To Parade Or Not To Parade -by Bob Miles

"Fight the Foe, not one another"   -Bob Miles  

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[The following article was written by the late, great, and TRUE American Patriot Robert "Bob" Miles]


To Parade Or Not To Parade  

by Robert E. Miles 

"We have seen what some in the right-wing call a parade. It is this latter variety, which concerns me. Few of these even qualify as a parade. They are closer to a picket line or a mini-demonstration than anything else. Before going any further, understand that I have marched in three or four of these racialist parades in my lifetime. No more than four. I regretted doing so for they were, to me, totally counter productive. But I marched with my associates, as invited to do, despite my dislike for exposing the weakness of our movement to the world. So, don't get me wrong. I marched along with many others despite the results of such events. But I am afraid that the term parade is misused when applied to recent Klan, skinhead, nationalist or whatever you want to label them, exhibitionist displays of weakness. 

first era klan


To begin with, the Ku Klux Klan hasn't been able to mount a sizable force for any parade in the last twenty years. Even the White Patriot's Party, led by the arch-snitch Miller, in North Carolina, could not mass more than 600 marchers. And we have counted heads from films, which our own cameramen produced. The Ku Klux Klan was never a parading organization in its life. You can come up with the parade in Washington, DC. In the 1920's and with many others in that era...but these were exceptions to the rule. That era, the 2nd Klan era, was when this country was White, Protestant and quite patriotic. Klan parades then reflected the mood, beliefs & temper of the majority of American citizens. There is no such climate in the ZOGland of America of today. There is no rising tide of support for any display of White Racial Pride in this basketball heaven of congoids andishes. The only parading the original KKK did when it was initially active was in military force. That usually was by the light of the moon, not for the delight of the jewish TV camera crews. It is long past time for the present Klan to return to the light of the moon & to forgo its egocentric trips that delight the Jews & congoids on prime time. 

original boys in the hood


When we see the KKK of today parade, we see two thousand armed police, national guards and federal whatnots encompassing the fifty or so (if we are lucky enough to have that many) Klansmen marching down the street. Hordes of animal crackers come out of their cages to spit, shake fists and signs and otherwise hoot at the KKK marchers, Actually if I were an alien watching the event, I would assume the KKK was being marched off to prison between ranks of soldiers to the delight of the mobs watching. It is not a sign of strength to be able to march while your foes delight in exposing your numbers and weakness. It is a sign of contempt by them for you. ZOG loves to be able to take you out of your dens and walk you like a dog so that the hooters and true haters can have a field day seeing you in such light. All they will finally need. Will be to lead you by chains through the streets to the new coliseums where the lions will await you. If you want to gain pity from the world, then walk like Christians into the games. The martyr mantle does not sit well atop a white robe and hood! If you want to play the hapless, helpless and meek barefoot supplicant role, fine. But don't try to talk about how tough you are, how brave you are or how wise you are! Pity doesn't bring respect. Strength comes from being feared. And when your foe has to protect you from the unwashed crowds you are not feared at all! 


birth of a nation quote

Let the next parade be one of daring, strength and guts...if parade you must. Deny the TV cameras their delights. Notify the police and officials that you need protection. Indeed, if they dare to protect you, bring them into court for interfering with your right to march. But, then, be real Klansmen. Actually prepare and train to be daytime marchers. Drill and practice. Recruit numbers who like to parade and march. Recruit those who understand what your organization is really all about It is about being a White, Racial, "Mummers" marching group. Recruit a band or two to play while you march. Train marshals of your own to keep the ranks in order. Drill your members by by squads, columns and files. Make them a sight to watch! Train them to be a fighting machine as well as a "let's pretend" army. And no matter how many turn out to disturb your march, take them on! Head on! With trained, disciplined and law obeying ranks of marchers. Don't put the monkey on the back of the police and army anymore. If you cannot produce, shut up until you can. Don't get on the streets until you have something to show. No more of this being shielded by the forces of ZOG anymore! 

crusade kkk

As for me, I believe that the Ku Klux Klan is a vital tool, weapon and instrument of psychological warfare for the protection and perpetuation of our Race. Its original role was correct. It was invisible. It was silent unless it had something to say. It was never seen, but it was ever present. It sent its members into all kinds of organizations with out such organizations ever knowing that it was the host body for such elements. Through its unseen but disciplined soldiers, massive membership organizations could be directed, courses altered, and objectives effected to the benefit of the White Race. Even in ZOG itself, the KKK could be effective. It could be like a virus, which debilitates and destroys the host itself. It doesn't take large numbers for a virus to cripple and paralyze an animal. Only a small amount of toxin in the blood, and tiny serpent has gained a victory over the huge tiger. And I have never watched serpents on parade in the jungle! Until we have the numbers, parades are counter productive. Unseen but effective work will be crowned with victory parades. That will be time enough. That will be when our strength is visible. But to play the role of the weakling, while boasting about your numbers, is a transparent veil, which even the peasant on the street sees through. GOD spare us anymore from these TV oriented marches! Enough of walking like dogs at the end of leashes held by the grinning and armed police and guardsmen from the ghettos and drill halls of the foe! Until you have actual numbers trained to march, until you have enough training of your own marshals, until you have your own marching bands...Stay in the shadows and do the work which you have the actual numbers to do." 


33 5

 The image above is the front cover to a book Bob Miles wrote concerning tactics of political and social activism for the modern era Klansmen. The book was published by him in 1983. The book was simply titled "33/5" (Thirty-three and five) which was a reference to the "era"  of the modern Ku Klux Klan. Miles wrote that the "5th Era" K.K.K. must return to it's original roots, meaning reverting back to it's historical purpose and clandestine mode of operation. The original, or 1st Era Klan, of the late 1860s and 70s that resisted the Federal Empire's "Reconstruction" was an underground militia and a patriotic secret society. Miles had grown to disdain the television-theater of public activism and the Media circus many Klownsmen of his day thrived in. As is evident by the above article (To Parade Or Not To Parade) Miles understood that the days of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th eras of above ground and public Klan activism were over. He understood the true historical purpose and very spirit of the Order as the following excerpts from the 33/5 show:

     "Understand that the Order is an invisible empire, an army. It is not a fraternal society to make believe, to provide community charities or to socialize. These are quite worthy activities in peacetime. This is not peacetime for our Folk. It is war time. It is the hour of our struggle for the very existence of our Folk on this earth, and in this land. Therefore, we identify this Order as an Army! [...] It's very material creates the picture of an Army, an Army of God on the move! If it is not such an Army, then may the winds of our God disperse it forever for it is a sham being peddled by hucksters for ego and profit."

Miles, an intelligent and insightful man, also understood the very nature of Folkish Anarchism and how Folkish social structure existed in ancient European Anarchist tribal societies. He also wrote in 33/5...     

     "Let the Order understand that it is truly a military entity, in the purest sense. It is the traditional fighting force of our Folk. Our Folk came from the lands where chieftains we chosen for battle. [...] Each chieftain served at the pleasure of his Folk. There were no periodic elections, terms of office or the like. A chieftain held rank for as long as those who followed him, accepted his leadership".

metzger and miles

Bob Miles was well known and well respected among White Racialist activists of his day, especially the 1980's era of the White Racialist Movement. Above he is pictured with fellow activist Tom Metzger. Miles appeared on an episode (circa 1985) of Metzger's cable access show called Race and Reason. On this show he said... "The Right-Wing is dead" ... he said "[we are] Racial Revolutionaries" ... that ultimately "[we just] want to be left alone" ... [We say to the Government] "don't put your Devil laws upon our back" ..."We are totally opposed to all centralized power on eart. To us, our God is our King" ... "If you believe in Governments then you're going in circles" ... "We have been termed Christian Anarchists and we have never felt that was an insult" ... "The absences of world power is the difference between a peaceful society and the Devil's Rule" ... "The Devil invented Government".

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Robert Miles told Metropolitan Detroit magazine (June 1987), referring to the FBI. “They pictured me as a threat to the nation. But let me tell you the kind of threat I am: I publish a newsletter. I don’t harm or threaten anyone. Granted, I don’t like the governmentI’m an anarchist, in fact. But these Ollie Norths see sedition in the five cows I have out in my pasture.” On April 24, 1987 Miles and others were indicted by a Fort Smith, Arkansas federal grand jury for Sedition charged with allegedly conspiring between mid-1983 and early 1985 to overthrow the U.S. Government.



blood in the face


  Miles also was featured in the 1991 Michael Moore documentary on White Racialism in America titled.... BLOOD in the FACE.

 bob miles blood in the face


A full length documentary about Pastor Robert Miles and his Mountain Church HERE. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

A audio recording of a 1982 speech given by Pastor Robert (Bob) Miles HERE ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

On this episode (click HERE) of the Radio Free Northwest the host, Harold Covington of the Northwest Front plays the audio from the above mentioned video recording of the episode of Race and Reason that Bob Miles appeared on.


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Also, in the above cited podcast episode,  Covington states that, in his opinion Robert "Bob" Miles was (quote)  "The greatest Klansman of the 20th century".   I konkur. To listen to other episodes of Radio Free Northwest click on the image, left. The official North West Front website is HERE.     ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Miles had done over half a dozen years in prison for his alleged role in conspiring to bomb schools buses (1971 -see below photo) used to affect Racial Integration in public schools.


robert miles kkk

In 1988 he and 13 other White Racialist activist leaders were tried and acquitted in Federal Court in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on very spurious Federal "Sedition" charges. It is obvious, to those who have looked into the story, that the only "conspiracy" was that of the lying Federal Prosecutors. The video documentary done by Pastor Pete Peters and his wife titled: Sedition USSA Style (click here).  

"If you want Justice stay out of their courts" -Bob Miles

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Also by Robert (Bob) Miles: In Which Nation Do You Hold Loyalty? 


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  Thg Black Death book  

For a crash-course history lesson on the real reason for the development of the Reconstruction Era Ku Klux Klan in the 1860's and it's revival in the early 20th century read THE BLACK DEATH -a collection of: Notes on Reconstruction I&II Click the image at left for the link to the free PDF and audio versions of this well written, easy to read and well sourced book.       

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"There are heroes of the Klan: Nathan Bedford Forrest and his crew, the Greensboro Warriors. Theirs were acts of revolution and defiance that we should remember. But no  one today believes that the Klan could possibly be the mechanism that will carry our Race into the total victory required for our survival, not even honest members of the Klan. To go around in robes defeats the entire purpose of an “Invisible Empire,” and only invites your enemy to infiltrate and manipulate you. There have been Klans who were directed by FBI agents and police informants. The power of the Klan was the fact that it was clandestine. It was secret. You didn’t tell people who you were. As long as that was the standard, then the Klan as a force under recognized and qualified leadership, was successful. "




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