Race, just in our heads?

race in skulls


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It is from superstition, not Scripture, nor (true) science, that the myth all races originated from the same original race comes from. Supersition is unfounded fear, and many Whites have an unwarranted, and unnatural fear of believing what the Bible, their conscience, and honest science tells them about Race -No, Judeo-christian, all Races did NOT come from Adam & Eve, nor spring forth from Noah's 3 sons, Shem, Ham and Japeth.

racism in the head

It is also superstition to believe that all races are the same on the inside (psychologically) despite their differences in outward appearances. Races don't just look different, they ARE different mentally, psychologically, emotionally creatively, and spiritually.

race and skull


race skull

race is not a social construct



race is a natural construct

 race and skull differences

Yea, that's ^ kinda like this:

man kisses ape

Nope, All Races did NOT come from Adam & Eve.


livingstone race illustration

 OBVIOUSLY not all Races came from Adam -there were NON-Adamic Races here BEFORE Adam & Eve.

pre adamic races