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America is DEAD -Intellectuals Killed It!

Today, as I write this, I turn 45. It's my birthday. Tomorrow, July 4th,  America has a birthday. It will be 237 years old -according to it's "official" birth as an independent country. As most of my readers already know the bumper sticker saying "I love my country but hate my Government", does apply to me, though it is NOT "my" Government.

Legitimate Rape

[NOTE: This article was originally written by me, Bro. Ryan, for the United Church of Kriost as a guest article and was publish on their website circa November 2012]  


The BLACK DEATH -Notes on Reconstruction I & II -by Andrew Grayson

65333_1387218934870948_262096642_nWritten by a college history major and Southern White Patriot, under the pen name of Andrew Grayson, this well researched and hard hitting thesis on the topic of the Reconstruction Era is fast and easy to read. At just a little over 100 pages, this book lays out before both the history expert and novice the rotten fruits of the U. S. Federal Government's 19th Century War On The South. This book pulls no punches as it clearly documents the trail of innocent blood leading all the way to Washington, D.C. That blood being the blood of White Americans who dared to resist the Tyranny of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL EMPIRE.