Unhealthy Christianity

Many White Christians (both mainstream Judeos and Identity Christians) shun and even mock those who excercise regularly and eat healthy diets as being "vain" and "carnal minded" and yet when their unhealthy lifestyles (which consist of lack of regular meainingful exercise and healthy eating) lead to preventable health problems they seek prayer and compassion from fellow Christians ......and carnal minded medical profe$$ionals who practice VAIN medical indu$try procedures and manufactured pharmaceutical$. 

fat christian

Some American Christian Whites accuse those who stick to a workout schedule, watch what and how much they eat, and follow a disciplined lifestyle in general, in efforts to improve and take care of their bodies, as being "idolatrous" .....yet these same accusers will fill your ears with stories about their health problems and spend much time at doctors and money on modern pharmacueticals. So WHO are the REAL idol worshippers and WHAT are the REAL idols and TRUE idolatry here?

vainity gluttony sin

Jesus has blessed Americans (and Whites worldwide) with PLENTY of good nutrition information and plenty of ways to workout and styles of exercise.

Jesus did NOT bless, or give, us highly processed, nutrition lacking, disease causing or sickness encouraging modern "foods".

holy food