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Semantics: (from Ancient Greek: σημαντικός  sēmantikós)

a) the study of meaning b)the study of linguistic development by classifying and examining changes in meaning and form.

Semite: (Sem·ite \ˈse-ˌmīt)

Refers to a language family of largely Middle Eastern origin, now called the Semitic languages. Includes ancient Akkadian (Assyrian Babylonian), Amharic, Amorite, Arabic, Aramaic/Syriac, Canaanite/Phoenician/Cathaginian, Chaldean, Edomite, Hebrew, Moabite, Sutean, and many others.

There are certain words that people don't want to be called, but, do they base that on the reality of the word's actual meaning .....or on what the ignorant think it means? [This is certainly true of the term "Racist" and "Racism" -see my article titled  RACIST -origin of the term linked here, and/or watch my video my presentation titled The IST  in Racist, link here.]


jew troll

The State of Isn'tReal ("Israel") proudly proclaims it PAYS Israeli Citizens (Jews) to troll the internet and social sites to promote Isn'tReal State Policy = Zionism.  

This of course is presented as simply a innocent "Pro-Israel" internet campaign to offset the anti-Israel so-called "anti semitic" "hate speech" on the internet that dares to criticize the Izzzzreali State.

israeli trolls

We know that the United States Federal Police  and Intelligence Agencies cruises the internet, and even YOUR social site postings and e-mails, so don't doubt it's "al-LIE", the State of Isn'tReal and the Mossad don't as well.

jew trolls

Not only do their undercover agents read things and have super computers scanning for key words, they also POST things to illicit certain responses. Some of their postings are to sway opinions, which is evil in itself, being the State seeking to tell the People, through deceptive means, what to think about State policies, instead of letting the People think on their own. But, other postings made by undercover State employees are to bait people into saying things that, though aren't wrong, or immoral, are in fact Illegal (that is to say against Statist policy).

kosher censorship

Major internet sites such as Google, Facebook, MySpace, Wikipedia and Yahoo were founded by Jews and/or ran by Jews at the head of those corporations -that's just the facts, not some "conspiracy theory".


In 2008 representatives of  Yahoo, Facebook and Google, all racially Jews, attended a international conference in Jerusalem. The conference, called by Izzzzreali President Shimon Peres, was on computer technology and the internet and how it specifically affects the Jews and Israel. That is NOT my twist on what the meeting was about, it is what they proudly bragged it was about. And it was not the last, but the first of many such meetings that the State of Israel conducts to make sure no "anti-Izrael" or "anti semitic" posts are made without there being some sort of cyber counter measures released.

The Anti Defamation League (A.D.L.) also patrols the internet, and so does the Southern Poverty Law Center (S.P.L.C.). They are looking for so-called "hate on the internet" , but more specifically anti-Jewish or "anti semitic" internet posts.


The American based A.D.L. was, of course, founded by the very Jewish B'nai B'rith the same year the Jewish International Banking families founded the so-called "Federal Reserve Bank", 1913. Here is the link to a A.D.L. posting actually trying to claim the Federal Reserve was not founded (and still ran by) Jewish International Bank$ters: Jewish "Control" of the Federal Reserve: A Classic Anti-Semitic Myth. Ironic that the A.D.L.  would post such a lame attempt to "debunk" what is a documented historical fact (the founding Fed Res bankers were in fact racial Jews) concerning the Federal Reserve. The A.D.L and Google also work together to "combat hate" on the internet as this letter from Google to the A.D.L. clearly demonstrates.  

hate internet

The Izraeli State, the U.S. Federal State, the A.D.L., the S.P.L.C. and Government and private agencies all claim they are only looking for racist hate speech, terroristic threats, terrorist communications and Illegal activities on the internet. In reality they are only looking for ONE thing in specific. The dreaded internet "Anti Semite". So-called "Anti Semitism" and the "Anti Semite" that espouses "Anti Semitic" beliefs is considered a "potential" terrorist. One does not have to be Muslim to be labeled a "potential" "Terrorist Threat".

If YOU oppose the Pro-Izrael ("Zionist") Foreign Policy of the United States Federal State, and are open about your convictions of conscience on the internet YOU can be a target of domestic (U.S. Government) and foreign States (Izrael) and their private corporate allies (A.D.L., S.P.L.C.). As a "target" you can become a target "of an investigation" as well as a target of their State supported and sanctioned Internet Bullying and Trolling. If you doubt that simply post things questioning the "6 Million" figure of alleged gassed Jews under the Nazi State. Perhaps do as I have done and simply make a video (on YouTube) citing numerous specific News Paper articles using the EXACT figure of "Six Million" in relation to alleged mass killings of Jews years, even decades BEFORE 1941. I of course, had my video on the topic deleted, twice by the JEW-Tube censors.


Below is just SOME of the articles printed in the years, and decades, BEFORE the alleged Nazi gassing of Jews in concentration camps was supposed to of happened. Simply pointing out the below DOCUMENTED repeated attempts to claim "6,000,000 Jewish victims" is considered "Anti Semitic" by not only the scum at the S.P.L.C. (founded as a Tax Exempt Corporation in 1971 by Morris Dees and his Jew co-founder Joseph Levin) and the A.D.L. but by the Israeli and U.S. Governments.

may holocausts

But, what is this term, this label, this "bad name" to be called: "ANTI SEMITE"?? We know "anti" simply means to be against or opposed to....but what, or who, is a "semite"?  Look up the very definition of the word and you will see: sem·ite  /ˈsemīt/ noun: A member of any of the peoples who speak, or spoke, a Semitic language, including Jews and Arabs. 

amy goodman antisemitic antisemite
So, we can see that the word "semite" is simply a word of linguistic identification and means nothing else.
The term "semite" and "hispanic" are similar in that they both identify language families. 
Hispanic, from the Latin word for "Spain," has a broad reference than "Latino", encompassing all Spanish-speaking peoples in both global hemispheres and emphasizing the common denominator of language among communities that sometimes have little else in common (such as Race and Culture). 
Latinowhich in Spanish means "Latin", is defined as persons or communities of Latin American origin.
The historical and linguistic facts are that Latin, and Spanish (which is Latin based) are classified as ARYAN languages, and are of Indo-European origins. Many of my fellow White, English speaking, Americans recent having to push a number to speak to a company, or Government, representative in English as opposed to Spanish. They also resent seeing signs in both Spanish and English or just in Spanish. They have slogans such as "Speak English or Get Out!".
I have always had 2 ways I responded to said fellow White Americans when they complain about the LANGUAGE of Mexican and other NON White "immigrants" from south of us:
1) It's NOT THEIR (the non-Whites) language, Spanish is one of the languages of the WHITE Race;
2) I DON'T want THEM (the non-Whites) to "learn" English, learning it only helps them to intermingle and eventually intermarry with Whites. 
As should be obvious, what language a person speaks does not identify their Race, Ethnicity or Culture
There have been, and are, people (including myself) that believed, and believe, that there is a connection between the ancient Hebrew semantic language and the old languages of the Indo-European "Aryan" language speaking peoples, such as the Celts, Saxons and Teutonic tribes. We that are convinced of the direct connection between "Aryan" languages, such as Gaelic, German and English and ancient Hebrew recognize that language is not a dependable identifier of Race, in itself. But, linguistic connections do indeed give evidence of some sort of interaction between people of one language and people of another language
My point here is that a person may be a "hispanic", "aryan", or "semite" but those labels ONLY identify a language family, or sub-category of language, that they speak. Those terms are NOT Racial identifiers.
 zionist antisemite holocaust
The term "Aryan" is more a linguistic term than a Racial term as it is defined as: A member of a people speaking an Indo-European language who invaded northern India in the 2nd millennium B.C.
There was indeed a Aryan language that branched into many sub-Aryan languages, and, there was also a Aryan people, or ethnic branch of a larger Race. That larger, overall, Race is known today as the "White" or "Caucasian" Race, though not all Whites have ancestors who were of the Indian, or "Aryan", branch of Whites that settled India or later migrated out of India into Europe.
Simply put NOT ALL WHITES ARE TECHNICALLY (HISTORICALLY) "ARYANS" -being as not all Whites have ancestors of the branch of the White Race ("Aryans") that went to and came from India. "Aryan" being a ancient Sanskrit word for "noble" can, and is used by Racially Aware & Active Whites (including myself) as a generic "racial term" but in Truth not all ancient Whites were in India at the time that large numbers of other Whites were.
The fact is the term "Aryan" is exactly like the term "CAUCASIAN" in that NOT ALL WHITES ARE CAUCASIAN, HISTORICALLY, OR GENEALOGICALLY, SPEAKING: Not everyone's White ancestors migrated through or around the Caucasus Mountains -from which the term "caucasian" is derived from.
Again, I, and most others, use the term "Caucasian", in reference to the White Race, like we use the term "Aryan". But, to be truthful, neither of the words "caucasian" or "aryan" are true, or pure, terms that identify the whole of the White Race. Put another way it would be like calling all Mongoloids "Japanese" or referring to the Mongoloid Race collectively as "Chinese". 
So, what does all of that have to do with the label of "Anti Semite"? Nothing really, I just add it here as anecdotal information, but also to show that my aim is to be honest in my presentation here about so-called "Anti Semitism". I want YOU, the reader, to know that I am not just trying to play semantics with words, such as "Anti Semite", but that I am simply laying out the facts and Truth. 
two semites
To make things clear, I am NOT a "Anti Semite". I do NOT say that as some sort of disclaimer like so many do: "I am anti-ZIONISM not anti-SEMITIC, or anti-Jewish" -is a common statement many who oppose the Zionistic Foreign Policy of the U.S. Government and the Zionist Domestic Policy of the Izrael make. I certainly AM Anti-Zionism, as "Zionism" is the political term for the "Israel First" political doctrine. But, I am also Anti-Judaism, as Judaism is a religion of the Jewish Race and is a religion diametrically, and diabolically, opposed to Christianity and White Western Culture. I also am Anti-Jew because I KNOW that general personality traits among Races exist and are genetically passed on to each new generation. I make no apologies, and certainly no disclaimers, for my "Anti-JEW" beliefs. Let me be clear here: I hate Jews, I hate the whole Jewish Race. There is NO such thing as a "good Jew", I hate them all.
But, please don't call me a "Anti Semite" because I have nothing against SEMANTIC Languages or "SEMITES" for speaking them!! 
barbra spectre antisemitism
The fact is that a large percentage of Jews in the world (Racial Jews make up about 0.2% of the world population and 2.0% of America) don't even speak Hebrew, or a SEMANTIC language at all!! Thus, they aren't "Semites"! It is amusing when the A.D.L. or some Jew Media personality rants and raves about the "Anti Semitism" of some foreign ARABIC speaking Muslims, pray tell, can semantic language (Arabic languages are Semantic) speaking peoples (Arabs) be "against semites"???!!!
Have YOU figured out WHY the JEWS of America, Europe, Izrael and other countries always label their opposition -be it Muslims, White Racists, or Anti-Zionist political activists, questioners of the "Holocaust" and others- as "Anti Semites" and not "Anti JEWish" or perhaps "Anti JEWites"??
The majority of the loudest Jews bitching and crying  about "Anti Semitism" don't even speak Hebrew or a semantic language why do they call people that oppose them "Anti Semites"??!!
The literal definition of "semite" (one who speaks a semantic language). Jews live all over the world and speak different languages, most don't speak the semantic language of Hebrew even as a second language. Many of them don't even speak a dialect of Yiddish, they speak only their host country's language. Yiddish is, like the Jewish "Race",  a mongrelized admixture and adulteration of German, Slavic and Hebrew languages artificially developed during the Middle Ages by Jews for Jews. 
fox jews
The answer to the question is obvious when one realizes that not all, even most, Jews are NOT Semites, for they don't speak any Semantic Language, then he/she gains clear vision as to the real reason Jews call themselves "Semites". 
It is a COVER, they hide under the cover of "semite" to cover the fact that they are a specific people,  a Race -albeit not a pure or natural "Race" but a mongrel-hybrid of a "Race".
They -the Jews- are a Race in the sense that they do have specific GENETIC traits among them.
I am not referring to the stereotypical large hooked-beak of a nose, which only a small percentage of Jews actually have, or other physical characteristics such as the close-set eyes many of them have. Nor am I referring here to the different genetic diseases of Jews, like Tay Sachs.
Racists, such as myself, who know Race is a genetic reality that is much more than mere outward appearance and physical features, understand general personality traits of the different Races upon the earth. The MIND of the Jew is certainly like no other upon the planet.
Jews do not like to be seen as a Race by all Whites because they know what the ramifications would be.
It is this Racial survival instinct that Jews have, and pass on to each generation genetically, that instinctually leads Jews to be seemingly concerned with the plights of other Races, that is: HEAD the fights of other NON White Races against the "evil" and "oppressive" WHITE Race.
This genetic Truth about Jews is why they found and head such organizations as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.). 
Jews do whatever they have to to fight for the "advancement" THEIR Race and yet do it appearing to not be fighting for their Race, but only trying to "help" other Races, always NON Whites.
The Jew, the Race, knows collectively that the ONLY People standing in opposition to his Jewish domination of the earth is the White Christian who don't worship the State nor practice the idolatry of Materialist Consumerism, and who desires to be in line with Nature and Nature's God and thus abhors Multiculturalism, Feminism, Homosexuality, and all such abominations to Natural Order. 
One of the major weapons that Anti Christian, Pro Statist, Anti White, Pro Internationalist Jews use is the label of "Anti Semite".
Of course with that label comes the stigma of being "Anazithatwantstogassixmillionjews". The word "Nazi" is supposed to be "bad four letter" word one does not want to be called, but can use and call anyone that represents whatever Statist agenda or Racist ideology they oppose. Democrats voters call Republican politicians and pundits "Nazis!" and visa versa. I know of White Racists calling Anti-Whites (so called "Anti Racists") the "Nazi!" term, and of course Anti Whites, who claim they are "Against Racism", call White Racists "Nazis!".

I certainly believe in Racial Loyalty, and sticking with my own Race/Kind. "Birds of a feather flock together" is the old saying and another old saying is "Red birds and blue birds don't mix"  and both sayings are true and true for a Natural and Good reason. Jews, evidently, also believe in Racial Loyalty.

The Israeli Law of Return demands that a prospective immigrant to the State of Israel can prove their GENETIC heritage -meaning their BLOODLINE- as being Jewish. Bet your preacher didn't, and won't, tell you that. This, along with many other facts such as the exclusive existence of Tay Sachs disease among Jews proves that Jews are in fact a RACE, not a religion, not a culture, and not a "social construct".

I and many others do not believe their lie that they are the genetic descendants of the Biblical Israelites. It seems they, for the most part, don't believe it, considering they don't call themselves "Israelites", they instead call themselves "Jews", which is a curious thing anyway you look at it when one considers where the term "Jew" came from.

Jews in the State of Izrael are called Israelis, but they don't call themselves "Israelites".

They, unlike the Biblical people, don't call themselves Israel, they call THE LAND there "Israel". Again, another curiosity when one considers the fact that in the Bible ONLY a people, NEVER a land, was called "Israel". There is a "land OF Israel" spoken of many times in the Bible, but NEVER is a land mass called "Israel" in the Bible.

But then, there is NO PLACE in Legal papers called  "The United States", only a corporate body of elected and hired individuals. NO ONE lives "in" the United States of America, that is impossible, for it is simply a paper entity existing only in the legal paperwork and minds of people. We live in America, for that is the name of the land mass. I digress..... 

But, again, there is NO land mass called "Israel" in the Bible. There is a man, a patriarch, whose name is "Israel" in the Bible, but not a land mass. That man, who's name was Jacob before it changed to Israel, had 12 sons. Each of his sons became the patriarchs of their own tribes and all 12 of those tribes are referred to in the Bible as "the children of Israel". That was not a reference to the people of those tribes being the children of a place on a map! They were the children, literal descendants, posterity, of Jacob-Israel. 

When one considers the fact that the vast majority of Jews living in modern country of Izrael , and worldwide, are not religious and in fact are mostly atheists, then a bigger picture begins to develop about the Jews. Their connection to one another is not religion, nor of a religious nature. What bonds Jews as a cohesive group is their shared genetics, but it's not just Race in itself, but a specific genetic trait that runs through all of them. A genetic, inborn, disposition to attack, instinctively, anything of White Western Christian nature.

When it is said that Jews have been kicked out of every European country at one time or another in history the Jews always rebut with excuses for such expulsions that always lay the blame on alleged "paranoia" on the behalf of White Christians. But, when one looks into the documented historical reasons for the kikes getting kicked out it always comes down to their MONETARY PRACTICES and their general Antichrist behaviors.

Jews were blamed for the Black Plague and other horrible happenings in European history, and such accusations certainly can be disregarded. But, their profession as Merchant and Money Changer certainly is not superstition, and the social damage they caused is certainly a matter of historical records. 

Jews always have excuses for why they were, and are, hated. They are a very sly, a serpent like, people and know how to deflect blame. Or they admit what they do, they brag about it even, but always in a subtle (like a serpent) way.

Many stand up comedians are Jews, and they will at some point in their comedy routines, make a point of telling the audience they are Jewish and then proceed to make jokes about how Jews manipulate money, and behave in counter-White Christian manners. The audiences always laugh, never realizing that what they are being told, what the kike comedian is openly admitting to,  is that Jews are in fact a RACE and are in FACT MONEY CHANGERS and Merchants.  Jews don't deny their Race's disproportionate representation and prominence in the Money Systems of States -some Jew authors even write books bragging about it in such writtings as in the book Capitalism and the Jews by the Jew author Jerry Muller.

Non-Jew Whites (like Alex Jones) who make a living pushing conspiracy theories sure will try to deny it, or deflect from it, or ignore it, but Jews don't deny the fact.

Jews don't deny they are disproportionately represented in politics of State. Jews never deny they run the entertainment industry and Hollywood. Jews write books and brag about these things!

I learned much of what I know about Jews by reading books written by Jews!

And something else Jews do and don't deny, they are behind EVERY MAJOR political and social movement to re-engineer White Christian societies. 

The way they get away with what they do is hide behind the shield we can call: "The Anti Semite Accusation Shield"
You see, they can brag about what they do to undermind White Western Christian Civilization, but if a White Christian points their involvement out they hide behind the accusation of "Anti Semite" .....along with the other terms "Racist", "Nazi", of course.

If they stopped using the "semite" term all together and just started labeling their opposition (such as yours truly, thank you very much) with a label such as "Anti Jewish", or "Anti Jew",  they would end up bringing attention to their Racial identity.

Thus they avoid terms that directly label them as a separate genetic racial group when combating those who are seeking to expose them as such.  Sure the term "Anti Semite" is used exclusively in reference to the Jew, as are the terms "six million" and "holocaust". But, as I have already said, "semite" has NO racial meaning as it is a term relating to language, not Race.

Non-Jews are not to think, or at least speak, of Race and Jews in the same discussion .....except if it is a superstitious Judeo and Zionist Mainstream Denominational christian speaking of the Race of the Jew in awe and adoration. But, even then the Judeo-Zionist christian must speak sparingly of Jews being a Race, else they also be labeled "Anti Semitic".   

I don't care that my enemy, the Jews, calls me "Anti Semitic" or an "Anti Semite" because they LIE anyway -they are a Race of Liars, their genetic father, Cain, was a Liar from the beginning (see: John 8:44) so what they have to say means nothing to me.

But, again, for the record I am NOT against speaking a Semantic Language.  I am, however, against the deliberate attack on the minds of people with the intent to socially engineer society for your own greedy gain or because you hate that there are people who don't have your values, or lack of them. 


anti semite

Below is a short news segment openly and proudly featuring Israeli Zionist Trolls