By Gregory Kay


{This article was originally published in The First Freedom- of which Gregory is a regular contributor.}


Unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, I don't have to tell you what's going on with the United States Government; they're watching our every move.The NSA is monitoring every phone call and email; the IRS is deliberately interfering with conservative (and pseudo- conservative)groups, collecting all our medical records, and either leaking or selling the information to corporations or leftist groups; the Post Office is monitoring every single piece of snail mail, and Obama's new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is keeping track of every bank account, every mortgage and loan, every check written, and every credit and debit card transaction. We're under constant surveillance and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Right?  Wrong.  There is something that can be done to protect our privacy; several things actually,both defensively and, much to many people's surprise, offensively.After all, defense never won a war, and that's what this is.  Understand this: Iam not a lawyer, and the legality of some of the things I'm going tolist may be highly questionable. I'm NOT suggesting you do any ofthis; this article is for informational purposes only, and I highlyrecommend checking your Federal, state, and local laws before beingtempted to try any of these methods. That being said,monkey-wrenching is a good way to start a revolution; after all, thegovernment is already messed up, and the good rebel will simply take theopportunity to exacerbate the situation.   First, the defense:  Make purchases you want to remain private with cash or pre-paid debit card only; be sureyou purchase the debit card with cash as well. For private deals,barter whenever possible; swap goods and services at every opportunity, such as, “I'll fix your car if you fix my roof,” or,“I'll trade you this bag of (whatever) for that 9mm. Always-always-ALWAYS barter or pay cash for guns from a third party whenever possible, rather than at a store; if there's no paperwork,it makes it harder for the BATF to track. In fact, you can buy homemade alcohol and tobacco (or marijuana, if that's your thing)under the table as well, in order to avoid paying the taxes that finance those agencies; of course, that's illegal, but then again, most things are illegal these days. It's your decision, but which ever you choose, act like you've got some sense and never deal with people you don't know. Every dollar you spend on the gray or outright blackmarket is a blow against the government, as the missed taxes stretch their resources that much thinner.  


For phone calls you really want to be completely private, each party will need one of those pay-as-you-go phones like you find in convenience stores;again, buy them with cash or prepaid debit card (available at the same places) and use them to hold your discussions. Bear in mind that every cell phone is now equipped with a GPS chip by law, so take them else where with the battery removed to charge and activate them; then,after use at a location away from your domicile, either toss it in the trash (after wiping to remove any prints, including those on the battery where you put it in), or conveniently “forget it” and leave it on a bench near a questionable (preferably ethnic)neighborhood; the latter will make some underprivileged porch monkey happy, and lay a false trail for any government goon desperately trying to track you down via that phone's signal.   And speaking of signals, before you go somewhere you don't want to be tracked to,either leave your phone at home or have a buddy take it somewhere in the opposite direction, preferably in your car with its own little GPS tracker that's in all new ones, while you use other transportation. As for yourcomputer; buy a cheap used laptop, netbook, or tablet cheap enoughthat you won't hesitate to destroy it should you suspect somethinghas gone awry, and make it your dedicated privacy computer. Don't useit at home. Never bring it home with the battery in place. If you canget a small metal case that it'll fit in, so much the better, as itretards the GPS signal. Use it at the library, the burger joint, thecoffee shop, the campus: anyplace with free wifi, and never sign intoanything that can be identified to you, i.e. what you would sign inat home.   Encryption is good, but I question whether there is any encryption that cannot be defeated by someone with the skills and infinite resources, both of which are at the government's disposal, thanks to the tax dollars they extort from you to pay for your own oppression. Encrypt something, and you'll get their attention, because it screams loud and clear you have something to hide; therefore, the best secret code is the one that doesn't look like a code. Hide in plain sight and all that.   389026_2325025842456_1563775063_n

One of the most secure ways of passing information is to literally pass it,hand-to-hand, either in crowds, on public transportation, or the one place where there are almost never cameras, public bathrooms. The flash-drive, memory stick, thumb-drive: whatever you want to call it,is the vehicle of choice for this (Memory cards, like SD and Micro SD work well too.) due to their size; not only can they be easily palmed and concealed, but can, if tied-off in a sturdy condom, be carried unobserved, either in the mouth (where they can be exchanged with a kiss), or in various body cavities. This type of exchange has become standard in many countries with tyrannical regimes, where information is not only delivered between organizations and individuals, but also to cyber-warriors who then use it for their own purposes. This is also a great way to pass around survivalist manuals, military handbooks, weapons user guides, etc. Obviously you can take a lesson from drug dealers too, and use “drops,” such as a loose brick,paving stone, hollow fence post, etc. Another thing tokeep your movements secret, (1) don't use your own car; (2) make sureany electronic devices are disabled and the batteries removed, notjust turned off, and preferably inside a metallic container that actsas a Farraday cage; (3) get one of those metal wallets to prevent theRFD tags in your licenses, etc. from being scanned; (4) don't useyour own cell phone; and (5) make sure you're not carrying recentpurchases or library books which may have RFD tags. It's also worthnoting that the increasingly ubiquitous security cameras and thefacial recognition technology that makes them so valuable to theauthorities can be messed with as well, allowing you to disguise yourmovements in that way as well. There are so many methods of doingthis that they would take an article in themselves to list; just doan internet search from a secure computer.   That was some of the defensive means you can take to secure yourself;now let's look at the offensive things you can do to throw a monkeywrench into Uncle Sam's works. If enough people are not only willingto avoid the system, but to actually work on screwing up, the systemwill no longer be able to function.   First, take their money. If the government offers you something forfree, take it, whether you need it or not; the object is to stretchtheir resources farther and farther. Apply for everything. Second, never underestimate the time- and resource-wasting capacityof deliberately stupid and inane questions directed toward theoffices of the powers-that-be. Also, while you're at it, start filingfreedom of information requests on everything you can think of; thatreally ties things up. If you ever find a “law enforcement” transmitter on your car,take it to the nearest truck stop and stick it on the rig of along-haul trucker. They're probably used to your habits, but when“you” suddenly take off cross-country, that willget their undivided attention. Also, occasionally send yourelectronic devices with GPS locators on distant shopping trips orvacations with friends; a group of people doing this for each otheron a regular basis will drive them nuts.   These are all fun, but only if you are doing nothing extremelyillegal, because you will get their attention. Now I'm about to tellyou how to get their undivided attention. Remember that, ifyou're not directly involved in the “hands-on” revolution, everyagent you can get watching you is one less that can be watching thosethat are.   The way the NSA spying works is through sifting; every email,Facebook post, and phone call is checked by software for – amongother things no doubt – who it's from or two, where it's from ortwo, whether it includes the flag-raising keywords (The list is fartoo big to include here, but is readily-available on the web.), andwhether it is encrypted. If it is flagged, particularly in multipleareas, someone has to personally look at it. Now let's just say amillion people made it a point, at least once a day, to include someof these keywords in their texts and emails; congratulations, becauseyou've just made things there grind to something close to a halt.   Even better, get some internet pen pals in Iran, Syria, Russia,China, etc., to swap recipes or something with, and heavily encryptall messages before inserting them in strong password-protectedcompressed files. You'll provide endless hours of fun for any agentswho might be bored. Google search for information on illegal stuff – bomb making,poisons, successful assassinations, the itineraries of variouspoliticians, etc. - from your (or your mother-in-law's) homecomputer; they love that.   Periodically email cryptic messages that look like a code forsomething - “Gentlemen; to Sherwood,” is a good example somefriends used to use, or “Operation Hammer is a go! Be there lockedand loaded!” - to like-minded souls, or post them on Facebook orTwitter, then ignore any requests for clarification, or dismiss themwith, “If it was intended for you, you'd know.”   Or you can get really serious and start outing the enemy. Beespecially careful with this, because it's legality depends largelyon who's prosecuting, and you can definitely be sued. However, thisis the information age, and information is definitely a weapon.   Ever been in a group that was infiltrated by an informant? Post everypicture of him you can get your hands on, and all his personalinformation you can acquire online (See your friendly movementhacker!). The same for judges, prosecutors, politicians, bureaucrats,cops, etc. that have personally taken part in the oppression of ourpeople. Also the same for media figures and commentors parroting thegovernment line, not to mention members of enemy organizations orcriminals who have attacked our people. It's a cold slap in the facefor someone who thinks they can act with impunity to find thatillusion of invulnerability shattered when they suddenly discovertheir picture, home address, work information, and sometimes evenbank account and Social Security numbers out there for literallyanybody to see. It lets them know we know where they live,where they work, where they go...and they don't like that, for thevery obvious reason that someone out there may hold thempersonally accountable for their actions.   After all, they've made us vulnerable, so it seems only just to sharethat feeling.    And who knows? Maybe it will even start the revolution.        


Did you enjoy and get something positive out of this article? You did? Good. Now go on over to First Freedom and read some more of Gregory Kay's awesome articles like this one titled "We Are At War" ....and this personal favorite of mine he wrote directed towards the Tea Bagging "CON-servative" titled "The Reagan Sacred Cow".    Gregory Kay is also a fiction writer, the covers of his novels are featured below.     FOR ORDERING INFORMATION CLICK HERE.




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