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By Gregory Kay

Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, I don't have to tell you what's going on with the United States Government; they're watching our every move.The NSA is monitoring every phone call and email; the IRS is deliberately interfering with conservative (and pseudo- conservative)groups, collecting all our medical records, and either leaking or selling the information to corporations or leftist groups; the Post Office is monitoring every single piece of snail mail, and Obama's new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is keeping track of every bank account, every mortgage and loan, every check written, and every credit and debit card transaction. We're under constant surveillance and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Right?  Wrong.

Northern Resistance and the Order of the Skull -by Ruger Miles

A brief history of the infamous Black Legion by Ruger M. Miles

During the 1920's the "revived" Ku Klux Klan seen a mass resurgance in states that many within the "Klan" movements of today would like to look past even exsisting...the Midwest "Yankee" states. Within these years the states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio soared with membership within the Knights more often times than not surpassing their brothers of the South in numbers. With this brought many to the "movement" of that time that really did not have the "spirit" of the order at heart. Not to say that many were not firm believers in Pure Americanism and traditional Christian values with good intentions.

To Parade Or Not To Parade -by Bob Miles

"We have seen what some in the right-wing call a parade. It is this latter variety, which concerns me. Few of these even qualify as a parade. They are closer to a picket line or a mini-demonstration than anything else. Before going any further, understand that I have marched in three or four of these racialist parades in my lifetime. No more than four. I regretted doing so for they were, to me, totally counter productive. But I marched with my associates, as invited to do, despite my dislike for exposing the weakness of our movement to the world. So, don't get me wrong. I marched along with many others despite the results of such events. But I am afraid that the term parade is misused when applied to recent Klan, skinhead, nationalist or whatever you want to label them, exhibitionist displays of weakness. 

The BLACK DEATH -Notes on Reconstruction I & II -by Andrew Grayson

65333_1387218934870948_262096642_nWritten by a college history major and Southern White Patriot, under the pen name of Andrew Grayson, this well researched and hard hitting thesis on the topic of the Reconstruction Era is fast and easy to read. At just a little over 100 pages, this book lays out before both the history expert and novice the rotten fruits of the U. S. Federal Government's 19th Century War On The South. This book pulls no punches as it clearly documents the trail of innocent blood leading all the way to Washington, D.C. That blood being the blood of White Americans who dared to resist the Tyranny of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL EMPIRE.