The Power of Negative Thinking

Chances are you have heard, or read, the phrase "the Power of Positive Thinking".

Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book with that phrase as the title (here is the free audio book version link)

Sometimes the best way to introduce someone to the power positive thinking has and to the cosmic Law of Nature commonly called the "Law of Attraction" (I prefer to call it the Law of FAITH, see my video of that title HERE) is simply to point out the power negative thinking has.

When we feel a desperation for something we want, and the desire is so intense, and strong, that we feel an acute lack we are in a state of resistance and anything we resist persists.

The more a person focuses on how bad they want a thing the more aware they are of their position in relation to that thing they want. Their focus is on how much they lack what they want, instead of what they want.
If a person really wants something and they focus on the fact that they don't have what they want they activate the side of the equation that is more believable to them. That more believable side is the side of the equation that is already activated, which is lack of what they want.
When a person is looking at their present life, their present situation, it's only logical to acknowledge the present truth and that which is easily proven, which is the fact that what they want is not there.
But when they focus on the lack of what it is they want they simply energize that side of the spectrum, the lacking, or negative side.
The only way for a person to change their current reality and gain what they presently don't have is to focus NOT on the lack of what they want, but on the reality of their Desire Fulfilled.
In so doing they RELEASE THEIR RESISTANCE .......what you resist presists.
I currently have this written statement in black marker on a piece of paper held by a magnet on the refrigerator:
If we pay attention to, or focus on, the present fact that we don't have what we want, we will only ensure that we will continue to not have what we want.
Instead we must focus on our Dream Fulfilled, or our Desire Manifested.
We must assume it to be so in our minds.
No this is not about being delusional, it is about accepting the fact that our thoughts become things and thus it's simply being in a state of knowing that what we desire becomes reality and therefore the present reality is as if we are living the past and our present will catch up with our desires momentarily. This is how we LIVE our Faith.
Faith is about living in the future NOW.
Having such a mindset removes ALL doubt, concern, worry, anxiety, fretting, depression, sadness and feeling of lack.
Faith is an assumption and expectation that what we desire and seek WILL in fact show up, manifest, and in the perfect time.
But Faith only works if we aren't double-minded and split our mental focus on both what we want and the fact that we don't have it.
James 1:6-8 says a man:
"....must ask in faith, without doubting, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.That man should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways."
Faith gives us joy, it gives us excitement, because we are light-hearted, not burdened with the negativity of worry, concern or sense of lack.
Faith is the state of mind that feels no lack because it knows that lack does not exist once we decide what we want and believe, have faith, that it will come.
Instead of feeling lack, once we have decided what we want that we don't presently have, we should feel joy for we have decided upon what we want.
We know what we want and we know what we want in detail, at least some detail, and we then focus on the excitement and emotions having that thing generates within us.
We can not receive what we can't conceive and we certainly won't receive what we don't believe that we will receive.
Sure people have gotten, or received, things they say they "never believed" they would get. But in reality it is not that they didn't believe, they JUST NEVER DOUBTED.
They never fretted over what never came into their mind; you can't doubt something you have not thought about.
So how did they receive something they never conceived, or thought of before? They thought, or conceived, of something else and their receiving of something they never thought of was simply part of fulfilling what they did think of or conceive of receiving.
All events in your life are connected to your bigger life picture.
We paint our life pictures with every brush stroke of thought, emotion and faith/belief.
If we doubt then we demonstrate belief in failure or lack.
If we believe then we demonstrate belief in success and abundance.
Our thoughts must be trained to be of belief in our desires coming true.
Basically, our thoughts must be based on the reality that our thoughts become things.
Once we internalize this truth of the quantum universe then we realize that there literally is NO reason to focus on what we don't have for we can simply change it by thinking about having what we want and not on what we don't want.
Doubt and all negative thoughts are literally a silly waste of thinking time .
Focusing on what you don't have and feeling it's lack only creates more of nothing and more lack.
Focus on what you do want and believe it is on it's way and it will be in your life in a short time.
The amount of time between your thought and it manifesting is relative to what it is you want, it will be there ON time and in the RIGHT time, but it WILL be there.
The Quantum Universe guarantees delivery of what you want and on time delivery at that.