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blue eyed nigger


blue eyed devils


This page is dedicated to my good friend, fellow White kinsman, and Christian brother, who has blue eyes and gave me the idea for this post by saying one day to me (speaking of non-whites with blue eyes) "They're the real blue eyed devils".

J.W.M., this one is for you bro you owe me a beer!

Yes, many Negroes and other Non-Whites with blue eye color do in fact have White genes (due to having White race-mixers in their ancestry) but there are Negros in Africa known to be 100% Negro that also have blue eyes (as this Afrocentric website says in it's own article about blue eyed African Negros). There are Asians, also known to have no White ancestry, that have blue eyes. Those Negros and Asians that have blue eyes, yet no White ancestry, are said to have been born with a genetic condition known as Waardenburg Syndrome (read about it here).

blue devils

blue eye negro

The Holy Bible only speaks of the creation of Adamic (White) Man and NO other Race of human hominid. All other Races are NOT of (descended from) Adam and therefore their origin is suspect.

Some may say that the Non-Whites were created by God, but on a different day from Adam, this is the so-called "6th & 8th Day" theory (A twisting of verses 1:26-27 and 2:7 in Genesis which has been laid to rest by honest scholarly work, read hereand here).

Others will claim that they, the Non White Races, were created by God when the animals were created, and try to include them in the "beasts of the field" and/or "living creature" terminology of Genesis.

race aliens

There is no doubt the Non-Adamic (Non-White) Races were here before Adam and Adamkind (thus the term "Pre-Adamic"), but WHO made them?

ancient aliens

 Are they (the Non-White Pre-Adamites) the result of ancient genetic manipulation, tampering and adulteration by....  Extraterrestrial Beings?

nigger alien

Funny memes aside, no doubt beings from another realm "created" the Negro and the other Pre-Adamic Non-Whites hominids,

NOT so-called "space aliens", but:


blue eyed devil  

 As only God can create, the Devil (Lucifer) and his fellow fallen angelic beings could only manipulate (genetically) adulterate (pervert), and mongrelize (mix-up) what God had created. Have you considered that the Negro and other Non-White Races are but mongrelized beings that started out as primates such as apes and orangutans? No, I am NOT speaking of "evolution", nor would I suggest such a silly concept. For "if" evolution is true then ALL Races, including the White Race, are nothing but evolved apes and monkeys. What I am saying is that the White Race was created by God (beginning with Adam & Eve) and the Non-White (Pre-Adamic) Races were "manufactured" by Fallen Angels. By "manufactured" I mean genetic manipulation using the genetic D.N.A. (genes) of pre-exisiting species of apes and adulterating them in some manner, or manners, to create their own pseudo "men".

 chink eyes

 As is explained on this page HERE the Biblical term "devil" is synonymous with our word "ape".

 nigger blue eyes

Take note that 2nd Peter 2:4 and Jude 1:6 both speak of the Fallen Angels being held in a sort of captivity, in

"chains of [in] darkness".

Those two Bible verses clearly explain that fallen beings left their original state of being, on their own, and therefore became imprisoned ....they imprisoned themselves! They rebelled against the Creator by trying to create for themselves their own Races of "men" (earthly bodies) in which to dwell. You can read more about this Scriptural fact HERE in the exhaustive scholarly series on the topic by Clifton Emahiser.

blue eyed chinease


The "making" of the PRE Adamic Races is not to be confused with the later attempts at mixing by the Fallen Angels with the Adamic women spoken of in Genesis and Enoch.



Whether a particular Non-Adamic being got it's blue eyes from a White parent/ancestor or from a genetic mutation due to it's Race's ancient genetically Satanic origin doesn't matter. Nor does it matter that it's eyes are blue, it makes it no less NON White and NO more Adamic than any other Non-White.