Queeny & Kweefy -Canannite Trolls

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The Jezebel of Youtube herself, "Queeny Cameron", is a slanderous, liabeling, lying, traducing little non-White bitch.


queeny cameron

 Queeny Canine, or should it be CAINine?
...As in the bloodline of Cain.

 queeny cameron


queeny c

The ugly Canaanite-Edomite Dog itself.


"Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers" Philippians 3:2

"Give not that which is holy unto the dogs" Matthew 7:6

"It is not good to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs." Matthew 15:26

Christ called the CANAANITES "dogs" in Matthew chapter 15 -see HERE for more information about this Scriptural fact.

queeny cam

Queeny Cameron is a disturbed lil C.U.N.T.


Clowny Unchristian Non-white Talebearer

cameron clown

A clown, complete with make-up, is she.


 Queeny Jezebel Cameron is a slanderous, lying professional Internet Troll, that spends her days falsely accusing people on the internet of being involved in occult conspiracies. Yet it is HER, along with her effiminate waif of a husband ("Keef Twoof"), that clearly is involved in the occult.


 Watch this video:




Note the Occult Evil-Eye selfies of Queeny


Queen JEZEBEL Cameron can claim she is against Luciferian Illuminism but her own photos prove her Satanic deceptive agenda.

The evil bitch uses still frames from Youtube videos of her targets to try to "prove" they are giving secret Illuminati signals and signs.

Yet, all anyone has to do is look at the one-eyed poses she takes of herself and posts on the internet to see SHE is the one purposefully, and methodically, displaying Satanic Signs, like the single All Seeing Eye of Luciferian Illuminism.


No matter how much white base make-up she slathers on her ugly face (photo below), she is still a ugly Non-White Canaanite dog

cameron twoof




You're looking into the eyes, or should I say eye, of a demon.

These samples photos of the bitch showing the single-eye pose are enough to PROVE that the Queen Jezebel of Youtube has an Antichrist Agenda to slander people on Youtube and the internet that spread Christian Truths she hates.

nigger satan


queeny troll

 Look at those soulless, sociopathic eyes.

Dark, black, cold, evil eyes. Creepy!

evil eye

No matter how much she falsely-accuses others of Luciferianism, she can't hide the fact that SHE is the real Luciferian.

To quote the Shakespearean character, Hamlet....

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

keef twoof

{see: keeftwoof.com}

Above is a image of her wimpy husband who goes by the internet alias "Keef Twoof" (I call him KWeef Poof) wearing his occult robe costume and giving his One Eye pose.

 Of course KWeefy has photos of himself purposefully showing only one of his eyes, like his bitch wife does, because he wants to have that Luciferian All Seeing Eye of Illumination he reads about. See this video:

 Too bad he can't use that Illuminati "third eye" to see what we all see, that his wife controls and manipulates him to do her bidding, like the evil witch she is. Queeny Jezebel has put a spell on you, KWeefy boy, wake up!

 keef twof


Here we can see KWeefy Poofy, the little mousey pussy fart, trying to look all cool, and Satanic, and shit, with his collection of theosophical books on Luciferian magik.

Kweefy follows Queeny's every command and does her bidding. If he don't obey his psychopathic bitch of a wife there is hell to pay. He's a good lil slave.



 Anyone that listens to, and sees, (on Youtube) this cowardly, effeminate, little rat-faced mouse of a "man", can quickly gather that he does the 'queen's' bidding, nothing more, nothing less.

Yea, we all know who wears the pants, or should I say strap-on, in THAT marriage made in Hell.

Keef Twoof really should go by the moniker

KWeef Poof.

keef twoof

That's right KWeefy, you little pussy, hang your head in shame, bitch.

 If you don't already know "queef" is a term for vaginal discharge of air, a pussy fart, to use everyday venacular.
KWeef is certainly a little pussy, and he is a little fart, so the new nickname I have given him is very appropriate, if not poetic.


Keef Twoof is the slave of his mistress, Queeny Cameron, the creepy bitch.

Like master like slave, KWeef is a clown just like his cunt of a bossy wife.



Queeny Cameron's little monkey, KWeefy, does what ever internet trollin' tricks she tells him too.

Here you can see a video wedding album someone made for them:



In the above side profile photo we can clearly see the sloping forehead of Keef.

forehead jew

 For more about the sloped foreheads and raised brows of Jews (like Keef Twoof) and other Non-Whites go HERE

  The , like his Canaanite bitch-dog wife, so at least the trolling pair aren't a mixed race couple.


Is Queeny the Sheenie, and her fellow Canannite husband Keef Twoof, working for the...

 queen jdl

....Or perhaps the...

keef twoof

WATCH this video and decide for yourself:



queeny troll  

For more about paid Jew Trolls go HERE

 The TRUTH about Queeny Bitch and her punk husband, Keef Twoof, is that they are a couple of Interent Trolls, and Cyber Sociopaths.

queeny cameron keef twoof

They don't care about Truth or Christianity, they just want to cause trouble and distraction.

 Here is a short video clearly demonstrating Queeny's HYPOCRISY:


Also see: http://queenycameron.net/ for more information about


queeny cameron

 Queeny the Jezebel of Youtube Cameron is, no doubt, a Narcissitic Sociopath and her waif of a hubby, Keef Twoof, is a flying monkey who does her bidding, like the little bitch he is.

keef twoof