The BLACK DEATH -Notes on Reconstruction I & II -by Andrew Grayson

The BLACK DEATH –a collection of: Notes on Reconstruction I & II  

Written by a college history major and Southern White Patriot, under the pen name of Andrew Grayson, this well researched and hard hitting thesis on the topic of the Reconstruction Era is fast and easy to read. At just a little over 100 pages, this book lays out before both the history expert and novice the rotten fruits of the U. S. Federal Government's 19th Century War On The South. This book pulls no punches as it clearly documents the trail of innocent blood leading all the way to Washington, D.C. That blood being the blood of White Americans who dared to resist the Tyranny of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL EMPIRE. That White Blood being shed that it might be mingled with the blood of heathens (Ezra 9:2; Psalm 106:35), and beasts (Jeremiah 31:27).


The author of this book, now deceased, was the mentor of Brother Ryan's mentor. He, "Andrew Grayson", was both a staunch Southern Nationalist and unapologetic White Racialist. He not only believed in the need for the present day South's session from under the Federal Boot of Tyranny but in regional and racial Separatism.

All Non-Statist Anarchists are by very nature Separatists and so should be able, like Lysander Spooner and Josiah Warren (19th Century American Anarchists) did, to sympathize with the Southern Nationalist-Separatist.

The Russian Anarchist Mikhail Bakunin said "I demand only on thing: that every tribe, great and small, be given the full opportunity and right to act according to it's will" Bakunin, who lived in the 19th Century, also said in his 1873 thesis Statism and Anarchy: "Every people, how ever tiny, has it's own specific character, style of life, speech, way of thinking and working: and precisely this character, this style of life, constitutes it's nationality, which is the sum total of it's historic life, aspirations and circumstances. Every people, like every individual, are perforce what they are and have the incontestable right to be themselves"


American Anarchist Josiah Warren wrote his 1863 published book True Civilisation the following about the so-called "Civil War" that was going on at the time: "If the Declaration of Independence, or this sacred right of Individual Sovereignty, had been commonly appreciated a year ago in the 'United States', they would not now be disunited. None of the destruction of persons and property which has blackened the past year would have occurred, nor would twelve hundred thousand citizens now be bent on destroying each other and their families and homes in these States! Every Individual would have been 'Free' to entertain any theory of government whatever for himself or herself, and to test it by experiment within equitable limits; an issue would be raised only where this sacred right was denied, or against any who should have undertaken to enforce any theory of government whatever upon any individual against his or her 'consent'. Our great present internal war is of barbarian origin. ....One portion of the tribe (or nation) wanted to form a tribe or nation by itself, but the other portion undertook to prevent them. They say that the 'fathers had said that the tribe should remain one and inseparable now and forever'."

American lawyer turn Non-Statist Lysander Spooner wrote in his 1870 published book NO TREASON: The Constitution of No Authority wrote about the (quote) "money-lenders, the Rothschilds, for example", the "men who loan money to governments" are "soulless blood-money loan-mongers" and are "the real rulers". Spooner, like his fellow American Non-Statist Josiah Warren, lived during the so-called "Civil War".

Spooner wrote that "these lenders of blood money" sought only "a control of the markets of the South; in other words, the privilege of holding the slave-holders themselves in industrial and commercial subjection to the manufacturers and merchants of the North (who afterwards furnished the money for the war)" He further said.... "these same lenders of blood-money who furnished the means to subdue the South, will furnish the means again to subdue you".

Spooner, who was no supporter of the Confederate States of America, nor pro-slavery person, certainly sympathized with the Southern people. He said the war was being fought only under "The pretense of the 'abolition of slavery'" but knew "that was not the motive of the war".

As can be seen from their written records these 3 Non-Statist ANARCHISTS, that lived during the period of 1860-1865, believed in the rights of Session, Separatism and Sovereignty.

All 3 ANARCHISTS sympathized with the American South and the Southern people. The Natural Right to self-determination and self rule for any Individual or group of Individuals is one all true Anarchists embrace and respect. aa4

The BLACK DEATH -a collection of: Notes on Reconstruction I & II deals with the period after the War Between the States known as "The Reconstruction Era". A period best described as "Hell on earth" for the Southern man and woman. The author quotes and cites numerous historical figures and facts (and includes the sources in the Index) to shed light on blackened history. The first Reconstruction of the South by the Federal North began in the late 1860's and continued for only a few years. Then the evil Federal dragon, for the most part, slept for almost 90 years. It awoke to attack the South again, beginning in the 1950's. The second Reconstruction still continues to this day!



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