6 Million LIES

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The so-called "Holocaust" and it's seemingly patented trademark number of


is utter bullshit.

holocaust lies


Of course such denial, labeled "Holocaust Denial", is considered "anti-semitic" "hate speech". Now, I for one, am NOT an anti-semite, what do I care what language a person speaks??

(see the definition for "semite" here)

{Also see my article on so-called "anti-semitism" here}

I do, however hate (Antichrists, Liars, and enemies of my Race) , because I love (Christ, Truth and the White Race)

hate speech

It is illegal in over a half a dozen countries (like Canada and Germany) to publically deny the mythological "Wholly-a-Hoax".


Some internet trolls try to claim no country outlaws denying the Hoax-a-Co$t, but check out the very real case of German born Canadian (he lived in Canada for FOUR DECADES) Ernst Zundel HERE.

holocaust censorship

And of course this didn't happen either too.... according to Zionist trolls: 






six million i wish 


Personally, I wished there had been 6,000,000 kikes gassed to death by the German National Socialists in the 1930's and 40's. Not just because I think there is

no such thing as a "good Jew",

muh six million

...but also because at least we would get our money's worth, so-to-speak, when we hear, or read, about them bitching about the alleged event every chance they get.

jews lie

If YOU believe in the MYTH of 6 Million Jews gassed to death by a delousing pesticide (Zyklon B) then you had better also believe in all of the PREVIOUS alleged persecutions and attempted exterminations of Jews....that also, interestingly (or should I say suspiciously) enough, included the exact figure of 6 million victims.

If you don't believe in all of the PREVIOUS "6 Millions" then you may still qualify to be an "anti-semite" and "holocaust denier"!

zyklon b 6 million

That's right, according to JEWS, there has been the exact number -"6 Million"-  Jewish victims in other events, and places, years, even decades, before the 1933 rise to power of the Nazis in Germany.

jewish lies

Above and below are images of historical newspaper articles, publications and pamphlets decrying diverse horrible plights of the exact figure of "SIX MILLION" Jew victims PREVIOUS to 1933 and the rise of Hitler and the N.S.D.A.P. in Germany.

six million jews

If the documentation shown on this page of the REPEATED USE of the "Six Million" figure -long before the Nazis in Germany- don't convince you that the Jews are a Race of LIARS then nothing will.

1910 holocaust

 1912 holocaust

1914 holocaust

1918 holocaust


crucifixion of jews

Considering it was the CANANITE-EDOMITE ancestors of today's "Jews" that were behind the Crucifixion of the innocent HEBREW-ISRAELITE (ARYAN) Christ it is pretty BLASPHEMOUS for this Cursed Race of Bastards to claim any sort of "Crucifixion" of themselves .....which was a Cruci-FICTION anyway -just another of the "6 MILLION" LIES the Race of Lairs & Murders have told about themselves.

jews crucifixion  

Jesus Christ told them (the Non-Israelite "Jews"):

"You are of your father the Devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning and has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44)

Jews are LIARS, because it is in their very genetic make-up to be liars.

And, as you can see, they have no problem recycling the SAME BIG LIE of "6 MILLION", telling it over and over, until people accept it as true!!

six million


 1919 6 million


1921 holocaust

six million lies


 jew lie

Now, hold on to your hat, or wallet, the Jew lie of "6 Million" gets really bold.....
six million german jews 1933

According to this (1933) American newspaper there were exactly "600,000" (that is six THOUSAND, not million) Jews being (quote) "terrorized by Hitlerist anti-semitism" in Germany the year the Nazi Party took power ('33). First off, why that precious number SIX?? ....And, second, if there were UNDER a million, how is it six "million" ended up being, allegedly, "gassed" to death by 1945??

The LIES the Jews have told about themselves, and on others, are legion.

nazi book burning


Another boldfaced Jew Lie is that the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Gobbels, allegedly supported the technique known by conspiracy theorists as the
"Big Lie".

Allegedly Goebbels said/wrote something to the affect of

"The bigger the lie the more the people will believe it"

big lie

There is NO written, nor audio recorded, evidence that Goebbles ever wrote or spoke such words, NONE! Any jackass (like Alex "JIM" Jones) that says different is a LIAR.

alex jones jews

I challenge anyone to provide the SOURCE for such a quote from Goebbles!
There is absolutely NO documented evidence that Goebbles ever spoke, or wrote in favor of, or believed in, lying to, or willfully decieving, the populace.

alex jones shill

On the contrary, there IS documented evidence that Goebbles HATED lying and liars:
"Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear truth"
-quote for a speech by Goebbels at a 1934 rally in Nuremberg.

gobbels big lie alex jones

Depending on the Liar you're listening to the above spurious quote sometimes is attributed to Adolph Hitler, instead of Joseph Goebbels (liars can't keep their lies straight, ya know). And, once again, there is NO evidence at all that Hitler ever advocated anything but honesty and truth when addressing the people.

The ONLY time Hitler used the term "Big Lie" was in his book Mein Kampf, and the context in which he used the term was in reference to the JEWS and THEIR lying!! See for yourself: page 134 Murphy translation of Mein Kampf -Read that page yourself, HERE.

holocaust lie


 So as is evident, and as the cold hard facts -and hard-copy evidence of the historical documents- show

it is the JEW that practices the "Big Lie" technique,

just as Mr. Hitler said they did in his book, Mein Kampf!

6 million lie

When the number of alleged gassed Jewish victims at Auschwitz was reduced in 1989 from the original figure of 4 Million (of the grand total of 6 Million allegedly killed by the Nazis) to One and a Half Million....


...how come the grand total wasn't reduced to 3.5 Million from the originally claimed "6 Million"?

jew 666

The Jews HAVE to have their precious "6" "million figure, because 6 is such an important Kabbalistic number to them.

jew satanic
Think about it:
6 Million

6 Day War

6 Point Star.


666 jews skip baker