush of a habitual lottery game player. But when their pick looses they look for something, or someone, to blame. Yet, what of the Voter who sees an elected politician they voted for turn out to behave differently in office than they imagined they would? That Voter never blames the Voting process, they simply blame the politician for fooling them, for being, well, a politician. So next election cycle they again look for another politician to put hope in. Never do they see that the whole System is a sham to begin with. That thought is blasphemous and is automatically rejected from their mind. Those former Voters who do come to see Politics for the Game (the “Cult of Personality”) it is simply give up all together and retreat into a life of murmuring, bitterness and resentfulness towards it all. Their misery is a sulking that they do only because they didn’t like how the Game was going. They usually don’t wake up fully to how the Game is more than just a mere con-game. Many ex-Voters go the rest of their lives embittered never seeing that there was never a reason to feel dejected in the first place. When a person, an individual, a sovereign man/woman made in the Creator’s Image, wakes up and realizes that they never personally signed a Legal Contractual Document –not willingly that is- with the Legal Corporation called “State” or the “Government” then they will see why Voting don’t work. Voting don’t work, and can’t work. And it is pure folly to ever expect it to. Question: what is meant by “work” in relation to voting? Answer: hiring an employee that will “work” on laws you wish to be passed, or repealed. In-other-words “working” to get the “right people in” political offices. Now, WHY can’t YOU ever get the “right people” hired? Simple. YOU are OUT-VOTED, that is to say OUT NUMBERED. When your favorite candidate(s) loose election-selections you automatically blame the Non-Voter (if you’re a Voter that is) for not joining your Voting numbers game. If you’re a Voter you most likely assume that Non-Voters are merely “apathetic” or “lazy” non-participants in the “Civil Process”. You can’t understand why everyone don’t participate in election selections such as yourself and the minor percentage of Americans that Vote. If you’re a Voter you obviously have never considered the fact that a large percentage of Non-Voters don’t want anything to do with the Corporate State. Most Non-Voters aren’t just disinterested in the whole election-selection Game-o-Politics. We are disinterested in the whole idea that a Legal Corporation arbitrarily lays claim to our lives, bodies and property! Voting works alright ….it works to validate a fraud. A whole System of Fraud, a LEGAL Fraud. A Legal Fraud because for anything to have Legal Binding in the very System’s Courts it has to first of been CONTRACTUALY Agreed too, and YOU never Contractually Agreed to the Government Corp having AUTHORITY over you and your life. This is not about complicated legalize concepts here. It is just simple facts. So the brutal reality is people Vote OUT OF DESPARATION. They think there is no other course of action. But there is. DON’T participate in their Fraud, first off. You aren’t party to any “Constitution”. You didn’t sign the U.S. Federal Constitution , nor the State Constitution of the region you live in. So don’t be looking to help a Corporation, that doesn’t have your best interests at heart (and can’t because of it’s very nature as a “Corporation”). You select (“elect”) employees for a corporation, stop involving yourself in this. Secondly, stop seeking to validate the System’s pseudo “Authority” over you and your private property. By Voting you aren’t validating the System to anyone else but yourself! In-other-words, by Voting (and any other form of support you give the System) you are only fooling YOURSELF. It is this simple: The Government-State is a Corporation, a Legal Entity. Like private business Corporations it only exists within the Legal Matrix it creates for itself to exist in. A matrix of paper, and formal Court rituals (Proceedings). Part of those Legal Procedures is that only other Corporations are recognized as Legitimate (“Legal”) Entities. This is why the Government can NEVER deal with YOU personally, it can ONLY deal with the Corporate You –the Legal You. Thus why you have a “Legal Name” that is LEGALLY your Corporation’s Title (Name). And that is why you have other Corporate Identifiers  such as a Birth “CERTIFICATE”, Social Security Number, Driver’s Number, ect. NO Government Agency can deal with individual persons, it can only deal with fellow Corporations. Whether a Police Officer (“POLICY” Enforcer), or Government Office bureaucrat, (or whoever represents the Corporate State you are dealing with)  you HAVE to Legally Identify yourself (the “Corporate You”) by producing Government PAPERWORK that Documents the Corporation (of YOU) that you are “representing”. Thus understanding these very simple concepts of Legal Principle you can see that in reality you, as an individual person, born sovereign (your own king/queen) have never been allowed to live as your Maker intended you to be. Free and responsible for yourself and your behavior and social interactions with others around you. The key to social harmony, Justice, Order, and the such, in a given society is NOT Corporate Government ruling over us. Corporations, whether private of State, are mindless machines that exist only for one purpose to ensure there protection and their progression (growth). Corporations by their very nature evolve, they cannot be stagnant,  or static,  they are always in constant state of growth. Corporations are the “Frankenstein” monsters man makes up out of bits and pieces of ideas. Like the pulp fiction Frankenstein character they are not real, in real life. And like the Frankenstein monster they only exist on paper. It is said that the Government “State” is something you can’t actually touch, and that is true. That is because State is a “Corporation” and corporations only exist in the mind (“state of mind”) of those who live in the psychic Legal Matrix. Not to seem mystical here, for this is not some philosophical or “spiritual” enigma. Understanding what a Corporation is requires absolutely no understanding of mysticism. But that is the problem isn’t it? Politics –which is literally nothing but the profession of law-making- has been mystified by all of those who make their living talking and writing about it –the Political Pundits. Much like Justice has been mystified by the other branch of Government, the Legal System. Judges, Lawyers, Law Professors and Legal Philosophers love to keep the common man mystified with all of their high-sounding rhetoric  and fancy titles. When in reality we all know what is Right or Wrong, Moral and Immoral, Natural and Unnatural. Very few Voters sit back for a mere 5 minutes of their life and seriously ponder the following: A selected (“elected”) Politician is a PROFESSIONAL LAW-MAKER. His/her job is to make (more) laws for everyone to follow. Period. It’s no more complicated than that. So when a Voter is voting they are simply requesting someone to make MORE laws for them to obey. Or, they are voting with the purposeful intention of wanting that politician to make more laws for YOU and I to obey. Either way they are simply picking their rapist…..or, they are picking YOUR rapist. Government is FORCE, it cannot enFORCE it’s “Authority” without the threat of violence. Voting does not change that fact. I don’t Vote because I am Morally Opposed to Rape, mine or yours. Voting makes  Government Tyranny appear to be “Legitimate Rape”.