(another) Sheboon Savagely Attacks (another) White Woman and Child

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Due to it going viral -thanks to unashamed White Racists tired of nigger attacks on Whites- most people are aware of the brutal Sheboon attack on a White young lady and a child while they sit at a picnic table on June 19, 2015 in Rowlett, Texas (see HERE  ~ also see photos below). But that certainly was not an isolated or rare event. Sheboons and Maleboons (that would be female and male NIGGERS) regularly attack, and most of the time with little or no warning, Whites of both genders and all ages.

nigger bitch

In this video you wil hear the clueless White woman victim ask repeatedly "What did I do??!". The answer is two-fold. First, she was be born of the White Race, second she naively was walking in an area she had to already know was prime Predatory Pavement-Primate territory (that would be an area occupied by a majority of NIGGERS). And of course, just like in incidents like the Rowlett, Texas one, the other Blackboons are greatly enjoying the brutality being meted out on both the mother AND THE CHILD.


The Sheboon brutaly strikes at and pushes the little White boy down on the concrete sidewalk. Of course in the primitive minds of the Blackboon Race her violence on the little child would be "justified" because the little fellow had "dissed" (disrespected) her by punching at her while trying to defend his downed and beaten mother.