Diodorus Siculus on the Black Beast

Greek historian Diodorus Siculus lived in the time of Julius Caesar and Augustus, and had traveled in Egypt during 60–57 BC.

Here are his own words describing a strange being, we know today as the Negro, in his book Library of History, book 3, chapter 8, paragraph 1:

[After speaking about the civilized and cultured WHITES of Ethiopia....]

"But there are also a great many other tribes of the Ethiopians, some of them dwelling in the land lying on both banks of the Nile, and on the islands in the river, others inhabiting the neighboring country of Arabia [To the Greeks "Arabia" was all land between the Nile and the Persian Gulf], and others residing in the interior of Libya [To the Greeks "Libya" was considered the rest of Africa. In the context here it is referring to what we know today as Sudan].

The majority of them, and especially those who dwell along the river are black in color and have flat noses and woolly hair. As for their spirit they are entirely savage and display the nature of a wild beast, and as far removed as possible from human kindness to one another and cultivating none of the practices of civilized life. They present a striking contrast when considered in the light of our own customs."


From this it is obvious Negroes weren't common place, or commonly known about, in ancient Greece or Rome .....and they certainly were not seen, by either the Greeks or Romans, as nothing more than brute beasts, and definitely less than human.


For a short video showing the Negro in his natural habitat in Africa, in his natural animalistic state, and engaging in his natural barbaric behavior, go here:

{BEWARE the video is not for the faint of heart!} 

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