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Unhealthy Christianity

Many White Christians (both mainstream Judeos and Identity Christians) shun and even mock those who excercise regularly and eat healthy diets as being "vain" and "carnal minded" and yet when their unhealthy lifestyles (which consist of lack of regular meainingful exercise and healthy eating) lead to preventable health problems they

Sword Dancing Dame

dame /dām/ (noun): title given to a woman equivalent to the rank of knight.

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King Noble

"King [Kong] Noble [Nobody]" says in a recent

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Thanks Jews!

It seems Jew trolls have found my upload of this video (linked here) on Youtube (


Twerking Black Beast Toddler

"Twerking" is some sort of very strange and primitive dance done by female Negros to attract sexual attention from male Negros.

Negros In the Black Beast community they, evidently, start teaching their young offspring Sexual Mating Ritiuals at a very early age.

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