My Workout (1-A)

Workout #1-A

(The VIDEO below was filmed July 2015. It is unedited to show the full time of rests periods and exercises)

I divide, or "Split", my body's muscles into 2 separate Workouts. I have different workouts/exercises for both of my two Workout Splits (#1 & #2) and many variations, thus "A", "B", "C", etcetera.

Workout Split #1 engages the following muscles:

CHEST -Pectoralis/"Pecs"

ARM (back of) -Triceps/"Tris"

LEGS (upper) -Gluteus/"Glutes" (back of upper leg/butt) & Quadriceps/"Quads" (front of upper leg/thigh)



I start out with 50 pushups -to warm up basically, mostly my mind, more than the muscles, to get my "head in the game". As with any type of push-up I do, I don't seek high reps, I use controlled form and try not to rush through them, or cheat and not go low enough to feel the chest muscles work. Dumbbell Press with 80lbs for 2 Sets. First set 5 reps, second 4 reps. 70lb dumbbells for 2 Sets. First sets 8 reps, second 6 reps (The last set with the 80s and the 70s I went “to failure”, thus why the last sets with each weight was less reps than the previous ones -in short that was all I could do in the last 2 sets) 60lb dumbbells for 2 Sets with 8 Reps each. Alternating Dumbbell Presses with 50lb dumbbells. 3 Sets, 10 Reps. As with Flys (see Workout #1-B) I lower my arms until I feel my elbows touch the ground. With all chest exercises you must remember to protect your shoulder joints by squeezing your shoulder blades together and slightly arching your back and chest upwards (towards the sky/celing) and not allow your shoulder to be loose or “out of joint”, else it may end up injuring the joint and/or tendons. You may be wondering why I don't use a BENCH to do my Chest exercises (Presses and/or Flys). The answer is simple: SAFETY. You don't have to use a bench to work your chest effectively. Nor do your elbows have to drop below your torso/back to work the pectorials (chest muscles) fully. A bench certainly allows you to lower your elbows more, and thus allows you to stretch the pecs more, but there is no safety feature if you make a slight mistake during the lower movement. Laying on the ground, or floor indoors, is the safest way to work your chest; there is no need in risking a torn pec or injured shoulder rotator cuff. The drawback is not that the pec don't get stretched fully (it still will get a great workout) but in the fact that there is only the FLAT position. There are no Incline or Decline bench pressing options using only the ground or floor, obviously Thus the upper and lower parts of the pectorials don't get to develop like they could. I am not into competitive body building so I am not concerned with such physique details. The pecs do get a general, yet still great, workout and they do develop just fine in size and shape using only flat position chest presses (and flys). [If I were to perform Incline and Decline Chest Presses or Flys] I would want to do them on a wide platform, such as plywood to insure that my elbows don't go back too far and risk injury.]

* TRICEPS/Back-of-Arm

3 Set of Skull Crushers- Hammer Grip: 30lb dumbbells, 10 Reps immediately followed up with Palm-up Skull Crushers with 20lb dumbbells for 10 Reps, except the last set in which I went “to failure” and was only able to do 6 Reps. (Note: my Triceps get worked hard by the Chest Presses as well as on Workout Split #2 days when I do Shoulder Presses -due to the fact the Tricep muscles are heavily involved secondary muscles during press/push movements. On Workout Split #1 days that I only do Flies for my Pecs/chest -and no Chest Presses- I work the Triceps harder; I also work the Triceps harder when I haven't/won't do Shoulder Presses that week during Workout #2 -Deltoid/Shoulder- days).

* GLUTEUS & QUADRICEPS/Legs (Back and Front of Upper Legs)

Note: I prefer to work one or the other and not both, Glutes and Quads, on the same upper-leg/thigh day but sometimes I do cram and do both. Dumbbells Squats (also-know-as 'Farmer Squats') with 80lb dumbbells (for a total lift of 160lbs) for 3 Sets, 6 Reps each set. These work mostly the back of the upper leg, the GLUTES (butt).

Raised-Heel Squats (also-known-as 'Sissy Squats') with 50lb dumbbells (total of 100lbs), for 3 Sets at 6 Reps each With weight at the front of the upper body, instead of the back of the shoulders (as in a long barbell squat), and the heels raised (on 1.5 inch board) this exercise works the QUADS (front of the upper leg/thigh). This exercise can be done with a barbell in the front, resting on the front of the delts/shoulders. (I try to keep my rests between sets on thigh/leg exercises no more than 1.5 minutes, 2 minutes max)

You won't get huge thighs using dumbbells alone. It takes squatting weight that is heavier than your arms and hands can handle, even with lifting straps, to get large thighs. I am not interested in gaining the turnip shaped thighs that some seek, I prefer the Old School physique look of thighs which is more of a carrot shape. It don't take squats with heavy barbells of weight across your upper back to get the Classic Old School Body Building look to your thighs, or butt.


No two of my workouts are exactly the same. I know what muscle groups, or Workout "Split", I am doing on a given day -I workout 4 times a week, all muscle groups of Workouts #1 and #2 are trained twice a week. I never plan what exercises to do, weight to use, or number of reps and sets I am doing, until the day of each workout.


The analog clock (seen to the left, the round purple-blue looking thing) is so I can keep up with the seconds in my rests between sets and exercises, so that I don't go too long. It is the clock I am glancing at during the workout. I try to keep my rests as short as possible and never rest for longer than I just have to between sets and exercises. I aim for 30 to 45 seconds, but may go 60. With super-sets, real heavy weight, or extremely high-rep workouts, I usually rest 90 seconds all the way up to 2 minutes between sets. The clock is also so I can keep up with the overall time of my workouts. I like to keep them around the 30 minute mark, I shoot for no longer than half an hour. It makes me push harder to get more done in that period. The webcam/video camera is seen next to the clock. Side Note: The temperature was in the 90's, wth a 3-digit Heat Index and very High Humidity -I basically had to chew the air before I could breath it, the humidity was so high. Not bad for a 47 year old guy, if I do say so myself)