Raised Brow

[over a dozen images and photos]

Raised Brow ....ridges, and slopped foreheads,

rock non white

two (more) things that make you wonder what some "people" really have in their genetic ancestry.

skull comparison

human vs neandethal

slope forehead

giant forehead

slopped forehead

giant head

brow ridge

martin lindstedt neanderthal

{before phylactery prosthesis}

martin lindstedt jew

{after phylacteric forehead prosthetic}

Of course you can always conceal your neanderthal protruding brow ridge and slopped forehead with a Jewish phylactery (see below) as demonstrated by the neanderthal looking Jew in the above ^ 2 {before & after} photos.

jew forehead

Phylacteries work great with portruding brow ridges and/or slopped foreheads.

slopped forehead

keef twoof neanderthal

jew slopped foreheads

Well known Jews (below) with slopped foreheads

jew slopped foreheads

jew neanderthal

jew profile