White Guilt -Psychological Illness

Years ago, while watching an episode of the Doctor Phil Show, I heard the "good" Dr. McGraw, shew forth all of his psychological learning and wisdom by stating that racism was a mental illness, a psychological disorder. Of course the all wise and knowing doc would only say White folks can suffer from such an affliction. (I mean, come on, he would NEVER say a Jew, just for instance, can have such a "mental illness" -why that would cause him his entertainment career)

white guilt

He has also said on his show that a man should "never" use any sort of physical force on women, not even to restrain a violent wife (that instead men should just turn around and walk away from violence being acted upon them by their women). Obvously he believes only MEN can be dangerously physically violent in relationships. And, obviously he also believes only Whites can be racist. Oh, the wisdom.

A while later, a year or two, while channel surfing, I stumbled across a Judeo slash politically Zionist preacher preacher that claimed racism was not only a sin, but caused by demonic possession -and for whatever dollars and 99 cents people could order his multi-disc series on how to perform exorcisms that would cast out the specific demons that cause racism -along with some other sorts of demons that cause people to do things like get tattoos. Yes, he really claimed that it is demonic entities that cause people to want tattoos .....Wow, I'm really screwed ......but anyway...
I don't believe Dr. Phil McGraw, or that t.v. demon "expert" dude, I believe if you aren't Racist something is mentally, and spiritually, wrong with you!

co exist
WHITE GUILT is a mental disease!

And it is caused by associating with Antichrists!

no white guilt


I strongly suggest people like Dr. Phil and the televangelist demon dude take them a big swig of White Guilt Free.

Free yourself of your White Guilt Complex and exorcise that Racial Self-Hatred demon right out of ya!



fuck white guilt