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"In still another battle, which took place at Gath, there was a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot -twenty-four in all. He also was descended from Rapha." 1st Chronicles 20:6

To be clear, the "Rapha" described in the above Old Testament verse had 3 specific physical anomolies:

1) 12 fingers (6 on each hand)

2) 12 toes (6 on each foot)

3) extreme height and overall body size ("huge")

Someone living today can have 12 fingers, or 12 toes, or be huge in stature, but the Rapha of the Old Testament displayed in their appearance all THREE genetic traits. Yet one has to wonder about those alive today that have any of the 3 physical traits. Could it be that they are genetically related to (descendents of) the ancient Giant Races of Canaan, spoken of in the Old Testament texts?

{Also see Fingered -showing some with 12 fingers, 6 on each hand}

[There are deformities, birth defects, and then there is genetic traits, two different things. Keep that in mind.]

six toes


The technical medical term for this condition is called Polydactyly

 twelve toes xray

twelve toes

 six toes flipflops

six toes

Just because someone looks White (Adamic) don't necessarily mean they are genetically pure White. 12 toes is an odd genetic trait for a descendant of Adam & Eve to have. Behaviour is always the BEST indicator, "by their fruits....." (Matthew 7:16)

Consider the fact that a lot of the people with 6 toes on each foot are obviously Non-White (Non-Adamic) and very Antichrist in their behavior, life style, activism, agendas and words. The she-ape Oprah Winfrey (see image below) is a good example of a 6 toed KNOWN Non-White Antichrist BEAST.

antichrist oprah winfrey