Squat Monsters


It has been a few years since I first heard my friend and fellow Identist, William 'Bill' Finck of Christogenea.org, use the term "Squat Monster".

I had never heard the term before but I knew from the context in which he used it that he was referring to Non-Whites of the Non-Negro and Non-Jewish variety.

After my initial hearing of his usage of the term I had heard him use it a few more times, and though it was always in referrence to Non-Whites from South America or Asia, I still hadn't really caught on to WHY he called them that. 

I knew he wasn't referring to Non-Whites that are bodybuilders and powerlifters who do heavy weightlifting squats.

squat monsters not

I also knew he wasn't talking about some sort of real-life monsters squatting (although he does consider Non-Whites monsters, but that's a different topic, we will just deal with the 'squat' aspect here). 

squat till ya die

I had assumed that his use of the term simply was in reference to their generally short statures.

Boy was my assumption way off base.

 I don't feel bad for not knowing the correct meaning of the term 'Squat Monster' because after I found out it's real meaning (from Bill himself) I also came to find out that most of Bill's podcast listeners also don't realize what the term actually means .

It is my hope that this page will clarify the meaning of Squat Monster once and for all.

He calls certain types of Non-Whites "SQUAT Monsters" because they squat ON toilets in bathrooms, instead of sit on them, when relieving themselves.

squat monsters

Our White ancestors did a lot of squating before common daily usage of the porcelin potty chair became our Western custom. White people today that go 'primitive' camping also 'cop a squat' out in the woods when the need arises and there is no toilet or outhouse.

how a white man shits in the woods

 Now when you Google 'squat toilet' you will find all kinds of links to pages telling you how "natural" and "healthier" it is to squat while shitting. 

smooth shitting

And hey, I'm all for keeping things natural and healthy, but those turd world (pun definitely intended here) shit skins STEP on toilet SEATS, not because they're wanting smooth bowel movements and healthy intestines, but because they're stupid! 

squatting monsters

 It takes a STUPID Race to need PICTURES to show them how to use something that is obviously a SEAT to be SAT upon, not stepped upon, or for feet to be placed on.
no step toilet

Any Race that has to be shown how to properly use a Western toilet don't need to be in Western (that's codeword for 'WHITE') countries in the first place.



As I write this I am reminded of what a person who was in the U.S. Army and had been in Afghanistan told me. 



This person told me that some of the soldiers of the platoon were assigned to teach the Afghanistani males HOW TO STAND WHEN THEY PISSED.


But that wasn't the worst of it, they were mainly seeking to get the Afghanistanis to stop squatting and pissing whenever and WHEREVER they felt the urge to relieve themselve, like dogs do, with no regards for who is around them or where they were when they would squat to piss!! 

monster of squat

[Remember now, that is the Race that supposedly had 'something' to do with 9-11-01 and are a threat to our Merican Free-dumbs *insert eyeroll here* -a Race with males that have to be taught by the U.S. Military how to stand to piss, and that squats and pisses, like dogs do, with no regards to their surroundings]

asian potty

Now in all fairness if YOU, a White person, have to be taught how to use a Asian, or Middle Eastern, or South American, squat toilet, then you too are stupid.

chink potty

 It should be pretty obvious how to squat to take a shit or piss. Even though we Westerners ('Whites' *wink wink) don't squat, we SIT, when we shit, we shouldn't need pictorial instructions on the restroom wall if we were to go to Non-White country and encounter squat toilets. 

jap potty

Only a dummy would need to be told not to try to sit on something that is obviously not for sitting on.


Only a stupid Race would need to actually be told not to step upon, and squat on, something that is obviously for sitting!