America is DEAD -Intellectuals Killed It!

Today, as I write this, I turn 45. It's my birthday. Tomorrow, July 4th,  America has a birthday. It will be 237 years old -according to it's "official" birth as an independent country. As most of my readers already know the bumper sticker saying "I love my country but hate my Government", does apply to me, though it is NOT "my" Government.

The U.S. Government don't represent me and I have no control over it, but it sure claims control ("Authority") over me, and YOU (if you live in America).

I could give two tinkers damn about the corporate State called a  "Republic" and it's corporate founding charter document called the "U.S. Constitution".

I was not -am not- Party to it,  nor are YOU.  I, nor YOU,  didn't willingly, not Legally, agree to it's "contractual" stipulations. If YOU had a chance to actually sign and enter into such a contract, of your own Free Will, most likely you wouldn't. Most worshipers of the paper idol called the "U.S. Constitution" would NOT sign such a document if actually given the CHOICE to do so or not. They would NOT willingly bind themselves to become Subjects of King Uncle Sam, to become Serfs of the Feudal States of America, to be "Citizens" of a Corporate Government.

I celebrate Independence Day ("July Fourth") because of what the day represents to those of us who TRULY appreciate the idea, and ideals, of Independence, Freedom and Liberty. Yes, I as many Non-Statist, do appreciate the SPIRIT of '76 that is expressed in the document called the Declaration of Independence. The document was actually a pro-Statism writing written by a Statist, Thomas Jefferson. A man, who though a believer in State, and the mythical creator called "Limited Government", was no doubt a well meaning gentleman. I personally believe many past and present day Statists meant/mean well, even though they walk  upon a road of "good intentions" dragging us all into  Hell.  

Before I continue let me quickly explain what I mean by the term "State" for those who PRETEND to not know . You see there are those who like to dismiss Non-Statists (like myself) and the truths that we express by playing semantics. Semantics is the pseudo (false, wannabe) "intellectual's" tool to confuse, complicate and confound simple and powerful Truths. Truths that the average, common person understands with little effort.

Societies are ultimately destroyed, not by the economic magicians, but by the over complication of life by what I will term the Pharisees of Philosophies. The Pharisees of Philosophies use words and language in the same manner Lawyers/Attorneys use Legalese. Even among Non-Statists there are "intellectuals" who, with all their much speaking drag down and drown out the simple and beautiful Truth that NO MAN HAS A RIGHT TO ARBITRARILY RULE OVER ANOTHER. These self-assured smarty britches types among Non-Statist circles claim they are opposed to "elitists" ruling over others, but they themselves seek to dominate the message of Non-Statism.

The message of Non-Statism is very simple and that is what seems to disturb the control freaks among Statists and Non-Statist alike. In my writings I always use a uppercase "S" when I am speaking of the "State" in the proper noun sense. The generic term "state" -note the lowercase "s"- refers to the "state of being" or "state of mind".  So in the literal sense we Non-Statists simply want a "state" of society where there is no (capital "S") "State".

The pharisees of Jesus Christ's time were literalists and without understanding of the unspoken aspects, and "spirit", of words. The "intellectuals" show their pharisaical close mindedness by complicating the simple with their foolish arguments about what a  is meant by the word (big "S" now) "State". "State" (UPPERCASE "S"!) simply is reference to a body, a corporation, of individuals who arbitrarily claim that their Corporation has Legal Claim to the land you stand on and thus Legal claim to all of the things under, on and above (in the air) it. This ARBITRARY Legal Claim applies to YOU as well, in their minds, and Courts. State simply means RULING CORPORATE BODY. The uppercase "S" I use in my writing is simply to signify that I am NOT speaking in the generic sense of the (lowercase) word "state". The (capital "S" and proper noun) "State" is indeed an actual entity and not a enigma of the mind of the individual or people. The state of mind of the people is that the State is their "authority" when in reality it is not, it simply claims to be. Now that I have explained -not for the so-called "simple minded", but the arrogant, pseudo intellectual types- what I mean by State,  I shall proceed with this article. And I would like to point out again here that they (pseudo intellectuals) know what I mean by "State" and "state", they just like to play like they don't know.

Many Intellectuals are no different than lawyers in that lawyers exist in a world with their own language called "Legalese". Legalese is a language of magical incantations with super secret meanings that we mere mortals aren't supposed to speak nor understand. In the System's Legal Courts the average person is left out of the whole process that affects them. Many Intellectuals are just like lawyers in that they want to decide the fate of society, but make sure society doesn't involve itself in the discussion. Intellectuals like to scare the majority of the people off with their semantics and hair splitting of the very meanings of words. The intellectuals enjoy brow-beating the "uninitiated" by playing word games. Many intellectuals will claim they are using the "Socratic Method" of  "debate" to excuse their arrogance and self-righteous behavior. They may claim they are "just being the Devils Advocate" when in reality they are just the devil.

While intellectuals want to play word games and talk their bullshit our Freedoms die everyday. Intellectuals TALK US TO DEATH.

Understanding Freedom is NOT something only those with high I.Q.s or higher education can do. The average man and woman knows when they are being enslaved and oppressed or not, they don't need the highly intelligent to tell them. It is the fault of the intellectuals that Freedoms are dying in modern societies. Intellectuals are given so much respect by the unsuspecting and naive, albeit innocently so, average people. The average person is programed (by intellectuals) from early age to just accept that there are certain things that they just can not understand about politics and law and order. They are told to just learn their trades in the Modern Industrial Serf Occupational Fields of construction, manufacturing, agriculture, service or entertainment, and to leave the 'complicated social issues' to the intellectuals. Oh, and they are to vote and take part in the "political process" that intellectuals have so graciously laid out before them to follow.

If a White Trash Redneck, such as yours truly, rises up and calls "BULLSHIT!" then the intellectuals quickly unleash arrows in attack such as name-calling and false accusations . They must protect the castle they live in and the status quo that provides them with some many luxuries. That is why THIS writer (Brother Ryan) is not afraid of being called "Hillbilly", White Trash", "Anti-Government", "Racist", "Hater", "Ignorant" or whatever. Calling me names shows me that the name-caller is scared of being exposed for the deceptive deceiver he/she is.

We all are familiar with the Medical "Industry" and the so-called medical "professionals" and the JOKE it, and they, are. Just look at the amount of doctors and nurses that are over 25 or more pounds overweight. But "they" care about "our" health??? The beautiful simplicity of the practice of medicine that Hippocrates founded around 400 years before the Christian Era has long been dead, killed by so-called "Modern" "Medicine". Hippocrates treated his patients with what today is called "home remedies", "homeopathic practices" and "herbal medicines". Hippocrates said (quote) "Let medicine by they food and let food by they medicine". Today, in all of their "intellectual" and "scientific" wisdom, doctors refer to such approaches to treatment of illnesses as "alternative" medicine. Excuse me here, but, what the fuck??!!

It should instead be said that modern pharmaceuticals and fancy, over priced, electronic machines, are the true "alternative" means.  Worst of all doctors who have reached the end of their intellectual medical science ropes sheepishly give their blessings to patients who go seek "alternative" treatments.

It is the intellectuals that have given us the "War on Poverty" , "War on Crime", "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror". The intellectuals that oppose some official State Policy (that other intellectuals have thought up) speak out in opposition. The problem is the intellectuals who oppose some current evil of the State want to take over and dominate the conversation and will in turn attack the common folk who also oppose the particular State Policy in question.

There are intellectuals who oppose many of the same evils this writer (and most likely you the reader) oppose. But, those same intellectuals only want your support of what they do, say and write in opposition. They want you to buy their books, dvds and support their websites and organizations with your money. But they don't want YOU expressing your beliefs or thoughts because YOU aren't as well spoken, or well dressed as they are.

I, Bro. Ryan, encourage YOU to have your own website or blog and to express your beliefs openly and boldly. We, that love Freedom and hate oppression,  are not in competition. If you can't speak openly -due to employment restrictions on Free Speech (even in your personal life), or some other System oppression that is fine. Then support those who do -frm "behind the scenes" in some productive manner. Yes, financially, but most importantly by sharing the work of others in low profile manners (so as to not get you in trouble with your employer). Share this website address and others you find informative and encouraging with those around you in your life. There are many who support the cause of Freedom & Truth from "behind the scenes" because they would loose their jobs, children, or whatever if they were open about their beliefs.

We DO NOT live in a "free country" in America and that is because INTELLECTUALS have Defined & Divined what is "acceptable" speech and "acceptable" topics. The mere fact that many can not speak out -ON THEIR PERSONAL TIME, IN THEIR PRIVATE LIVES- without loosing their jobs is solid proof that the Merchant OWNS America like a feudal lord and that the "workers" (employees) are nothing by Serfs and thus Property of the Merchant.

But, it is the Intellectual Court Advisers, the professional Intellectuals,  that have protected the Merchant Class. Keep in mind that when I say "Intellectual" I am NOT saying intelligent. For many are intelligent, bright, creative and insightful. But, few are members of the Intellectual Class -a very elitist class.

The professional Intellectual Class don't mind sitting around and arguing and debate while our Freedoms burn.

The professional Intellectual is a person who uses his/her natural mental talents and above average intelligence to bully everyone else into subjection to their version of what is okay to think, speak or discuss. Not all who are intelligent are part of the Intellectual Class, just as not all who are born warriors are part of the Warrior Class of the State.

It is time to reject the Intellectuals -of ALL political and social spectrums. The Intellectuals are the Pharisees of Philosophies -they are no different in mentality than the religious pharisees of yesteryear. With the so-called Age of Enlightenment came the Priesthood of Philosophy who established dogmatic "churches" and "denominations" of political and social "thinking".

The FACT is the average person just wants to be left alone, not owned by anyone, and not ordered around by fellow mortal and imperfect human beings. A person's higher intelligence should not give them any more validity than anyone else.

Truth is proven by Nature and by action, not by fancy words, poetic statements, or repeating quotes.

The Intellectual Class has smothered the voices, and thus the mouths, of America. The Intellectuals have suffocated America. The Intellectual has murdered America. But, the Intellectuals have only done this because the average American has not raised his/her hands to remove the Intellectual's from their mouths. My fellow Americans slap away the limp wristed, effeminate, weak hand of the Intellectual from you mouth and speak your mind!

YOU DO have something to say! And you say it just fine, if it comes from your heart! Speak up and out for yourself. Don't let the Phd's and the paper degrees dictate what is discussed and how it is discussed. I think of the social and political Intellectuals just as I do the the Doctors of today, bunch of FOOLS. Doctors who have "License" to "practice" modern "medicine" are only schooled in modern Pharmica and electronic gadgetry. MOST don't even know how to keep their own bodies healthy much less understand anything about nutrition. Yet, Hippocrates clearly understood nutrition over 2400 years ago, in the so-called "primitive" pre-modern age. I have seen (on tv, videos), heard (on radio) and read (books, articles, websites) professional "experts" -Intellectuals- spew forth some of the most stupid statements and yet we the average public are supposed to regard them as out "best and brightest thinkers". So-called "thinkers" who help to establish Policies of State none-the-less!!

The so-called "counter-culture" Intellectuals are no better. The Non-Statist (Anarchist), White Racialist and Identity Christian circles also have their share of know-it-alls.

The Intellectual is someone who is intelligent, but not very smart. The Intellectual will read that last statement and, like a pharisee, will take the words literally and not understand the meaning. But the average person will read it, smile, and nod the head knowingly (you just did those things didn't you?).

The Intellectual is a savant, a person who has a gift, but at the same time can not function very well in the real world. Intellectuals should not be dictating the discussions concerning social and political issues. They have Right to speak, or write, and express themselves. But society errs when it allows the Intellectual to dominate the discussion. It is Intellectuals that name words and terms verboten to use, or topics to discuss, openly. The Intellectual Class appoints itself the definer of what is taboo. The Intellectual is only concerned with labeling such things taboo that interfere with his/her perception of what is "proper". If the Intellectual Class can not keep certain phrases or topics out of the spot light of society then he simply seeks to take over the discussion, re-define it and re-direct the thinking of the general populace.

The Intellectual Class is the Propaganda Priesthood of the Merchant Class. The Merchant Class is who is behind,and owns, the State. The State enFORCES the business policies of the Merchant.

The Intellectual Class is who directly influences the Entertainment and Media Industries. The Entertainment and Media Industries are simply the Propaganda mechanisms for the Merchant Class -the Ruling Class. Intellectuals begin to write and speak of a topic they pick, and how they want to, and the "news" and movie industries present the topic to the general public. The fact is watching two or more professional Intellectuals discuss or debate the technicalities of a social or political issue is not very entertaining to most. So, what the modern media and entertainment industries do is re-package the Intellectual's message into a more entertaining and emotional presentation and throw it out to the general public. The State thrives on this type of "information" spreading. The Media and Entertainment Industry makes the modern State a very easy thing to maintain and expand.

I often imagine what America would be like if a solar flare destroyed all electronics and set all of the world back to pre-Industrial Age status. Of course there were States long before electricity and industrialization. And they grew and thrived by propaganda of a different sort. The pharaohs of Egypt, the monarchs of Babylon and later of Europe used propaganda of the priestly classes which were simply the Intellectual Class of those days.

Today, Intellectual Statists and Intellectual Non-Statists alike bitch about religion being behind tyrannies of old. Yet it is THEY who are the Priest Class of today. Their Priest Craft being no different than of the State Priests of old -for they use intellectual "super knowledge" and word magic to.

It is not the belief in the spiritual or of God that has allowed States to oppress. On the contrary, it has always been men who purport be enlightened (read: more intelligent) and arbitrarily claim to have "authority" to proclaim what the general population needs or don't need.

How many times do we see a news segment or documentary that labels some Intellectual featured as an "authority" on the  topic being presented? A great example is when ever some issue comes up about Racism the media always has some "authority" on Racism -who is ALWAYS and without exception a ANTI-Racist- from the Southern Poverty Law Center or the Anti Defamation League. If not some clown from one of those corporations then some college or university "Intellectual" (Professor of Cultural Studies or some bullshit akin to that). I am a REAL White Racist, why ain't I, or some other true Racist, interviewed or on their panel of resident "experts"? Well, you already know the answer to that. If an Intellectual was intellectually honest he/she would suggest getting a real Racist on and let them speak from the racist point of view. But, professional Intellectuals are NOT honest. They are Priests of a Cult that they must protect through distraction and misdirection via their intellectual superstitions.

To dare question an "expert" or "authority" is anathema and pure blasphemy. There are people with fancy certificates they got when they graduated some welding school but are not that great at welding. Then, there are those who have never set foot in a welding class but can weld better than some welding teachers. WHO would YOU want to talk about welding with if you were doing a documentary or news segment on the topic? There are those who have numerous degrees of black belt, lots of sport trophies and certificates in some formalized fighting martial sport. Then, there are those who have never set foot in a karate, boxing or wrestling school who have survived numerous brawls, streetfights and even prison yard battles. WHO would YOU want to interview for a story or report you were doing on self-defense? The REAL world tired, tested and proven guy, or the goof-ball with all of the fancy paper in frames hanging on a wall?

The Media, Entertainment and Academic Industries are not interested in the real world. The realistic, the practical and the simply does not make the Intellectual a very needed person. So, like the Food Industry which has to spread the lies that you "need lots of carbohydrates" so it can make billions selling you manufactured high-carb content crap to eat, the Intellectual Industry has an invested interest in keeping you coming back for more of it's "intellectual" bullshit.

Here is the TRUTH: YOU don't need anyone to tell you what is Right & Wrong. YOU don't need anyone to help you in life but your own family, friends and local community. YOU don't need to look for people to help outside of your area, there are plenty of needs locally. YOU don't need anyone to tell you what to think about anything, you are smart enough to understand things on your own. YOU don't need anyone to tell you what you should or shouldn't do, you decide what is best choices for you. YOU don't need to depend on a "Licensed" "Doctor" to know what helps you feel better and heal. YOU don't need the Merchant/Banking/Ruling Class. YOU don't need the Statist/Political Class YOU don't need the Intellectual/Pharisee/Priest Class. YOU don't need the Soldier/Enforcer/ Class.