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"If you've read my article titled RACIST -origin of the term (link here), or watched my video presentation titled The IST  in Racist (link here) you would know that the word "Racist" is NOT a word that means anything "bad", and you would also know that the internet myth claiming the Communist kike Leon Trotsky "invented the term racist" is utter and absolute BULLSHIT. 

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 {For another article, written by a another author, exposing the Trotsky-"Racist" MYTH go HERE}

 No matter your particular beliefs about Race  - and YOU do have beliefs about Race, one way or the other, EVERYBODY DOES- then YOU are in fact a "Rac-IST".

Not only is "Racist" not a bad thing to be called but everyone is Racist. For the very English suffix "ist" (i-s-T) simply refers to "a person who does, or is concerned with" a thing. If a person is a staunch "ANTI-Racist" activist that person is against themselves, for they are as concerned with race and racial topics as is a Pro-Black Racist, Pro-American Indian Racist or Pro-White Racist. It's that simple.

The so-called "Anti-Racist"  activist DEFENDS Racism (note the suffix "ism") ...just their form of Racism. The suffix "ism" (i-s-M) literally means: "distinctive practice, system,  philosophy, doctrine, ideology" The self described "Anti" Racist has a distinctive practice, system, philosophy, doctrine and ideology just as much as any "Pro" Racial Activist does.

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 In reality there is NO SUCH THING as an "ANTI-Racist" (just ANTI Whites) because to be "anti" one must not be an IST.

 The suffix "ist" simply denotes a believer in whatever the subject preceding prefix represents.

The suffix "ist" in a word don't define what the beliefs are, just that they exist. Welcome to the English language, isn't it neat?!

So simply put, according to the literal meanings of the suffixes "ist" and "ism", if YOU have ANY beliefs about Race, Racial Relations, or Racial Purity, or that "we are all one race, the human race", then YOU are a Racist who holds beliefs in Racism.

It matters not if you are for or against Racial Separatism, or for Racial Integration or not. I explain all of the above in my article, and video, on the word Racist (linked above)  and I show that the very word "r-a-c-i-s-t" simply, and innocently, evolved from the pronunciation of the Russian word for "Racialist" (that's: Racial-IST) which written in Russian is: расист and is pronounced: "re-is-ist".

I am a certainly a Racist, I openly admit it, and have no shame about being a Racist, because I have beliefs about Race -thus I am a "Race + IST".

As I said EVERYONE has beliefs about Race (even if their beliefs are that "Race don't exist"and that Race is "just a social construct" ) and therefore EVERYONE IS RACIST. There are but 2 types of Racist in the world, categorization that NO ONE is except from, including you, YOU fit in one of the categories.

One Racist Category is the belief that Race is not that important, or that it is only about outward physical appearance, i.e. "skin color".

The second Racist Category contains those who believe that Race is much more than mere skin color and looks -this category believes that Race is the genetic determination of not only appearance, but of mentality, temperment, creativity and (such as in the case of we Identity Christians/ Christian Identists) even much deeper: spirituality.

I, of course, fit in the later category.

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I know Race is real and not a so-called "social construct" that was "put in" my head by "racist parents" or a "white power social structure" . My parents were not what anyone considers Racist, and the "social structure" made up of public school, television, media and government when I grew up certainly was NOT "White Power". Through my own thinking, experiences and research I came to believe in the very real genetic, social and historic reality of Race.

My beliefs are not Politicaly Correct or "socially acceptable" in today's modernistic socially engineered society. So my Racism ("Race + ISM") is considered "hateful", "ignorance", "not-with-the-times", and socially taboo, and I'm okay with that. I'd rather believe in Truth than follow the majority who blindly believe, without question of inquiry,  whatever the media, entertainment, poltical,  and "education" (better said: indocrination) Indu$tries tells them to believe.

On-the-other-hand the RACISM of the Anti-Racist and Multicultural crowd is totally acceptable (Politically Correct), being considered "loving", "intellectual" and "progressive".


I am a Racist because I dared to open my eyes and see things for what they are and not what the church, school, media, television shows, movies, "officials" and my parents told me to see them as. 

Some people like to attempt to justify their Politically Correct version of Racism (the First of the two Racist Categories) by stating that Racists of the second category (such as myself) are "haters" full of Racial Hatred" and "HATE" others Races. Thus one category purports to be Racism of "Love" while condeming the other category of being "just about Hate". This claim is so powerfully promoted that some second category Racists will seek to distance themselves from the word "Hate" and issue disclaimers in vain attempt to make themselves not appear to hate other people "just because they are of a different Race". I am NOT one of them, I openly state that I am a Racist that believes in the Reality of Race AND am seething with pure, unadulterated, Racial Hatred.

How you interpret the word "hate" is not of my concern. The actual defintion of hate is all that matters and it is such:

verb: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest; to be unwilling; dislike.

noun: intense dislike; extreme aversion or hostility.

 adjective: noting or relating to acts that are motivated by hatred, prejudice, or intolerance.

As I said, I did not grow up in a racist home nor around racist influences. Yet I also grew up in a mostly White area and went to predominantly White schools, so interaction and thus my practical knowledge about Non-Whites when I was a kid and teenager was for the most part limited.

[As a side note, it should be noticed that WHITE Liberal, Leftie and Right-Wing "Conservative" Multiculturalists and self-described "Anti"-Racists either are Middle Class suburb dwelling do-gooders who don't actually live around many Non-Whites or they are Whites that do live among lots of Non-Whites and have adapted their Non-White cultures, dress, lingo and behaviors]

It wasn't until my adult years (and having moved homes, as well as entered the employment world) that I became to be around many more Non-Whites. It was then that I began (albeit slowly) to see that the Races were indeed different and that Non-Whites were not like us in ways that had nothing to do with skin tone or facial and hair features. I tried to push the thoughts out of my head for the first years of adulthood because I didn't want to think what I thought at the time were just base and primitive/carnal "evil" or "sinful" thoughts.



It took a few more years but through personal experience, and research, with an honest heart, and through opened eyes, I came to absolutely HATE Non-Whites.The dictionary definition of the term "hate" (as shown above) vindicates my use of the term. I absolutely DO "dislike intensely" and "passionately", and do feel "extreme aversion", and yes even "hostility", for Non-Whites generally speaking, and some Non-Whites more than others individually speaking. WHY should I feel bad for having Hate for Non-Whites and Love for Whites, my own Race? 

Jesus Christ said (in Matthew 6:24) we can not serve two masters, because we would love one and hate the other, meaning we would perfer one over the other and that no one can give 100% to one without neglecting the other. To further drive home this Holy TRUTH He also said (in Luke 14:26) that unless a Christian "HATE " his family and relatives and friends he/she does not LOVE God. Now of course Christ did not mean "except you engage in physical violence against a master, or your family members or parents you don't love God". What He did mean is that devotion and service can not be split up in different directions. He expects you to Love your spouse family and relatives and do things for them, He simply was pointing out that service and obligations to God comes before them or anyone else. And, I might add, He was also stressing the importance that HOW you treat them and love them must be based on Godly standards and God's Moral Laws, not your own standards or their standards. We must Love our family and neighbors in Truth and love them truthfully.

Your LOVE for who you Love, if it is real, will be so strong, so devoted, so pure, that your Love can be considered HATE for all others.

In marriage you must love your spouse to the exclusion of, or "hate" for, others of the opposite sex.

When it comes to your Racial Family, your "Folk", you can not love other Races the same way you love your own, thus YOU MUST HATE OTHER RACES TO LOVE YOUR OWN. It's that simple. 

Understand that it's not just my Love for my own Race that lends me to Hate the other Races, it is the behavior of the other Races, for example the Black Race, that also makes me Hate them.

I would like to point out that self-described "Anti" Racists activists are just as full of Hate as I am, but they cover it in a veneer of bullshit by claiming they are simply trying to "end racist oppression" and "fight for peoples freedom" and the "civil rights of all". They don't love everyone nor do they give a shit about the freedom of everybody, they only love those that agree with them and only want freedom for those who don't contradict the Modern Era Mystery Bablylonian Cult of Multiculturalism.

To clarify the hypocrisy of the anti-Racist and Multiculturalist activists, and my consistency in not being a hypocrite, they claim they are about "freedom" and "love" for everyone, but I want to make it clear that I don't give a shit about other Races; I don't care about the plight of Non-Whites in America, or anywhere else on the planet. The Multi-CULT and "anti" Racists DON'T want everyone to be free and they don't love everyone, if they did they wouldn't verbally, physically, and cyberly, attack White Racists who dare to openly express and share their Racist beliefs. They hate us and we hate them.  The difference is, we don't deny we have Hate, and they do.

Again, as I said above, you can't Love without Hate.

There is no such thing as "smashing hate" or creating "a world without hate, just love".

The "WE ARE ALL ONE" mentality comes from the modern era New Age religion based on ancient Babylonian theology. A theology that is the ideology of the


I certainly want to see a New Order come into being, but I know that that world-wide Order, or re-ordering of the world, won't come about by the will of men, and certainly not through statist political philosophies and systems. (I speak here of World Order under the Reign of a King, who isn't a man, but a God -see here) 

I make no bones about it, I AM a White Supermacist: I don't just embrace the wonderful term "Racist" in I also embrace the term "Supremacist" when describing myself and my beliefs and convicitons about Race. Sadly, some White Racists will use the two terms "racialist" and "separatist" exclusively when describing themselves and their beliefs and will not use the terms "racist" and "supremacist".They shy from the term "racist" because they are afraid it will make them look "hateful" and the term "supremacist" because they are worried it will make them appear to want to rule over Non-Whites or that they think the White Race is better, or supreme" to other Races. I use all four words, none of them are bad or misleading terms.

As I have already said and explained one can not Love their Race without having Hatered for the other Races. So what do I care if people interpret that the term "Hate" to mean physical violence (on Non-Whites)? If they interpret the term, but can't read a dictionary to correctly define the term, that's their ignorance, not mine.

As to the term SUPERMACY, of course the White Race is SUPREME, history and present times demostrates that fact. The White Race is supreme in intellect, creativity and civility, compared to all other Races, again, look to history and the present world today. That is not to say everything the White Race does is good, because the White Race has certainly failed itself and it's Creator many, many times. It's certainly failing itself and it's Creator today.

* NOTE: I shouldn't have to make this disclaimer, but just for clarity: NO, not all individual Whites, are good morally. or very intelligent, or creative, and yes there are Non-Whites that are moral and/or extremely intelligent and have invented, or created, or discovered. When speaking in terms of Race it is to be understood in generalities and collective wholes. Racially, and thus GENERALLY and as a collective whole, the White Race is supreme to all other Races, period.

In inventiveness, creativity and exploration the White Race takes the blue ribbon, the first place trophy, hands down. Morally, socially and civilly (though the White Race has had it's historic failures and is failing miserablly today) is still supreme to all other Races in these areas as well. There are good reasons why Non-Whites from "turd" world lands are dying, sometimes literally, to get into the White Lands of Europe, America and Australia. 

A second aspect of the term "Supremacy" is that it connotes, or can connote, ruling over -in this context "ruling over Non-Whites". I want to make it perfectly clear that I, nor most other White Supermacists, haved absolutely NO desire to rule over Non-Whites. And that is not because I want them to be free to rule over themselves in a separate land from mine, because I don't give a damn about them or how free they are, or where they endy up. I just don't want them in my country, or any lands where Whites are predominate and societies that have been founded and built up by Whites. 

As a Identity Christian, or Christian Identist, that believes in the Christian doctrine commonly called, and known as, "Identity", I believe, without doubt that the White Race is the:


 christo -
Greek: χριστός (christós); "anointed","chosen"

genea -Greek: γενεά (ghen-eh-ah'); "race", "family", "generation", "nation"

(for more information  about  Christian Identity  see (here)



Now, you probably are wondering if I am a "Racist Neo-Nazi". The term "Nazi", of course, is simply an abbreviated version of the term "National Socialist". (As to the MYTH that the term "Nazi" originated as an American derogatory term during W.W. II for the German National Socialists, as well as other MYTHS, such as the spurious claim that the term came from the "n-a-z-i" in the term "Ashkenazi" (Jews), see my video presentation:

The  ZI  in Nazi  (HERE)
I am a national socialist in the organic sense of the two words "nationalist" and "socialist" (note the lower-case, small, "n" and "s"). I go more indepth about my beliefs in natural, and Biblically based, nationalistic socialism in my article (written in 2008) titled:
Racial Socialism = Christianity (link HERE).

The word "nation", like the term "patriot" originated from terms that had bloodline and ancestral connotations.

The word "socialist", in the simple organic sense of the word, simply means to be socially conscious of one's tie to community and Kind. This social connection is not just being cognitive of, but also accepting of, out of natural free-will, a reasonable degree of social responsibilty towards one's own Kind (Race). Social, or social-IST, responsibility is both of a Moral AND ECONOMIC nature.

Asocial-IST("ist" is simply a suffix that me corresponds to verbs ending in -ize or nouns ending in -ism, that denote a person who practices or is concerned with something, or holds certain principles, doctrines, ideologies, ect.)  is someone who holds some sort of beliefs or convictions dealing with social issues and society in general.EVERYONE is a socialist, in-other-words! ....Because EVERYONE has some sort of belief and/or ideology concerning how their society should be organized and function.

The term, or word, socialist (as well as socialism) is directly tied to the words 'social' and 'society'.

The term social is defined as:

a) of or relating to human society and its modes of organization

b) of or relating to rank and status in society: social standing.

c) of, relating to, or occupied with matters affecting human welfare


The term society is defined as:

a) the totality of people regarded as forming a community of interdependent individuals

 b) a group of people broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture


As can be clearly seen in the above definitions there is nothing directly or exclusively pointing to economics, and certainly nothing indictating a FORCED policy (of state).

The term socialist and socialism are not exclusively Marxist or Communist terms, nor are they exclusively statist terms, or terms of State. They can be, however, be used as ECONOMIC terms, but they are not words that exclusively belong to any particular economic, social or political philosophy, be it Marxism of Nationalism or whatever denomination of statist ism

The Bible teaches economic socialism, but only as a voluntary (free-will) thing and not forced onto anyone. We ARE our (Racial) brother's and sister's keepers in that we ARE Biblically, Morally and Natural responible, not for them, but TOO them. Part of that Social (and Racial) Responsibilty is an Economic Accountability, a Financial Responsiblity too your Racial Family. Christ challenged the rich guy in Matthew 19:21 to sell all of his stuff and give the proceeds to the poor around him; the first century Christians sold their extra properties and possessions and shared the money with their brethren, see Acts 2:44-45 and 4:32.

The Statist ("Political") versions of so-called "Nationalism" and "Socialism" (note the upper case "N" and "S" to signify the difference between a political brand and the organic) are simply adulterations of pure, and True nationalism and socialism. Racial Loyalty can not be legislated into existence by a political State, nor can Racial Responsibility be micro-managed by a Statist bureaucracy.  Adolf Hitler may of meant well (and contrary to Judeo Multi-CULT dogma, he did) but he was simply wrong thinking a State System could do what only God can do.

Statist propaganda of course perverts the meanings of the words "patriot", "patriotism", "nation", and "socialism" to mean things they originally didn't, nor presently, mean.

The term "nationalism" is simply another word for "racialism" or "racism", This fact is obvious when one understands that their Race is their nation.

The very words "Patriot" and "Nation" both refer to the interconnection between your Race and your Land, put in in other words:



Patriot comes from the Greek patriotes (from patios = "of one's fathers" and patris = "fatherland" - pater = "father"), the Middle French patriote and Lower Latin patriot -all 3 mean "fellow-countryman


Nation comes form the Old Latin gnasci (also see: genus) to the Latin nationem (and natio) which means "birth, origin, breed, stock, kind, species, race of people, tribe -literally: 'that which has been born'; the earliest English examples of the use of the term "nation" literally meant -in context of- "people with a common ancestry"


It can easily been seen that the etymology of the terms Patriot and Nation have absolutely NOTHING to do with being "patriotic" for a Statist system or be "nationalistic" for some ruling State

 It is Statist propagandists that took the two terms (patriot and nation) and twisted them to mean supportive of a Statist system of rule.

 To be truly Patriotic and Nationalistic is to be proud of, and supportive of, and protective of, your RACE

Your nation is NOT a plot of land claimed by some State -that in turn also claims to be the rightful Ruler over you because you're on the land it claims "right" to Rule over. 

Your RACE is your Nation!

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 Genetics define the boundries, not lines on maps.

If you're White then WHEREVER, on this planet, White People are there is YOUR Nation!
Genetics is the ONLY true boundry that defines who your Nation (read:"RACE") is, and isn't, not lines on maps, not State issues "Citizen papers". 


I am a Racist because I believe inRacial nationalism and Racial socialism and sticking with my own Kind, and sticking up for (fighting for) them as well. "Birds of a feather flock together" is the old saying and another old saying is "Red birds and blue birds don't mix"  and both sayings are true and true for a Natural and Good reason.

i believe

I believe in Race, I know it's existence goes far beyond mere asthetics, and that it is not a mythological so-called "social construct".

I also believe that the White Race is the ONLY Race descended from Adam & Eve of Genesis and thus we Whites (Adamites) are in fact THE SUPREME MASTER RACE, the Christogenea.

I unapologetically HATE anyone and anything that opposes the betterment of my Race, the WHITE RACE.


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