To Protest Or Not To Protest

Most likely you are already aware of the Kluster fuKK at the State Capital grounds in South Carolina on Saturday, July 18. If you aren't Google klan rally columbia sc -or just click HERE.

I myself am a former member of a Klan group, but will always be a proud (unaffiliated/independent) Klansman -whether I ever join another Klan or not (which I don't plan on doing so).

I fell in love with the Ku Klux Klan, not for it's Second Era history (early 20th century) involvement in Statist politics, and not for it's Fourth Era media-oriented guerilla-theater tactics of the 1980's and 90's. I fell in love with it's 1st and original Era, it's ideological origin, of being strictly a loosely connected underground militia.

It was during the KKK's incarnation (1st Era, 1860's-70's) that the Klan did it's most righteous, effective, and productive, work, for which it was purposed: to resist Federalist Tyranny & Terror during the so-called "Reconstruction" period following the so-called "Civil War".

If only Klansmen of today would heed the call given by the (now passed) great Klansmen Robert "Bob" Miles in his writing 33/5 to return to the roots, and thus original purpose and mode of operation, (underground and UNSEEN) of the original Klan!

bob miles

If you're a Klansman and have never read 33/5 then at least read his very short, but to-the-point, article titled To Parade Or Not To Parade (here is the link)

Bob Miles was certainly no coward. He did over half a dozen years in a Federal Penitentiary for allegedly bombing buses during the "Civil Rights" forced busing days. He never expressed regret for the incidents, whether he was involved or not, he only cited the saying "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime". I don't encourage anyone to engage in such behavior and nor did Miles (photo below of him in 1971).

 white wolf

But, Miles did (and I do) discourage even public demonstrations, for they are but public displays of weakness, due to the two-fold aspect of having to have System cop protection (whether you want it or not) and not being able to be armed or defend yourself and your group by any means neccesary.

If Klansmen and White Nationalists would be honest with themselves and realize that NOW is NOT the time for public demostrations, protests, pickets, marches and other sorts of circuses put on by Klowns (so-called Klan and White Nationalist "leaders") public displays of WEAKENESS such as seen in the video and images below could be avoided.

As the late Miles explains in his article (...Parade Or Not To...) public demostrations should be reserved for the Day of Victory and to be public celebrations.

Miles did take part in a couple of public demonstrations but quickly seen them for the futility, silliness and counter-productiveness they are. I myself have taken part in public demonstrations of the White Supremacist kind (as well as in the Pro-Confederate Flag Movement in support of the Confederate Battle Flag, back in the early 2000's) and I soon seen then that they were, well, a waste of time. Like Miles (who held semi-private events on his property in Cohoctah, Michigan -as seen in the documentary Blood In The Face) I come to see private rallies and events held on private property as much more productive, positive and enjoyable. Don't dare view private or semi-private rallies as "preaching to the choir", because, for one thing, the choir needs to be preached to! Just because people are Racially Aware does not mean they are really informed and understand Race and the Struggle of the Cause like they could, or should. The rank and file "choir" have much they can learn from lecturers and speakers who have spent years, decades in many cases, gaining knowledge and experience. Not-to-mention private and semi-private events are indeed open to people interested in hearing the Racial Message for the first time, it's just that the hosts (and owners of the property) provide their own security and can screen who walks onto their property or is allowed to remain if there is a distruption. I have managed security at a few such events and things went smooth because we screened every person before they could enter the property, or they had to have someone that came with them that vouched for them (and that person would be held personally responsible if their guest misbehaved).

Public rallies and demostrations are exercises in futility and stupidity. To expose unhealthy, unworthy, or unprepared (mentally and physically) people to the cameras (of the media and the many cell phones of counter protesters) only hurts the Cause and makes all of us look weak, pathetic and like circus klowns instead of White Warriors ready to defend, and even offend.

Nor should all or even a part of the most psychologically and physically prepared White Warriors be showing their faces and openly presenting their affiliations with other White Warriors to be identified and cataloged.

Yea, I know, the testosterone driven macho bravado can be a strong pull, but we must not let our male hormones override our Aryan minds ....we will leave that type of behavior to the Nigger, it will be his Race's ultimate undoing.

Not only must the White Warrior be physically and mentally capable of the physical and mental stress of mass opposition, confrontation and battle, he MUST be SPIRITUALY PREPARED. The Klansman is a CHRISTIAN first and foremost and not just in title only, but in lifestyle, in heart, in spirit.

All White Christians should be cognisant of the numerous Biblically recorded incidents where the ancient Israelites (who were White, and NOT "Jews") went to war with their many Enemies (such as the Canaanites, Amorites and Philistines) only to be beaten, even if they (Israelites warriors) were in superior numbers. Always their losses in battle were due to their not putting God first and fighting strictly out of their own carnal minded pride. Yet even when greatly out numbered and out-matched in weaponry and martial skill the Israelite Whites won EVERY battle that they fought NOT in their nation's name, "Israel", but in the name of the Lord God of Israel.

Even teenage David who killed Goliath knew he wasn't facing the giant in the name of Israel, but in the name of the GOD of Israel (see: 1st Samuel 17:45). The Levite priest Phineas commited what today would be called by lamestream multiCULTural corporate churchianity "an unchristian act of hate", and by the Federal State a "Hate Crime". Yet Numbers 25:11 tells us he was just "zealous" for God. His act ultimately led to Israel winning a battle they previously were loosing (National blessing), and to Phineas recieving a blessing from God (Personal blessing) upon his progeny (you can read the whole story in Numbers chapter 25).

Our battles, be they personal or national, spiritual, social or racial, will NOT be won until and unless we as individuals and collectively as a Racial Nation, focus our thoughts, words and lives, not on ourselves, not on what the Enemy is doing to us, but on our God and the obedience and faith He expects of us.

(See 2nd Chronicles 7:14)

The Klansman is to serve his Race in the spirit of Non Silba Sed Anthar. A Klansman is not a Klansman for his own ego, gain, or selfish agenda. A Klansman is a Klansman because he loves his Race and Jesus Christ more than he loves himself ~ "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters" (1st John 3:16)

Although this article is directed to my fellow Klansmen the words are for all White Nationalists and Identity Christians.

The photos below are all over the internet and will be passed around on social media for a long time to come. The Enemies of our Race love such images, they serve as great visual propaganda in the Racial War being waged against the White Race and Western Christendom.

The image of the negroid State Trooper (2 photos below) helping the out-of-shape older White Nationalist, wearing the emblem of the N.S.M. (National Socialist Movement) complete with swastika, makes not only the White man look weak (for accepting the groid's assistance), and the N.S.M. look weak (admittedly it doesn't take much for that), but Klansmen and all Racially Awake Whites. First off that gentleman should not of been taking part in such an event due to his being out-shape and probably knowingly suffering from medical aliments. He shouldn't of been there not just due to the extreme temperature of the day, but all such events can easily turn into violent and chaotic melees, and any Racially Awake White that can not handle physical fighting would better serve the Cause in the many other (and less risky) ways. Secondly, WHY the hell wasn't he being helped to shade BY A MEMBER OF THE FUCKING N.S.M.??!!

nsm fucked up again


photo by Rob Godfrey




In the even more embarrassing (to the Cause) photo below it can be clearly seen that the White man with a Celtic Cross Wheel emblem on his t-shirt, with the words White Pride World Wide around it, has PISSED HIS PANTS. I don't find it funny, nor is it humorous in the least. Right behind him is a man with a Klan emblem on his shirt walking AWAY as his fellow White commrade is being aggressively confronted by a Pavement Ape -so much for comradery. There can be no doubt the White man pissed his pants out of extreme fear he felt. Certainly understandable when confronted with the reality that you are fixing to suffer great bodily injury, or death, for what THINK you believe in. This is why mental (and physical), and most importantly SPIRITUAL, conditioning is so important before ever going out and publicly taunting the Enemy. Protesting and picketing and demonstrating is all fun and games until dozens of pissed off Enemy bust past the police line that was supposed to of been protecting your White Racist ass.

ONLY God can give we White Israelites the bravery to face injury or death in battle!

Just like in the Scriptures the Israelite warriors hearts would fail them for fear, and they would be routed,  when they went out to face their enemies without faith in their God. And faith ONLY comes through obedience, humilty and daily Christian practice.

not ready for rahowa

Then we have the viral video (below) of the young White man being brutally attacked by a pack of North American Pavement Apes. He was out numbered (because N.A.P.A.s only attack in packs) and no doubt terrorfied and injured. But what greatly disturbs me is WHY was he alone, with no fellow White "Power" demonstrators coming to his aid??!!

Pathetic, not because he was beaten by a mob of groids, but that NO White men came to his aid. Did none of them see this attack? If none of the Klansmen/White Nationalists there did not see it then that only goes to prove the fucking Khaos that damn White "Pride" rally was!

The "leaders", so-called, of the group(s) that held that circus of a demonstration are to blame for this young man being caught alone, and left alone, to be brutalized by niggers!



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