The JEW World Order

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The 'New World Order' and it's One World agenda is JEWISH to it's rotten core.

dual seedline

From it's roots, to it's poisoned fruits, all branches of the tree of the One Worlder conspiracy leads to the Serpent Race, the JEW.


one world order

No need in chasing down silly rabbit holes of distraction looking for the all elusive, enigmatic, invisible, nameless, faceless "Globalists", "Insiders", "One Percenters", or the long defunct Illuminati's the JEW, stupid. Always as been.

the jew

Open a history book, do your own research, and you will see every where you look, a Jew, and another Jew, always a dirty Jew, behind every Capitialist corruption and Socalist conspiracy that leads towards the International Globalism of the "New World Order"

the jew

they live

jew world order


jew bankers

fed reserve


The Jew Race is only a mere .2% of the world population and yet Jews can be found to ALWAYS be involved in EVERY aspect of the Culture War against White Western Christian Civilization & Culture.



See: The Anti-Christ for Dummies

Below is a short (less than 10 minutes) video explaining how Zionism, Marxist Socialism and Capitalism are all tools, weapons, of the Jew World Order to achieve International Mercantilism.

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