It's Just Natural

"But Yahweh has chosen the foolish of the Society, in order that He disgrace the cunning..." 1st Corinthians 1:27

"For the wisdom of this Society is folly before Yahweh" 1st Corinthians 3:19

{Christogenea New Testament}   

The narchistic message that I teach, in reality does not need to be taught. You know it already in your heart. It is the State's brainwashing and propaganda that you are subconsciously resisting. You may think you are "repulsed" by the very Anarchistic concept of a Stateless society, but psychologically you are repulsed by the pro-Statist propaganda you been FORCE FED all your life. You know that Statelessness is NOT gonna lead to disorder. You KNOW in your heart that the disorder and chaos comes from State. You can see the sick Immorality and Unnatural perversion the State protects and blesses by it's Polices ("laws"). Yes, that is right, what you have felt and secretly thought all of your life is true, YOU know what is Natural, Unnatural, Right, Wrong and Moral or Immoral. You have never needed a pastor, priest, politician or policeman to tell you what is Right to do, or not do. You KNOW, deep down, that Race is more than a mere "social construct". You KNOW that Race is REAL, and not just physically (outward appearance) but also psychologically (mentality). You KNOW that sexual morality/immorality may indeed be a choice, but that Nature does not give choice in what gender roles are. You KNOW Right from Wrong and your eyes and common sense and instincts do not deceive you. Men/women can choose to ignore Nature's Law's, but they can not "break" them. Nature's Laws break those who disobey them. Your mind is not playing tricks on you when you see the simple answers to questions State tries to complicate. You want to be Free, as Nature and Nature's God intended you to be. Statist say that "certain Freedoms must be Restricted and/or Regulated", as they qualify with, "for the good of Society in general". YOU KNOW, automatically, instinctually that such Statist propaganda is a LIE. Freedom comes from the Maker of all Nature. States come from the minds of elitist men, Statists. Statism is a RELIGION, a FAITH in an entity. Statism is opposed to Faith in a Maker, a God. Atheism and Statism go hand in hand. Oh sure, States may give lip service to some religion or spiritual faith, but in the end the pharaoh is still "the sun god incarnate" and he claims final and top "Authority" over his subjects. States may say they "recognize your Right to freedom of religion" but in the end they still have the final say and they will kill you to prove it. The State, any and all forms of State, claim to have "Right" to be "Authority" over you and your belongings. States always claim they are benevolent and only seek to "serve the people". That is the exact same message business corporations put in their advertisements to get you to BUY their product or service. States, whether run by a single monarch or dictator, or a group of senators or parliamentarians, are ALL corporations, and all businesses. States don't give a damn about Morality or Nature, they can't, that would be bad for business! States may at first appear to be beneficial to the general populace, but true to their business nature they will grow to be the monsters they were born to me. You already know all of what you have just read, don't you my friend? Of course you do. You have concerns a the present Societies Immorality and Unnatural DIS-order, don't you? So do I! Those problems were either created by State and the very ideology Statism, or at least given the dirty environment to grow. It is time for you to embrace what your  conscience has been whispering to you all you life. The ONLY WAY to have a society that is based on what is Moral, Right and Natural is to do away with the plastic, synthetic, mongrelized idea of Statism and to replace it with what our hearts and minds scream at us everyday. Only Natural Law can order a society, and keep it orderly, peaceful and harmonious. Man can NOT write Law, only Nature's Maker can. Nature's Law is written upon your heart, it was written there by your genetic code, your very D.N.A. The "Fallen Nature" of Man is misidentified by professional preachers today. They would have you to believe that to be a Man/Woman is "evil" in itself. Wrong. We are "Fallen" only because we use our Free Will, our INTELLIGENCE, to CHOOSE to do Wrong. We "Fall" because we CHOOSE to. But it doesn't have to be that way. By obeying what is written on our hearts by our Creator we maintain order and peace. And we keep ourselves free from Sin. "Sin" simply being offending our Maker and/or our Neighbor. By protecting the innocent of our societies and standing for what we know to be Right we stand for and enforce True Justice and Natural Order. State's do not protect the innocent nor to they deal out Justice justly. They only do what suits their political purposes. This is why States always fall to the lowest of baseness before they totally collapse, they compromise. Nature and Nature's Justice does not, can not, compromise. EVIL IS EVIL NO MATTER IF A STATE OUTLAWS IT OR NOT.  GOOD IS GOOD NOT MATTER IF A STATE OUTLAWS IT OR NOT. State's can not enforce Morality nor can they protect Culture or Freedom. ONLY You and Me, WE, can Protect & Preserve what we love. We the People are to govern our own actions, and most of us do that already. Those who are predatorial or parasitical criminals the men and women of the local community can deal with just fine. Things needed communally or that the the community wants, such as roads and other infrastructures, can be handled better by the local community and on a voluntary basis. And everything I have written here has simply been YOUR own private thoughts and deeply held beliefs, I just have the guts to say them. Now is the time for YOU to say them. Shout it from the rooftops! Anarchy, it's only Natural!

Bro. Ryan