Diversity of Trumpites

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white nationalist donald trump

Silly statist White Nationalists that support Donald Trump are in good company .......Trump supporters come in all Races

.......The Cult of Trump is MultiCULTural.

white nationalists donald trump

Silly White Nationalists, Trump isn't for Whites, he's for everyone. But that's okay with you, because he has promised to build you a "wall" ....so go ahead and hold hands with your non-white friends as you both go skipping off to the voting booths to vote for your hero.

spics for trump

 Spics for senor Trump

black lives matter

 Black Trumpite, Robert King Bullock, loved Trump to death, literally ....he was murdered .....remember now White Nationalists Trump supporters: "Black Lives Matter" ...yo!

pro white memes facebook page

Above ^ you can see the INSANITY of the Trump supporting White Nationalists exemplified.

The Facebook page 'Pro White Memes, Videos, and Articles resource page' posted the above meme (I added the red letter notes, and yes I know I misspelled "capitalism"). Using a imfamoust ANTI White groid's support of Trump to bolster their own silly statist pro Trump stance is NOT being very "Pro White".

Whites are Ice Cube's enemy according to his own words:
"I'm killing more crackers [whites] than Bosnia-Herzegovina, each and everyday. . . . don't bust until you see the whites of his eyes, the whites of his skin. . . . Louis Farrakhan . . . Bloods and CRIPS, and little old me, and we all getting ready for the enemy"
From the song "Enemy" by Ice Cube, Lethal Injection, 1993

Listen to the short "intro" track (54 seconds long) titled 'The Shot' where Ice Cube glorifies cold blooded murder of a unsuspecting White linked HERE.

trump loves jews

Many Jews support Trump and of course as is already WELL established, by Trump himself, on numerous occasions (see HERE), he, like a good subservient goyim, certainly supports Jews, Judiasm and is zealously Zionist for the State of Isn'treal ....he knows who not to piss off, he knows what side his bagels are buttered.

trump zionist


trump zionist

It matters not how many billions a non-Jew has, money won't save them, not even the "Almighty Trump", from the wrath of the self-chosen ones, if you piss them off. White Nationalists ALREADY know this fact, yet they still insist on playing the game of statist politics, even though they KNOW Jew Bankers run the circus called politics.

trump jews

[The racial Canaanite/Jew, Nathanae Kapner, names the kikes in Trump's Deck of Jewish Cards in THIS video]

trump kosher

Statist Righties of the White Nationlist kind think because Statist Lefites of the Cultural-Marxist kind hate Trump that he must be some Great White Hope to vote for Hope & Change and to make "Murica Great Again". Lefties and Righties seem to belive Donny to be Adolf reincarnated .....HE ISN'T, believe it -see meme below for a crash course in reality.

Adolf Hitler was a Statist, no doubt, but at least he knew Jewu$ury Crapitali$t Banksteri$m was just as destructive to his country as Jewish Communi$m!

trump hitler

Secular White Nationalists mock we Identity Christians for having faith in a unseen God, yet they have faith in a man that can be clearly seen ....to be a kosher RACE TRAITOR. The reason for their insanity is directly due to their FALSE faith in the idolatrous religion of statism and statist politics. 

black lives

There is a damn good reason WHY Trump appeals to so many Non-Whites ....too bad White Nationalists can't figure out the reason, which is blatantly obvious.

tyson trump

Non-Whites support Trump because they got enough sense to know (and to ignore the silly, shilly, Lefties ranting about Trump's alleged racist ideology) that.....


(*He will pay his dues to his Jew masters though)

trump zionist

List of some of Trump's Jew masters HERE

dogg for trump

mexican for trump

niggers for trump

white nationalism

trump mandela

Trump's lawyer and close personal friend, Michael Cohen, a Jew, said: “I know for a fact that no other candidate, Republican or Democrat, has a greater relationship today or in the past with the Jewish community. "

And that "The notion that his values are antithetical to Judaic principles is laughable. His daughter is Orthodox Jewish, many of his executives, some who go back with him 40 years as well as close friends are Jewish. Mr. Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was a staple in the Brooklyn/Queens Jewish communities" [source: politico.com]

kosher trump

It is TOTAL INSANITY for ANY racially awake and Jew-wise White to vote for Donald Trump. Otherwise intelligent White Nationalists are falling for the bait to support Trump. Their idolatrous statheism and illogical faith in political statist systems has driven them mad.

David Duke, and other prominent White Nationalists that have expressed support for Donald Trump should be ashamed of themselves!


white nationalist nationalism donald trump

White Nationalists will support and vote for someone they THINK is saying things that he really isn't, simply because they want so badly to believe there is salvation in the political system.

trump white nationalism

There is NO political solution and there is NO political hope, nor is there any (positive) change coming through Trump or any politician. White Nationalists sit at their computers and pontificate saying such things as "we got to vote for someone" and "he is the best choice" ignoring the fact that statist systems ultimately are the instrument and tool (and weapon) of the Merchant Race (read: JEWS) and banking class, and always have been going back to ancient times.

donald trump racist

Billionaire Trump is a product of a Cultural Marxist society with a Usury-Banking Capitalist economy protected by a Statist System.

trump racists

White Nationalist Trump supporters are no less silly than any White Hillary supporter.

trump hillary

trump zionist

white nationalists

White Nationalist Trump supporters EAT SHIT!

duke trump

....No really, I mean they eat Trump's bullshit!

white nationalism trump



Also see my page titled The Don is a Chump (link HERE) -it has many links where you can learn more about the REAL Donald Trump.

trump clinton