In Which Nation Do You Hold Your Loyalty? -by Bob Miles

 In Which Nation Do You Hold Your Loyalty?

By Pastor Robert E. Miles

[with emphasis added]

A nation has to be more than mere geography to be valid. It has to have meaning beyond that given to it by cartographers and politicians. It has to have a glue that keeps it together better than words imprinted upon treaties and documents made by mere man. It has to have a spirit, a will, and, a cohesiveness that only time alone forges. It must be something alive, something that moves, reproduces itself and perpetuates its being. It has to have awareness of a purpose, a sense of destiny and a tie to the past from whence it emerged. It is not land, for land is but its resting place. It is not water, for water is but its highways o'er which it has traveled and may again travel in days ahead. It is not air from which it draws breath, for the air has no nationality. The nation is one's people.The nation is one's Race. It is about time that White Rightists understand that their Race is their nation. Nothing else and nothing less. It is not a country that commands loyalty but a belief in a country's people and leadership. It is not a flag that lives on forever, but the deeds and the valor of the people who raised the flag.

It is not a map which determines the nation. It is the hearts, the souls, and the will of a people that chart the course of events that form nations. Our Race is our nation.

Our loyalty is to our Race and to our God and these above all else. I watch and wonder at the slop that I read in many of the White Right journals and writings. They plead with us to obey the laws and to honor the leaders, all in the name of patriotism. Yet, if traitors are in power, loyalty to such government is treason of the worst order possible. If strangers command your children to worship the Golden Calf, are you to instruct your children to obey these priests of Molech, Baal, and Mammon? If the flag represents a mongrelized land, then it ceases to be the flag which our forefathers raised o'er our heads. Can you do honour to that which debases you? Is that not the pat of the cur, the miserable hound who licks the boots of the one who just kicked him?

Me with US RAG

Bro. Ryan burning the Fifty Starred Federal Corporate Banner of Conquest

  Can you tell me that "Supporting Your Local Police" is a verity when these same police bring down their wooden clubs upon your heads when you stand up for the safety of your own children in the busing struggles? Can you really stand there and bleat about your loyalty to a government which has betrayed you consistently, steadily, and openly for these past forty-three or so years? How much of a masochist can you be to continue such courses? Love the whip and worship the whipper. Surely this is not what the nation is all about. Our Race is our Nation. I am a brother to every Englishman, Scot, or Irishman, Frenchman, Italian, German, Norwegian, Swede, Hungarian, Croat, Greek, Serb, Montenegrin, Czech, Pole, Dane, Spaniard, Canadian, New Zealander, Australian, and any other WHITE who exists. These are my compatriots. These are my fellow citizens. They are my nation, for it was of them that I was born. It is they to whom my ties are. Speak not to me for those to whom Race has no validity and no meaning. These are not Whites, these are Oreo cookies turned inside out. They wear our skins but are mongrels within. The Americans who bleat about being loyal and true-blue forever to a country which despises the White Race are not my fellow citizens. I owe them nothing but hatred and contempt. They have sold their God Who made them in His image in order to gain profit, pay-checks, and federal pensions. Our Nation has no geographical boundaries, for it was born to trek, to move, and to sweep across the world for thousands of years. Our Nation has no Jews in top positions, for these are the enemies of our God. Our Nation puts no blacks in its armed forces and leadership roles, for these are strangers within our midst; only our own stand guard. Our Nation does not teach the animalistic joys of the underpeoples but lifts up its children to aspire to the saints and the stars. Our Nation would not destroy the beliefs of its ancestors in order to accommodate the shibboleths of those who mock us.Our Nation is our Race, but only when the Race dominates completely. One Nation, One People, and One Leader. These were not idle words. These were the words from a past that stretches thousands of years before America was even born.

Also by Pastor Miles -an article about "street activism"/protests and parades that is just as timely today as it was over 20 years ago when it was written:

To Parade or Not To Parade

Bob Miles was well known and well respected among White Racialist activists of his day, especially the 1980′s era of the White Racialist Movement.Miles appeared on an episode (circa 1985) of Tom Metzger’s cable access show called Race and Reason. On this show he said…

“The Right-Wing is dead” … he said “[we are] Racial Revolutionaries” … that ultimately “[we just] want to be left alone” … [We say to the Government] “don’t put your Devil laws upon our back” …”We are totally opposed to all centralized power on eart. To us, our God is our King” … “If you believe in Governments then you’re going in circles” … “We have been termed Christian Anarchists and we have never felt that was an insult” … “The absences of world power is the difference between a peaceful society and the Devil’s Rule” … “The Devil invented Government“.

Robert Miles told Metropolitan Detroit magazine (June 1987), referring to the FBI. “They pictured me as a threat to the nation. But let me tell you the kind of threat I am: I publish a newsletter. I don’t harm or threaten anyone. Granted, I don’t like the government – I’m an anarchist, in fact. But these Ollie Norths see sedition in the five cows I have out in my pasture.” On April 24, 1987 Miles and others were indicted by a Fort Smith, Arkansas federal grand jury for Sedition charged with allegedly conspiring between mid-1983 and early 1985 to overthrow the U.S. Government.

Bob Miles BUS BOMBING Trial 1971


The above photo is of Miles in 1971 charged with bus bombing

old Bob Miles business card