Murderous Monkeys

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Where is the outrage and righteous indignation of the liberal and left-wing activists?! Where are the media specials?! Why aren't these vicious acts of interracial violence considered racial hatred?! Where are the marches for justice?!

white victims of racism

....nevermind, we already know the answer to those question, and it is one single answer for all of them: the victims were WHITE!

black racism


nigger slavery

A Non-White has, according to national medical statistics, a MUCH higher chance of dying from anaphylatic reaction (allergic reaction) to a sting from a hornet, wasp or ant than to be killed by a White racist Klansman, Skinhead or White Nationalist.

black lives dont matter

Whites on the other hand, according the government's (F.B.I.) offical crime statistics are the vast majority of victims when it comes to interracial crimes.

interracial rape

So fuck all of you Non-Whites, all of you you liberal commie Whites, and your bullshit whining about so-called "racist hate crimes" -you don't give a fuck about the TRUTH about interracial violent crime .....because you KNOW the TRUTH is Politically-Incorrect: Non-Whites commit the overwhelming majority of violent crime, and you KNOW the overwhelming majority of perpetrators of INTERRACIAL crimes are NOT White, and the majority of victims ARE White!

murderous niggers

kill niggers


See Black on White Murder (Facebook page) linked HERE.