God's Insurance Policy -by Robert Balaicius

In this post I mirror (original posting is here) a short writing by a gentleman who is a fellow Identity Christian and Freedom loving, Tyranny hating, Patriot: Robert Balaicius of Sacred Truth Ministries

Brother Robert is the author of MANY books dealing with Christian Patriot topics. His 1993 published book:

YOUR INHERITANCE: The Best Kept Secret In The World

was one of the first 3 books I read as I was coming to the knowledge of the Israel Identity doctrine, years back. I am sharing his writing about health insurance, as it applies to the Christian Patriot, here to help spread the Truth contained in what he said. Let those of you who have "ears to hear" consider, and pray, about what he wrote. I believe as the State acts more and more like the Big Brother Beast it is, which includes the State ruling over your very health care, more and more Christians will find themselves having to live outside the System. The so-called "Affordable Health Care Act" -a.k.a. "Obamacare"- is simply a step towards a Single-Payer System -which basically is State Socialized Health Care, like other countries have. Of course the Act does not make health care "affordable", it simply is a step towards making the Medical INDUSTRY more centralized and the patients, the PEOPLE, the populace, more CONTROLLABLE. It is simply yet another "Mark of the Beast" like Birth Certificates, Social Security Numbers, Driver's License and Business Licenses are.

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 I like the below short article by Brother Robert because he points out to the Christian reader that his/her trust and faith should ultimately be in God, not in State, not in business Corporations. I have been thinking about having a Health & Fitness section here on my website for a while now because I believe we should take RESPONSIBILITY for our physical health. So many speak of Independence and being Free, and many try to live free in other ways, but they make no effort to also work to be free of needless and preventable illnesses. The same unbalance needs to be pointed out about the "Survivalist" "Prepper" types. So many of them are almost genius in their Preparedness planning and preparations yet are sadly, and disgustingly, out of shape, grossly overweight and suffering from chronic illnesses they blindly depend on pharmaceuticals to "treat". It is "fun" (but tends to create a sense of carnal false-pride, not to mention a sense of false security) to stock pile guns, ammunition and all kinds of security measures to survive a coming "Zombie Apocalypse". But, the VAST MAJORITY of Preppy "Preppers" are woefully out of shape, overweight, and in varying states of progressively declining health. The VAST MAJORITY of Preppers willfully ignore that fact that the most immediate and much more serious danger to themselves (and their families) is their OWN BODIES. The VAST MAJORITY of "Survivalists" will suffer, and DIE, from Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease and other preventable illnesses....and NEVER need their "Preps". But, it is much more fun to buy up weapons and to plan out defense strategies then to do mundane things like eat right and exercise. To put it bluntly MOST "Preppers" live in a fantasy world worrying about what may happen as they ignore the real world and what IS currently happening to them at this moment. I have a Survival Preparedness section on this website, so don't misunderstand me, I absolutely believe in being prepared. ...But: Survivalism is a WAY OF LIFE, not a fantasy game for Middle and Upper Class Yuppies and Preppies to play dungeons and dragons with their incomes. If you don't take care of your own body and health you are NOT a Survivalist (or "Prepper"). You are buying up a bunch of things and making all kinds of plans but you don't really want to survive or be self-reliant, you just want to play the fantasy game known as "Prepping". It is my conviction that we Americans need to put more time, effort and resources into the simpler way of life. So many say they don't have time to exercise or the money to afford healthier foods ...yet they have time for silly hobbies and plenty of money for materialistic junk. I work out -I strength train. I am no sports athlete, nor do I aspire to be. I enjoy exercising and challenging myself in every session because it not only helps my body physically to stay healthy but it also helps my psychologically The psychological or mental benefits to exercise are as much, if not more, than the physiological ones! Of course good health is based more on what you put in the machine (eat) than how often you use and maintain it's mechanics (exercise). As a Christian it is my belief that God does heal, but that He also wants us to take an active role in our health. I believe that we Americans neglect our health because we want the easy way. We want to eat what we want to eat and disregard the unhealthy consequences. We walk around Walmart or the mall and pretend we "worked out" when in reality we have not really pushed our bodies, or minds, enough for there to be any real benefit. When we take an active role and focus on what we put in our bodies and how we use our bodies we become less interested in the silly modern and materialistic world that distracts us from the simple and wholesome -and truly fulfilling- things of life.

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Good health is a gift from God, but it is up to you to maintain it. The Christian Patriot must do all that he/she knows to do to eat right and get meaningful, and regular, physical exercise. And, the Christian Patriot knows, or should know, to also maintain his/her spiritual health. The Bible teaches us that illness and sickness is many (not ALL) times a result of spiritual unhealthiness (Sin). Is it not telling that in some of the incidents recorded in the Gospels in which Christ healed someone, such as a deaf person, He casted out an evil spirit to facilitate the healing? I realize the non-Christians (and some nominal Christians) reading this will say that what I am referring to here is "superstition" or "medieval thinking" and frankly I don't care. To deny the spiritual realm, and thus spiritual aspect, of our lives is a mental illness all in itself.

The article below should ring true to all who profess to be "Christian". The Christian life is a life centered around faith. Christianity is a joke to the world, not because the world rejects God, but because most who profess to be "Christian" never demonstrate their faith -they talk about it, they give it lip service, but they never SHOW it.

Contrary to the Christian-in-title-only it is NOT "tempting God" to TRUST in God to do for us what we can't do for ourselves. Some will say a person is "tempting God" that won't run to a doctor every time they are sick, or injured. I say you are tempting God by trusting more in man than in God. I absolutely believe in using home remedies, medicinal herbs and natural/homeopathic remedies for illnesses, or symptoms and injuries that we can cure or address ourselves. I believe the Creator created medicinal plants for a reason and there are a lot of needlessly sick among us simply because we trust the doctor more than we do Nature and Nature's Designer. As this website is dedicated to Calling the White American to TRUE Freedom & Liberty through recognition of his racial Identity and acceptance of NO king but Jesus it is only fitting that I include writings that inspire individual Independence through personal responsibility which, of course, includes articles pertaining to living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and spiritually. I hope the following article by Brother Robert of Sacred Truth Ministries inspires, encourages, and even emboldens you...


God said if we obeyed His Laws we would be free of sickness. Sickness is often a result of a spiritual problem (disobedience against God) and we reap what we sow. In order to attempt to ROB GOD and circumvent the Law of the Harvest, instead of repenting, man tries to form alliances with the world (Egypt) to protect them against the chastening of God. Insurance is against all-known Scriptural truth. Homeowner's policies protect you against, "floods, fires, tornadoes and other acts of God." Insurance to protect you from God. Ye are servants to whom ye yield yourselves to obey.

The one you TRUST in, the ONE you SACRIFICE to, THE ONE YOU LOOK TO to SUPPLY your needs and heal you is your god. Socialized health care is merely transferring people's religion and faith in doctors and insurance companies to the STATE. This includes Christians; whether they realize it or not. Christians man offer a prayer when they are injured or find out they have a disease--but in reality, they don't trust God, but the doctor and insurance company. The government is a jealous god and wants all to worship them alone. If Christians actually believe God and He is truly their God, they will obey His Law and trust in Him, and no go running to other gods to provide for their needs which shows they don't really trust God. Either a Christian actually believes and trusts and obeys God, or he doesn't. There is no "but..." This is just like any other issue: self-defense, national-defense, working to provide needs, etc. While we are commanded to trust God in each area, we are also commanded to be faithful and do what we can reasonably do to protect ourselves. Scripture is clear about the right of self-defense, that criminals are to be punished, that there are causes for righteous war, that we are supposed to work 6 days a week; while at the same time trusting God to provide as we are faithful and obedient (draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you). However, there are limits to what is considered "reasonable" in all these areas, and they themselves are dependent upon the commands in God's Word. Obviously, it would not be proper to turn to prostitution to earn ones daily bread. Clearly it is NOT right to make alliances with ANTICHRISTIAN or even SINFUL CHRISTIAN nations, to protect you against other nations, antichristian or christian. God's Word is clear in the OT that God would have forgiven and delivered His people IF they had TURNED FROM their sin and TURNED TO HIM; but instead, they sought to make alliances with EGYPT (the world) to protect them from Assyria, who was GOD'S "SERVANT" to chasten His people to repentance. BUYING INSURANCE is NOT reasonable and not within God's Law. What our duty is, is to eat right, the foods God said we may eat, and in the right proportion,--LIVE FOOD, as much fresh and raw as possible, not processed, dead, pasturized, lifeless, vitamin empty, fiber-depleted full of preservatives, carcinogenic colors and fake flavors and chemicals and all sorts of abominations, not meats shot full of antibiotics, chemicals, and poisons-- the healthy forms of food, not to abuse any food or drink that is lawful, not fill our bodies with toxins and poisons and radiation, exercise and breath fresh air and absorb direct sunlight, live in obedience to God--that is our obligation, and God will keep us healthy or if He allows sickness, it is for a purpose and we need to find out what that purpose is, rather than taking some magic pill and going on about our lives as if God is not really involved, in charge, or answerable to. I challenge any Christian to show where insurance of any type is supported by Scripture. Insurance, even driving insurance, serves to engender irresponsibility. If people realized, if I drive careless and injure someone I AM RESPONSIBLE, most would drive more carefully. Insurance is a buffer zone negating responsibility. Unfortunately, the evil government made driving insurance mandatory, I never had it up until that point, and now only have the minimum required by law, which I don't like, but you cannot get license plates without it and thus cannot drive without fear of arrest, it is communism. However, they cannot make me get health insurance. They may try, but I will take a firm stand there. I will not surrender my body to someone else to choose what is best for me and shoot me full of vaccinations and poison or radiation or whatever they think best. My body is my body and the Temple of the Holy Spirit. I have followed the dietary laws for the past 30 years and will not allow them to defile my body if they think their voodoo potions are what is best for me (such as vaccines, being full of monkey pus, mercury, swine blood, etc.; and some pharma-drugs are little better, all poisonous, and all have deadly side effects, which, if they damage me, they then will not be responsible--I know one person who's liver was destroyed by prescribed medication, and he has suffered and been near death many times over the past several years; you can also do a web search on various drugs and vaccines and read about all the people whose lives have been destroyed by approved medications; often after the drug companies have made a few billion--most made from petroleum and making Rockefeller richer--they take the drug off the market before bodies start piling up).

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