Nazi Multiculturalism

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The Nazis have been accused of wanting to exterminate all other Races from the planet but the White Race

....uh, yea......I wish......

When MAN insists on making the "laws" instead of following, faithfully, and strictly, the Eternal Natural Laws of the Creator he ends up making up all kinds of bullshit policies of State ....and basically fucking shit up!!

nazi diversity

multi racial

 Oh look, the German National Socialist State loved everybody......

nazi multiculturalism

If only the German National Socialist were as racist as they have been made out to of been.

waffen ss

Here we can clearly see that Statism CAN'T GET ANYTHING RIGHT!!

non white nazis

Multiculturalism, Nazi style .....oh fuck....

multi cultural nazism

"Heil Allah" ....??

hitlers muslims

So much for fighting for exclusively White CHRISTENDOM ....damn it, Hitler!

hitlers muslims book

Jap Nazis?? Germany should of not even been allied with the Japanese.

japanese nazis

Uncle Adolf, just exactly what the hell were you thinking??!

nigger nazi soldiers

nigger nazis

Even Nigger Nazis?? What the fuck, Hitler?!

negro nazi


And it gets worse.....


 hitlers jewish soldiers

That's right, the German National Socialist State allowed many JEWS to be legal citizens and soliders, officers even, in it's military!

lives of jew nazis


The German National Socialist State had it's Nuremberg Racial Purity Standards (made into law in 1935), which were extremely flawed. According to the Nuremberg laws to be declared offically, or "Legally", a 'Jew' by the State an individual had to of had at least 3 racially Jewish grandparents. The Nuremberg Laws also had "degrees" of what it termed "Mischlings", those of mixed Jew and German ancestry. An individual with 2 Jewish grandparents was declared a "First Degree Mischling", and a person with one Jewish grandparent a "Second Degree Mischling". In National Socialist Germany under the Nuremberg Reich Citizenship Law someone could be as much as ONE QUARTER Jewish and still be "legally" classified by the State as "German".

race law

As a Racist and White Supremacist I find such man-made-up standards ridiculous, but as a non-statist I find them typical of the folly of man-made "laws" trying to define what the Holy Laws of Nature already define. The boundries of Race are very clear, and very defined, though when it comes to admixtures and racial mongrels can be quite inconvenient. Nature's Maker don't care if you don't like Incovenient Truths, Truth is Truth and Natural Law is Natural Law.

Today secular White Nationalists will use the flawed Nazi Nuremberg as a basis for their own made-up standards on Race, allowing racially mixed, and part Jew mongrels, within their circles. Their justification is "Well, Hitler and the German National Socialists didn't require someone to be 100% White either."

{Such humanisitic hypocrisy is a perfect example of the reasons WHY I have rejected all forms of Statism, including White Nationalism and National Socialism}

As a Identity Christian who believes, not just in the reality of Race, but in the doctrine known as "Dual-Seedline" I find the Nuremberg standards repulsive and accursed. The Jew is understood by we Dual-Seedline Christian Identists as nothing more than the literal descendant (Race) of the Satanic "Serpent" of Eden. One drop of Jew D.N.A. is unacceptable.

I must add that you can't point to one good person who has even the smallest amount of Jewish genes, not one. They ALL show their Jewishness sooner or or later, no matter how small the percentage of Jew blood in them. Like the Serpent Race they are, they will, somewhere along the line, show behavior that is perverted, tyrannical, selfish, anti-christian, grossly immoral and/or culturally hostile -and they will display such traits unrepentantly and without remorse, they are a 'Reptilian' Reprobate Race.  

A "person" with just one ancestor of Jewish blood should be rejected, being nothing more than of the Cursed Seedline (bloodline).

Evidently, though he wrote and spoke much about Racial Genetics and specifically, a lot about the Race known as "Jews", Adolf Hitler did not really understand the power of D.N.A. and Racial behavior. Not only did officials of the National Socialist State accept (and validate) racially mixed and "part" Jewish individuals as "German citizens" but Hitler, the Head of State himself, had personal and friendly relationships with Jews.

 Hitler's childhood physician, and the Hitlers' famiy doctor, Eduard Bloch, was dubbed the "Edeljude" ("Noble Jew") by Hitler.

Jews such as Emil Maurice were offically (though informally) declared "Ehrenarier" ("Honorary Aryans") by the Nazi State. Emil Maurice was an early member of the National Socialist German Workers Party and a founding member of the SS -originally called the Schutzkommando (protection command) which was re-named the Sturmstaffel (storm squadron), and later titled the Schutzstaffel. The Jew, Maurice, was also one of Hitler's personal chauffeurs. When Heinrich Himmler discovered that Maurice's great-grandfather was a racial Jew he tired to expelled from the ϟ.ϟ. Hitler would have none of it and had him declared one of the Nazi State's "Honorary Aryans".


Even Adolf Hitler allowed his personal attachments and emotional feelings to get in the way of his racial ideology. ....But that don't make it right, nor should Hitler's fallibility, or the errors and the German National Socialist State, be used as justification for compromise by today's White Nationalists.

Hitler and the old German Nazi State aren't the standard we should go by! The Holy Laws of the Bible and Nature are!

The Biblical Scripture is the Letter of the Law and Nature is the Spirit of the Law -both witnessing and confirming one another!

 The mere fact that Hitler and the boys of the Nazi State of 1930's and 40's Germany allowed JEWS in it's bureaucracy and military should be enough for any Racially Awake White Christian to see that the States of men are not proper Government and mortal men can not make righteous Law!

nazi jews

It is my strong conviction that the German National Socialist State would of prevailed and prospered IF it would of been exlusively CHRISTIAN and WHITE.

Failing to give glory to (and ONLY to) Christ the King and His Holy & Eternal Laws only leads the States of men, no matter how well-meaning the Statesmen that run it, down the road to destruction.The Almighty Creator will curse, not bless, such carnal endeavors.

The fall of National Socialist Germany should of been a warning to White Christians everywhere. There is no compromise with other races or religions.

The Federal Empire of the United States will fall as well, because it has failed to give Christ the glory and His Law preeminence over its own antichrist and anti-white policies. The United States of Babylon's day is coming. 

Below is a short video showing some of the many JEWS in the Nazi Military.

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