3 Tenths Difference

monkey boy will dance for nanners

Umm, yea, okay, whatever monkey boy....
Anyway, speaking of bananas, did ya know:
banana dna genes

....geeee, I wonder what geneticists and scientists DON'T know about Genes and D.N.A.

You know, since considering Deoxyribonucleic acid contains, obviously, a LOT of complicated information in it that science has yet to understand.

I mean golly gee whiz, think about it.....

The genetic difference between you and a simple bacteria is only about 65%;

You and a corn plant are only 32% genetically different;

You and a mouse are only a mere 8.7% different.

You and a chimpanzee are 98.5% genetically the SAME, a tiny 1.5% DIFFERENCE. Yet look at the literal WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between chimps and your species! What have chimps invented lately?? What great civilizations have they created?? What is their rich cultural heritage??

So when they tell you the Races only have few 10ths difference (or as they like to put it 99.7% the "same") genetically between them it must mean a whole lot more difference than can be assumed. Isn't honest science cool?!