Druidic Triads of Truth

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The ancient Druid Priests were NOT the human sacrificing superstitious heathens mainstream academia, professional churchianity and anti-White/anti-Christian Hollywood has made them out to be.

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The ancient Druids did not have idols, images or icons that they prayed, worshiped or bowed in front of for they believed God was a Great Invisible Eternal Spirit Being (the "I Am" and "Eternal One" -which is what the Hebrew name "YaHWeH" literally means- of the Bible comes to mind). They referred to Him as the "Heavenly Father" and they described Him as The Invisible One, and a Being that images of earthly things (such as animals, or man-like figurines) can not express.


The Druids believed God to be an Unseen Spirit-Being who knows all (omniscient), sees all and is in ultimate control of all (omnipotent) and The Creator of Earth, Nature and Life. 

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The Druids were the Hebrew Levitical Priesthood in a different form (not that all were of the tribe of Levi in ancestory -though they all were, individually speaking, of at least one of the 12 Israelite Tribes and thus Israelites in Diaspora). The Druidic practices and teachings in fact had many strong similarities to Biblical Law and Levitical practices that chance and accident can not explain.

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The ancient Celts, Germanics and Nordics all had religious belief systems, teachings, stories and practices that had strong similarities to one another and to the ancient Hebrew (Old Testment) culture. Contrary to the anti-Christian lies, the Hebrews (who where the ancestors of today's White-European Race, and NOT "Jews") did not "steal" their beliefs and teaching and Biblical stories from ancient White pagans. Many of the European myths, religions and practices came FROM the ancient Biblical Israelites, because the Hebrew Israelites (who were White and not "Jews") were their ancestors!

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For more information on the Druids and their traditional and genetic connection to the Biblical Hebrew Israelites (NOTE: Not the "Jews"!) read Tracing Our Ancestors by the late Christian Identity researcher and writer Frederick Haberman (available HERE and other places)


Druidic teaching was done by requiring the memorization of moral and spiritual principles in threes, called "triads". Below are examples of such wonderful Triads.

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There are 3 Primeval Unities:

One God

One Truth

One Point of Liberty

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3 things proceed from the:

All of Life

All that is Good

All Power


3 Primary Ornaments of Wisdom:





3 Primary Qualities of the Soul of Man:

What he may Fear

What he would Conceal

What he would Show

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3 Things make Man Equal to an Angel:

Love of Every Good

Love of Exercising Charity

Love of Pleasing God


3 Duties of Every Man:

Worship God

Be Just To All Men

Die For Your Country

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 The Druidic Britons Their Institutions and Laws (link HERE)

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