Naturally Non-Roided

My current Facebook profile photo has sure seemed to cause some people to think, falsely, that I take steroids. Personally I take that as a COMPLIMENT, whereas most Natural (non-roid using) Bodybuilders would take great offence.

natural body building


They would take offence at being assumed as, or accused of, being on "the juice" because they would see that as an insult to their hard work in their workouts, diet, healthy life style choices, and sacrifices (not partying, not eating just anything, getting plenty of sleep, ect). And not just an insult but total disregard for the very hard work that we naturals have to do. Me, idgaf if you think I do a "stack" or take "juice. If you think it am THAT damn big or muscular, thanks. It matters not to me if you understand the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice it takes to get a decently muscular physique naturally. Normies, non-lifters, have NO real fucking idea what Bodybuilding takes (natural or chemical enhanced) anyway.

The photo was taken in August 2015, I had just got done with a workout, and snapped the photo in a mirror I had set up outside at my outdoor workout/weight station. I am flexed, I am flexing my traps (top of shoulders, delts (outer shoulders) and biceps as I snap the photo. That day the lighting (and thus shadowing), which was simply the outdoor sun, was perfect and along with my flexing created a photographic 'illusion' of sorts. The type of photo illusion that all NATURAL bodybuilders try to get when they are taking photos. I wish I could get lighting like that in all my muscularity photos I take .......but then all bodybuilders wish such a thing. Without a professional photographer and his skill at lighting it is hard to capture those "perfect" shots. The professionally taken photos of natural bodybuilders, fitness and physique models are all 'illusion' -I do NOT mean photos shopped!- they are simply the product of great lighting and angling.....and the person being photoed flexing the muscles being photoed at the same time.

Again, if you think I take steroids, then as far as I'm concerned I have done my bodybuilding, and photographing, right. And also if you do, you most likely don't bodybuild yourself so you really have no idea what you're talking about.

But, NO, I do not take any form of steroid or chemical to enhance my muscle development. I have NOTHING against people who do .........but I DO have something against the FAKE "Naturals" out there that LIE and say they don't take anything when they do.

If I could afford them, AND could afford a good doctor to regularly monitor my blood levels, I might would take whatever the doctor thought might help me gain more muscle. But natural and roided bodybuilding both still require hard work and lots of sacrifice and much dedication.

Natural Bodybuilding in some ways is much harder. Even the roided monsters respect the naturals, because they once were naturals and they know that natural is a harder road. But one well worth traveling.

I found my weights to be my special "iron supplement" to take that helped me through bouts with depression and stressful times.

I call my weight collection my "friends" and my "church". I call working out "going to church" my "heavy metal church" -and sometimes I play "hymns" Heavy Metal music as I workout, other times I have listened to recordings of sermons, but most of the times I work out in total silence.

I thank Almighty God for weight lifting and for my weights. I have never set foot in a gym to work out, I have always worked out at home, alone.

I am really not that big, nor that powerfully strong.

I am not a Power Lifter, nor Strongman. I admire the hell out of those guys, but that is not my goal nor style of training.

I am not a competitive bodybuilder -and there are Natural Bodybuilding competition and there are the older mens categories, but that is just not my thing.

I workout for me. For health, for strength, and for physique.

Idgaf what people think of bodybuilding, or whether they think I am on roids, or they think I look good or not, I do this for me. And bodybuilding is about MUCH MORE than looks, or strength, it is even more than about physical health, it is about psychological health as well. The discipline required, the dedication it demands helps to build a strong mind and a disciplined lifestyle in general. Bodybuilding is "Brainbuilding" and thus character building. I love it.