Nobody Wants To Talk About The Reason -by Gregory Kay

race war


by Gregory Kay

Between the on-going cultural genocide of the Southern Race, the Supreme Court decision mandating the equality of perversion with normality, and the Republican traitors in Congress handing over a massive amount of power to Obama in a bill that we were not allowed to see beforehand, I'm sure there will be much written on those subjects because they're what everybody is talking about. Instead, I'm going to take on a topic that nobody seems to want to talk about: Dylann Roof's reason for doing what he did.

We all know the results; Southerners abruptly found themselves fighting battles on a hundred different fronts as the country explodes in an orgy of forced political correctness, corporations, celebrities, the heads of some of our own Southern heritage organizations, and other cowards run squealing, yapping, and slobbering like scalded dogs. There seems to be little doubt the Federal Government is heavily involved from start to finish, and, even if they didn't directly and deliberately influence this troubled young man, were certainly ready and waiting to take instant advantage of it. Everybody has an opinion and is eager to express it, even if it's a nonsensical denial that anything actually happened at all, just as there is after every mass murder. That's not the subject here; what is the subject is what made Dylann Roof enter a Negro church and open fire. I'm not here to condone his methods; there is no excuse for slaughtering a church full of people, even if the AME Church, an organization that reportedly has become less of a house of worship and more of a central command for the Black power movement, or for deliberately choosing innocent people for targets, especially when there are so many obviously guilty ones (The Black Panthers calling for the slaughter of White women and children come immediately to mind, for one; I suspect many of us would have stood up and applauded if he had chosen that one.), but to explain why.

Roof had some mental problems; no question (I mean, you can tell the boy isn't right just by looking at him!) but being mad doesn't mean he lacked intelligence. One thing about it, he saw what the vast majority of White people in general and Southerners in particular missed; the fact that the Black Race declared war on us years ago, and has been waging it ever since.

If you look at his manifesto (assuming he's actually the one who wrote it) and listen to the surviving witness statements, this belief instantly becomes clear.

The press would have us believe Dylann Roof shot those people because he is a racist, but that is not really the truth. Like many Southerners, he had some Black friends, as per the old adage about Dixie's attitude toward Negroes as, “We love them as individuals but despise them as a group.” If his manifesto is genuine, this was his own way of thinking. He wasn't your run-of-the-mill 'White supremacist' because, while he disliked Blacks and Hispanics as groups, he expressed great admiration for Asians, whom he felt were natural allies of White people, and put all together, that indicates the motivator was not racism, but rather a response to a perceived (and in this case, a very real) threat. This troubled young man saw his people being marginalized in his own country, both in terms of political power and numbers, due to the insane coddling and elevation of Blacks, and to the deliberate filling up of the US in general and the occupied CS with racial and cultural (and often criminal) aliens from Latin America. Further, he saw the out-and-out war Blacks are waging on Whites, from random attacks and beatings in the streets, which are never considered “hate crimes” regardless of who obviously the double-standard is applied, to the targeting of White people by Negroes for rape and murder for no other reason except their race. Something in the neighborhood of 450 Whites are murdered by blacks each year – more than one a day – and in excess of 30,000 White women are raped by them each and every year: that's almost 4 each and every hour! Roof's body count pales in comparison, and yet there is no outrage, there are no marches, there are no government committees and calls for action; there is only silence.

Dylann Roof, like many of us, felt the outrage, and unlike most of us, broke the conspiracy of silence by direct action. I condemn his target, but I don't condemn the man; I can't, and neither can most of us reading this, if we're honest with ourselves, because we see the same things he saw being done to our people, and feel the same rage he did about it. It may be buried, deep inside where nobody can see, but we'd be liars to deny its presence, just as we'd be fools to believe that this young man will be the last one to eventually act on it. They say he wanted to start a race war, but that is not the case; he wanted to show his people that the race war had already been going on for a long, long time, that White people have been pushed to the brink, and that they're finally beginning to realize it. Once they finally come to that realization and decide to push back, I predict the Negroes and their Jewish, political, and corporate handlers who encouraged it and facilitated it will come to deeply regret it.

Or at least the survivors will.

Gregory Kay

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