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Police Protected Pavement Apes

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Pavement Apes are being allowed to run wild in the streets by the "authorities". Not only are they being allowed, by the Goverment to do what ever they want to do to White people and their property, they and their animalistic violence is protected by the Government.


Pavement Apes Preaching Hate, Rape and UFOs

Rape of White women and U.F.O.s .....that's the Black Power "gospel".
Golly gee whiz, I wonder where the mass media is, and why they aren't plastering stories about THIS racist hateful speech and racial intimidation all over their broadcasts, print pages and websites.



Flagging while FAT

A FAT thieving brute beast (see

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Flagging FAIL

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This groid is trying out for the

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America is NOT the greatest country

"America is NOT the 'greatest country in the world'!"