War Declaration & Oath of the Bruder Schweigen

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The following is the 1984

Declaration Of War

of the Bruder Schweigen/Silent Brotherhood (a.k.a. "The Order").

[Down below is the Oath of the Bruder Schweigen]

order members

It is now a dark and dismal time in the history of our race. All about us lie the green graves of our sires, yet, in a land once ours, we have become a people dispossessed... By the millions, those not of our blood violate our borders and mock our claim to sovereignty. Yet our people only react with lethargy.  A great sickness has overcome us. Why do our people do nothing? What madness is this? Has the cancer of racial masochism consumed our very will to exist? While we allow Mexicans by the legions to invade our soil, we murder our babies in equal numbers. Were the men of the Alamo only a myth? Whether by the force of arms or force of the groin, the result of this invasion is the same. Yet our people do not resist. Our heroes and our culture have been insulted and degraded. The mongrel hordes clamour to sever us from our inheritance. Yet our people do not care. Throughout this land our children are being coerced into accepting nonwhites for their idols, their companions, and worst of all their mates. A course which is taking us straight to oblivion. Yet our people do not see... Not by accident but by design these terrible things have come to pass. It is self-evident to all who have eyes to see that an evil shadow has fallen across our once fair land. Evidence abounds that a certain vile, alien people have taken control of our country. How is it that a parasite has gained dominion over its host? Instead of being vigilant, our fathers have slept. What are we to do? How bleak these aliens have made our children's future. All about us the land is dying. Our cities swarm with dusky hordes. The water is rancid and the air is rank. Our farms are being seized by usurious leeches and our people are being forced off the land. The Capitalists and the Communists pick gleefully at our bones while the vile hook-nosed masters of usury orchestrate our destruction. What is to become of our children in a land such as this? Yet still our people sleep! Everyday the rich tighten the chains that lay heavy upon our people. How pitiful the white working class has become. Where is the brave Aryan yeoman so quick to smite the tyrant's hand?  They close the factories, the mills, the mines, and ship our jobs overseas. Yet our people do not awaken. They send an army of agents intor our midst to steal from our pockets and enforce their rule. Our forefathers under King George knew freedom more than we. Yet still, still our people sleep!  To those who awaken, the reality is grim. John Singer awoke. Concerned over the rampant drugs, homosexuality, and miscegenation in public schools he tried to teach his children at home. He was a stout Aryan yeoman who loved his family dearly. Government agents shot him in the back.  Gordon Kahl awoke. After four decades of submission to the tyranny of the IRS he tried to resist. He was a stout Aryan yeoman who loved his family dearly. Government agents shot him in the back.  Arthur L. Kirk awoke. For three generations his family farmed the land the usurious banker was trying to steal. Kinsman Kirk tried to resist. He was a stout Aryan yeoman who loved his family dearly. Government agents shot him in the back. To these three kinsmen, we say: "Rise, rise from you graves, white brothers! Rise and join us! We go to avenge your deaths. The Aryan yeomanry is awakening. A long forgotten wind is starting to blow. Do you hear the approaching thunder? It is that of the awakened Saxon. War is upon the land. The tyrant's blood will flow." By ones and by twos, by scores and by legions we will drive the enemy into the sea. Through our blood and God's will, the land promised to our fathers of old will become the land of our children to be.  We will resign ourselves no more to be ruled by a government based on monocracy. We, from this day forward declare that we no longer consider the regime in Washington to be a valid and lawful representative of all Aryans who refuse to submit to the coercion and subtle tyranny placed upon us by Tel Aviv and their lackeys in Washington. We recognize that the mass of our people have been put into a lobotomised, lethargic state of blind obedience and we will not take part anymore in collective racial suicide!  We hereby declare ourselves to be a free and sovereign people. We claim a territorial imperative which will consist of the entire North American continent north of Mexico. As soldiers of the Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM) we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the Geneva Convention. We now close this Declaration with an open letter to Congress and our signatures confirming our intent to do battle. Let friend and foe alike be made aware. This is war! -- We the following, being of sound mind and under no duress, do hereby sign this document of our own free will, stating forthrightly and without fear that we declare ourselves to be in full and unrelenting state of war with those forces seeking and consciously promoting the destruction of our faith and our race.  Therefore, for Blood, Soil, and Honour, and for the future of our children, *and for our King, Jesus Christ we commit ourselves to Battle. Amen.   *


Please note that the Anti Defamation League version (click here to view) of this declaration is only "excerpts" of the original version. The A.D.L. left out more than half of the declaration. They also left out of the last sentence: "and for our King Jesus Christ" as do other incomplete versions posted on so-called "Pro-White" websites and forums (such as this one -click here). It is obvious that the so-called "Pro-White" sites that post the censored version of the last sentence of the declaration purposefully leave out the reference to JESUS CHRIST. For they include all the lines from the oath but purposefully butcher up the last line by removing the Christian reference. This can only be explained as being due to their shared anti-Christian bias with the A.D.L.  We know that the Jews at the A.D.L. don't mind Whites being docile mainstream denominational "christians" subservient to Jewish agendas. The A.D.L. was spawned for the very express purpose of unleashing psychological warfare against REAL Christian White American Patriots. The A.D.L. does not want TRUE Christianity to take hold of White America else their serpent-like stranglehold be broken. Secular and neo-pagan "Pro-White" bloggers hate Christianity for they blame it for allowing the Jew to continue to destroy White Pride and Culture. It is FALSE "Judeo-"christianity" to blame, not Biblical and primitive TRUE Christianity. Page 419 of the book The Silent Brotherhood by Flynn and Gerhardt records that the last sentence of the actual document does in fact appear as does is here. As anecdotal evidence that the official declaration of war by the Bruder Schweigen unashamedly proclaimed Jesus Christ as King in the last sentence I refer the reader to the official motto of the Bruder Schweigen as appears on in the banner portion of the official crest of the order: 



-A verse from the HOLY BIBLE, Jeremiah 51:20 to be exact! 


declaration of war the order

silent brotherhood christian

The FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN that buries any doubt that the actual document contains the words "and for our King, Jesus Christ" -and PROVES the Anti-christian version of the declaration to be a CENSORED perversion- is found 36 minutes and 7 seconds into the 1995 ABC documentary: Inside the Hate Conspiracy: America's Terrorists. The documentary SHOWS the actual document -which was part of the Federal Prosecution's Evidence- complete with the signatures at the bottom. At 36:07 one can pause the video and CLEARLY see the typed words "and for our King, Jesus Christ" in the last sentence, just above the signatures! Thus the purposeful and willful DECEPTION on the part of so-called "Pro-White" sites that post a CENSORED version of the last sentence shows WILLFUL DISHONESTY, Jew-like deceptiveness, and DISHONORABLE character. Such behavior is unfitting anyone calling themselves "Aryan" -which is ancient Sanskrit for "nobleman.



bruce c pierce

The Scripture verse on the crest, designed by Robert Mathews, and the Declaration of War, written by Mathews do NOT mean that the whole membership of the Bruder Schewigen/Silent Brotherhood were professing Christians. But, about half indeed were proud, professing Christians. One was Bruce C. Pierce. Bruce was the second man to sign the Declaration, Robert already had signed it when he presented it to the men of the Order. In the Spirit of '76 and  John Hancock's defiant signing of the Declaration of Independence, Bruce proudly signed his name, under Robert's,  in bold cursive.

Bruce C Pierce

A few years later, while already serving his prison sentence, Bruce was asked about his signing of the war declaration by a interviewer during the filming of a ABC Turning Point episode about the Order. The interviewer remarked to Bruce that, in signing the document, he basically signed his life away.  Bruce replied "Yes". The lady reportress, Meredith Vieira, then asked "And that's okay?" to which he answered "In the end we're gonna win.  Bruce also said concerning his signing of the the Declaration of War, which he called his "Proudest moment" in his life:  "I signed, and I am proud that I did sign. It was  more of a formality in my eyes". When asked directly about being in a "state of war with the United States Government" Bruce matter-a-factually state: "Nothing has changed, I still feel the same way". 

pierce order

For 4 years I (Bro. Ryan) published my own monthly Christian Identity ministry newsletter, which was free to all who requested to be put on the mailing list. Being a free publication, many of my readers were the incarcerated. One of my subscribers was Bruce Pierce who was housed in the White Deer, Pennsylvania Federal Prison for most of the 4 year span of publication. He and I exchanged letters at least every 2 weeks and I developed a great respect for the man. He was intelligent, insightful, and came across quite humble, yet determinedly focused on developing his inner man, his Christian character. Most of his letters to me were of scriptural and Christian theological matters, but he also shared his workout regime, diet and humor with me as well. I asked him, for myself, in a particular letter about his signing the Declaration and his statement about signing in the (by then) old 1995 ABC interview. He replied back that he was still glad he signed. He did tell me that he believes the militant actions of the Order were premature, and that their timing was wrong. I certainly concur, it's not what they did that was wrong (war requires actions otherwise not civil during peace time) it was when they did it. Warfare is only justified in situations of Self-Defense. But, warfare, being defense of others, and not just self , is only justified if the others want your defensive violence done on their behalf.

Bruce Pierce

The fact is the majority of  White Americans don't want violence fought on their behalf .....well, at least not to defend them in an actual land settled and built up by their White Ancestors. Many White Americans blindly support the slaughtering of Non-Whites, just as long as that slaughtering is done in Non-White countries ....all in the name of protecting their country or course. Try to figure that insanity out. Good luck trying to make sense out of  NON-sense. Most White Americans, back in the early 1980's (the time Robert, Bruce and their Bruders were waging war on the U. S. Empire) didn't care that their Race & Culture were being replaced by Non-Whites and Non-White Christian values and culture. The same is even more true of most Whites in America today. This fact is the reason why violence in the name of "the White Race" is Unjustified and such warfare Unnatural. Natural Law stipulates that Violence, which is certainly a part of Nature, can only be used for 3 reason: 1) Personal Self-Defense 2) Self-Defense of Others 3) Punitive  I will not argue the Punitive use of Just Violence here, though I will state that though the Death Penalty is definitely a deterrent to a degree, it's purpose is ultimately to affect a Defense of Society. When someone is so depraved of mind that they think nothing of criminally using violence on innocent fellow members of society then there is only one way to permanently  stop such a person from repeatedly preying on others. The deterrence created by the potentiality of being Executed is one side of the Defense aspect of the Death Penalty. The other side of the Death Penalty is that it guarantees the violent criminal will behave violently against the innocent no more, thus reducing the amount of potential victims of violence.

The use of Violence in personal Self-Defense is a Natural Law -there is no animal in Nature that does not have some genetically inherited trait for use in self-defense, even it it is simply evasion. Pacifism is purely a man-made and artificial ideology that has no basis whatsoever in Natural Law. Self-Sacrifice of one's own freedom or life as Samson, Jesus Christ. or the men of the Silent Brotherhood did is not Pacifism, but rather strategic acts of war. War is aggression and battles are only won by the aggressive who use offensive action. Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, were NOT Passive, they were quite aggressive and were very cunning in their deployment of offensive psychological warfare tactics.  To want to manipulate, or MAKE,  someone else do your bidding is violence. Violence of mind is no different than physical violence, except that to defeat a foe with your mental powers by out-thinking them is a bit less dramatic and often overlooked.

Pierce Order

The True Patriot hates any System that manipulates, or brainwashes, the masses and scares the people into compliance to it's whims. But, the Patriot has NO Natural Right to use physical violence on behalf of his society if the people of his society have not asked for rescue. A Patriot certainly has the Natural Right to defend himself against criminal tyranny, but that is SELF-Defense. The use of Violence in Defense of Others is certainly Justified, and quite Natural, if the other person, or persons, have asked for help, or have not, or can not, ask for help, but can be reasonably seen to desire the help.

The American White population have NOT openly asked for help to "save" them. They didn't in 1983 when the Silent Brotherhood was founded and they haven't so far, as of today (August 8. 2013). This explains why the surviving members of the Order, after Robert Mathews died in a blaze of glory in 1984, went to prison. And why some of them, since then, have died in prison and others still languish there. Basically the men of the Order of the Silent Brotherhood were honorable and well-meaning men. They certainly were not criminals in the true, and Moral, sense of the of the word "criminal". None of the men, with one exception had ever been to jail before 1983. Some had families and some were college educated. They all had the right idea, and the right hearts, they just failed to understand the Natural Law of the use of violence in defense of others. No one has the Natural Right to arbitrarily declare war in the name of a people that don't want the war. I have been saying it for years: "The White Race is the ONLY living organism on earth that actively seeks it's own destruction ...And no amount of attempting to drag it kicking and screaming towards preservation is going to stop that.

The ONLY hope is to seek to educate those we can about the Truth of Race. We must continue to expose the Racial Holy War that is being waged from the spiritual realm and is manifested in the physical realm through the Cultural, Social and Genetic attacks made upon the White Race. 

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    silent brotherhood

The Oath of the Bruder Schweigen 

[On September 1983, in the northwest pacific State of Washington 9 Men, Patriots for Blood (Race)  & Soil (Land) solemnly swore the following oath, written by Robert J. Mathews. I have added emphasis on key points -for the benefit of Anti-christs and True Christians alike]

I, as a free Aryan man, hereby swear an unrelenting oath upon the green graves of our sires, upon the children in the wombs of our wives, upon the throne of God Almighty, sacred is His Name, to join together in holy union with those brothers in this circle and to declare forthright that from this moment on I have no fear of death, no fear of foe; that I have a sacred duty to do whatever is necessary to deliver our people form the Jew and bring total victory to the Aryan Race. I, as an Aryan Warrior, swear myself to complete secrecy to the Order and total loyalty to my comrades. Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should one of you fall in battle, I will see to the welfare and well-being of your family. Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should one of you be taken prisoner, I will do whatever is necessary to regain your freedom. Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should an enemy agent hurt you, I will chase him to the ends of the earth and remove his head from his body. And furthermore, let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that if I break this oath, let me be forever cursed upon the lips of our people as a coward and an oath breaker. My brothers, let us be His battle ax and weapons of war

Let us go forth by ones and by twos, by scores and by legions, and as true Aryan Men with pure hearts and strong minds face the enemies of our Faith and our Race with courage and determination. We hereby invoke the blood covenant and declare that we are in a full state of war and will not lay down our weapons until we have driven the enemy into the sea and reclaimed the Land which was promised to our fathers of old, and through our blood and His Will, become the Land of our children to be. 

[This same oath was repeated by the Men of the Order again, after signing the Declaration of War, over a year later, on November 25, 1984]


Below is a video tribute to the Order (I did not make the video)

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